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There is more to life than Real Estate. My intention is to provide not only Real Estate information but items that we all face and experience in our daily journey through life.



Let's start Monday with a smile on our faces and laugh in our hearts. Now, we've all heard of a talking horse (Mr. Ed), right?  Now that you've had your laugh for the day and are smiling lets' go out and hit the streets with precision Realtoring (I think I just made up a word).
1964 was the year Bob Dylan, poet/laureate, released his classic ballad "The Times Are A Changin'"   Well, the times are changing and changing rapidly on the Cannabis front. Who would have ever thought we would see Cannabis legalized anywhere? BUT, it is and new businesses are starting up. I lear...
It's legal in 34 states. That's right, 34 States have legalized Medical Marijana AND 8 States have legalized Recreational use otherwise referred to as Adult Marijuana. As Realtors®, those of us that live in one of the 34 States that has legalized Medical use AND the 8 States that have legalized A...
 As I stated yesterday a report came out that indicated a 64 consecutive month increase in Real Estate prices and around 24 consecutive months of shrinking inventory. For a seller, it is hard to know what to do, unless you've been transferred. The time to list your home is always now, IMHO, becau...
This morning I was listening to the Business news.  They had a short blurb on the current Real Estate market. They indicated that prices have been rising for 63 straight months while inventories have been shrinking for over 2 years, I think it was. Will shrinking inventories and rising prices cau...
Today is the 100-year anniversary for Nunan's Florist & Greenhouses in Georgetown, MA. The business has expanded in the past 10 years and now includes a championship mini golf course and soon to coming sandwich shop.You can learn more about Nunan's by clicking on this link Nunan's Website As a Se...
Do you Remember the Jamies from Summer Time Summer Time fame? Here we are Friday, July 21st and the weekend is upon us. During the summer months, many folks think of spending time at the beach or lake enjoying the many activities available. There are many places that are pet-friendly so we do see...
Have you ever run into a situation where you have an accepted offer and Purchase and Sale Agreement at a great price, maybe even over asking, Then the bank appraiser shows up, you show your comps, they do their report AND you learn the appraisal came in less than the agreed upon & accepted price?...
A couple of weeks ago "The Wall That Heals" tour arrived in our area. A friend and I attended the exhibit. We each found our friends, whose memory is etched in the Wall. The exhibit was emotionally moving and did offer a form of healing & release for those who visited. BUT, that’s not why I’m wri...
The 5 Greatest Benefits Of Homeownership   Recently, Freddie Mac reported on the benefits of homeownership. According to their report, here are the five benefits that “should be at the top of everyone’s list.” Homeownership can help you build equity over time. Your monthly payments will remain st...

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