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There is more to life than Real Estate. My intention is to provide not only Real Estate information but items that we all face and experience in our daily journey through life.



School started yesterday in many local communities. Facebook was filled with pictures of kids adorned in their new school clothes. Teachers have prepared their classrooms and are ready to guide young minds in the learning process.The future of our nation depends on a well-educated population. My ...
Today's the day! People have been waiting for this for months. I have many friends that have traveled many miles to be in the dark...lol. That is, to be in the path of a total Solar Eclipse. The United States hasn't been in the direct path of a Solar Eclipse since 1918.Be safe and wear your speci...
Time seems to be marching on. On this day August 16, 1975, Pamela Beth Gurshin & I were joined in holy matrimony. As with all couples, we soon learned that being in love meant a whole lot more than we were aware of.During these 42 years, we had 3 sons and at times we thought we had 9, their frien...
  You may be proficient at using social media to promote your real estate business. You may even know how frequently you should post. But do you know what NOT to do? Here are seven things to avoid when marketing on social networks. Don't use your personal Facebook profile as a business page. It n...
I really enjoy having a sense of the Real Estate market locally BUT even nationally. I do think, in most instances, housing prices have a connection with the level of average wages in any given area. The higher the average wage the higher the average housing prices. I think the more bang for your...
This is positive news! It's been a long road from 2006 and the cliff diving drop the Real Estate Market took in 2006. Foreclosures have dropped down to more normal numbers and short sales are not as prevalent. Now I hope the home owning public does not return to its frivolous ways of tapping home...
I found this info graphic, prepared by KCM, to be a useful thing to have around to provide to potential sellers. We may all think we know what to do BUT many of us do forget from time to time. Aside from curb appeal and making it feel homey, I might add that while you are decluttering and prepari...
I'm playing devil's advocate on this. Is renting really a trap? I agree, at the current time, owning is cheaper than renting and has certain tax advantages renters do not have. What I'm not completely sold on are reasons regarding rent increases when Real Estate taxes increase, for most, if not a...
Today is August 1st which means it's Newburyport's annual Yankee Homecoming event. (It officially commenced yesterday). Newburyport is a small Massachusetts coastal city about 35 - 40 miles northeast of Boston. It was settled in 1635 and is rich with history with stories of privateers, trade and ...

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