dotloop: How Does "Words With Friends™" Translate to Real Estate? - 06/22/11 04:02 AM
If you have a smart phone or tablet and frequently visit the App Store or the Android Market, you’ve probably come across Words With Friends™ by Zynga®.
“Words With Friends™” Helps Us Connect
If you haven’t played “Words With Friends™” it’s basically a rendition of the classic board game “Scrabble™” where two users collaborate over the web to play. To begin, you download the game and create a username.
You then either play your friends or challenge a random person. Once paired with an opponent, a player starts the game with a word that goes through the starred row. Each move … (0 comments)

dotloop: Are You Keeping Up With Current Marketing Trends? - 06/21/11 04:19 AM

A good marketing strategy is one aspect of business that any company or entrepreneur needs to evaluate on a regular basis. Those who fail to adjust and update marketing efforts run the risk of losing touch with their customer base and missing out on future business.
This notion has never been more pertinent as mobile devices and social media have drastically changed the way people communicate and consume information. The evolution of technology and the web present new marketing opportunities that all businesses need to take advantage.
The following are a few ideas for reaching potential buyers in a … (4 comments)

dotloop: If a Technology Solution Isn't Simple, Is It Really a Solution? - 06/20/11 03:49 AM
Adopting new technology solutions for your business is never an easy decision.  With so many choices, weighing the pros and cons is essential to get the best return on investment. 
Many companies offering technology solutions are in direct competition with one another therefore have many similar features with minor variances.  Some offer basic packages at little or no cost, while upgrades usually require a monthly payment of some sort. 
When deciding on a new solution, it’s important to remember what best serves the individual or the company.   A recent article by WAV Group suggests that a successful technology solution should have a clearly defined … (4 comments)

dotloop: What Does Your Website Say About You? - 06/17/11 03:05 AM
If you're an agent working today, then you already know the importance of a good web presence.
What you may not know, however, is what constitutes 'good'.
If you have a website, take a look at this list to make sure you're not falling victim to technology. After all, having a megaphone is one thing; using it wisely is another.
1. I'm #1! I'm #1!
Does your website scream #1 anything? Stop it. Sure, you may be the number one agent in your market, and you may have famous clients. But your potential clients don't care. They … (0 comments)

dotloop: Owning a Home Gives You More Than a Roof Over Your Head - 06/16/11 03:41 AM
Posted by: DotLoop, Where Deals Get Done™
Most Americans dream of owning a home, but become deterred by negativity surrounding the housing market. Rather than speak with a REALTOR® about their options, they decide to continue renting –wasting money in the process.
If only such renters knew the value of owning a home is –more often than not—worth the energy spent finding, funding and maintaining it. Whether searching for homes online or speaking with a REALTOR®, one begins to understand the benefits brought about by home ownership.
Financial benefits
Price appreciation- Real estate is considered a good investment because property … (0 comments)

dotloop: Are You Maximizing Your Facebook Presence as a REALTOR®? - 06/15/11 03:35 AM

Posted by: DotLoop, Whrere Deals Get Done™
Facebook is the king of social media. As one of the first websites to thrive on user generated content, it continues to grow in popularity. With more than 600 million users worldwide, it ranks among the top three most popular sites – surpassing Google™ in traffic at one point in time.
Facebook has inspired an unprecedented number of people to willingly share personal and professional information with others. It sounds like a marketer’s dream –and it can be—although one must know how to use the site correctly.
The best way to use Facebook … (1 comments)

dotloop: Simply Put, Technology Saves You Time! - 06/14/11 03:33 AM

Posted by: DotLoop, Where Deals Get Done™
We all want to complete more real estate transactions to earn more money. Since productivity is a direct correlation of hard work, it’s natural we should earn more for our time and energy. However, this isn’t necessarily the case because another critical aspect of this equation needs to be taken into consideration.
The fact remains, we can work as hard as we want, but we’re always going to be constrained by time. One of the few things people can count on everyday is the number of hours that fill it. Therefore, time … (0 comments)

dotloop: How Do You Market Yourself As a REALTOR®? Web? Print? Cheesy Billboards? - 06/13/11 03:34 AM
In a recovering real estate market, agents must spend wisely when marketing themselves to potential homebuyers. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 90 percent of homebuyers used the Internet in their home search. 
Therefore, the hilarious billboards may have worked for Peter Klaven’s real estate business in, “I Love You, Man” but those billboards wouldn’t work for today’s REALTOR®.
Here are a few simple and beneficial ways to market online:
If you’re looking for a competitive advantage to get ahead, this is it. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 90 percent of real estate agents don’t … (2 comments)

dotloop: Effective Communication Practices Boosts Home Buyer Confidence - 06/10/11 03:26 AM
Proper document management and electronic signatures increase efficiency in the home-buying process, but effective, one-to-one communication between agent and client remains of basic importance for selling real estate. People are naturally cautious about buying real estate because it’s typically the most important investment they’ll ever make. They need to feel confident, with a sense of trust in their REALTOR® as they make the decision to become a homeowner. The key to gaining this special type of trust comes from good interpersonal communication.
Here are some tips to communicate with potential clients to help them feel comfortable about buying real estate.
Be credible- Every property is … (0 comments)

dotloop: How is Mobile Technology Changing Your Business? - 06/09/11 04:05 AM

Mobile phones and tablets have been a tremendous boon for REALTORS®. In facilitating communication with potential clients, mobile technology is the perfect tool for maintaining good relationships.
The ability to communicate instantly with associates at the office or clients out and about makes mobile devices useful for completing more real estate transactions in less time. The evolution of technology has certainly presented new options for REALTORS® to maximize their business as the confines of traditional business were overcome with powerful new devices.
In the past ten years, we’ve seen the concept of the mobile phone supercharged with state-of-the-art computing … (1 comments)

dotloop: Is Face-to-Face Communication Being Phased Out? - 06/06/11 03:39 AM

Everybody wants me to “Facebook” them, send an email or write a txt (intentionally misspelled).  However connected someone may be, face-to-face communication skills are still very important in business and in life. The right communication skills allow people to connect in a more meaningful and impactful way.
One of the many complaints about society today is the lack of personal communication skills and the preponderance of new media.  This complaint is often attributed to a generation adept to social media and mobile technology, but lack basic interpersonal skills. The problem with these “non” personal forms of communication is people rarely … (4 comments)

dotloop: Thanks to Our Users' Insight, We've Added New Features! - 06/03/11 05:38 AM
They often say growing together is the best part of any relationship. Therefore, in recognition of our users valuable insight, DotLoop is excited to unveil new features to our platform –further simplifying the home buying and selling process.
As a leader in real estate technology solutions, our collaborative workspace has increased productivity for more than 100,000 agents nationwide.  With an all-encompassing solution, incorporating document sharing and electronic signatures, DotLoop streamlines the transactional details for REALTORS® and their customers.  
With options for agents, brokers and associations, DotLoop is available to those committed to leveraging the necessary technology to stay relevant with … (2 comments)

dotloop: Are You Piecing Transaction Management Together Like LEGO’s®? - 06/02/11 05:08 AM
As a parent or a child, all of us have been the “lead architect” on a massive LEGO® project. When tearing open a box of LEGO’s®, children throw pieces everywhere, ignore the directions and immediately try to match the structure on the box. Soon after, they get frustrated; yell for mom or dad who organize the pieces and go through the instructions piece by piece.
If you’ve built LEGO’s®, you know they package the pieces separately to be combined for a final product. This is very similar to how some real estate professionals are conducting their real estate transactions. They … (0 comments)

dotloop: June Marks the Mid Year. Are You Meeting Your Goals for 2011? - 06/01/11 04:46 AM
June is officially here, marking the middle of the year. It’s time to start asking yourself if you’ve accomplished, or set the wheels in motion to accomplish the goals set early in the year.  For many Realtors®, that goal was to ditch traditional real estate practices and adopt the right technology solution to make their business interactive.
The end of 2010 promised the future of real estate as more people were adopting smart phones and tablets –meaning Realtors® would quickly need to adopt a solution to meet prospective home buyer and seller demand.
Nearly Half of American Adults Use Mobile … (0 comments)

dotloop: Summer Is Here! Why You Should Take Time To Relax - 05/31/11 04:49 AM
Posted by: DotLoop, Where Deals Get Done™
After a long weekend, many people return to work for a shorter week requiring them to make up for lost time. For Realtors®, running their business requires diligent time management that allows them to make the most of their days. However, whether you work to live or live to work, taking a day off from time to time can be both relaxing and positively impact one’s business. 
Most people can agree that come Friday, the thought of the weekend fills them with a sense of accomplishment and anticipation for time off.  That’s because … (2 comments)

dotloop: What Qualities Make a Neighborhood Desirable? Things You Should Consider - 05/27/11 03:36 AM
Anyone who’s ever purchased or thought about purchasing a home knows it can be very stressful, with many things considered. Common things we consider are price, getting a home inspection, asking for utility bills and how close the home is to schools, fire, police and airports. All of these things affect the decision on whether or not you will purchase the home.
What many forget to consider is the people already living in the neighborhood.  It seems like a no brainer, but often times we fall in love with a home and don’t investigate what the rest of homeowners in the … (0 comments)

dotloop: Top Priority: Improving the Experience for Home Buyers and Sellers - 05/26/11 08:39 AM
With technology fueling the way we do business, providing the best technology solutions to clients helps a Realtor® thrive. Consequently, a thriving Realtor® contributes to improved market conditions in their respective regions. 
That’s why DotLoop is committed to providing the best technology solution for Realtors®, Brokers and Associations across the country.  Incorporating document sharing, real-time adjustments and electronic signatures, DotLoop is the first collaborative workspace for Realtors® to serve their clients.
DotLoop enabled Realtors® maximize their efficiency with “Version-Now™” technology to adjust documents in real time wherever they and their client have Internet access.  Now, real estate transactions can be … (2 comments)

dotloop: Technology in Real Estate: Convenient or Necessary? - 05/25/11 03:58 AM
Smartphones, netbooks, and the Internet…. Technology consistently transitions from convenient to necessary. We often don't realize how much technology is subconsciously integrated into our lives. It's daunting to remember a time when you couldn't search the nearest pizza joint while updating your twitter account from your Smartphone. We often forget how integral these conveniences have become in our daily routines.
It’s hard to identify when we became a so “synced” with our pocket computers. We can't always explain why it’s absolutely necessary to update our facebook pages or why we panic if our phones die. While it’s hard to understand, (although, … (2 comments)

dotloop: Text in Video: A Crucial Component in Conveying Your Message - 05/24/11 04:18 AM
Posted by: DotLoop, Where Deals Get Done™
A growing number of Realtors® are incorporating video into their marketing through sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, TwitVid and many others.  These videos vary in quality as a result of budget, equipment and basic know how.  While no Realtor® is expected to produce an epic masterpiece, executing proper techniques can make one video stand out over the others.
In previous articles, we’ve shared techniques that help plan, produce and edit videos that employ more professional and effective tactics. However, one component many Realtors® continue to struggle with is text.  Some examples include, poor choice … (0 comments)

dotloop: Using New Technology. When Do You Feel is the Right Time to Adopt? - 05/23/11 04:07 AM
Society is being presented with new technology every day to increase connectivity and overall productivity.  Like most products, different types of people adopt technology at different times. 
For real estate professionals, it’s important to be familiar with new technology and the merit it presents towards productivity in business.  At DotLoop, the first collaborative workspace for real estate, we’re experiencing growth among Realtors®, much like other technologies do with their respective niches. 
With any new technology, there are five categories of people that adopt at different times.
The Innovators-They typically buy new products or use the latest software as soon as it’s … (2 comments)

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