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There is more to life than Real Estate. My intention is to provide not only Real Estate information but items that we all face and experience in our daily journey through life.



It's always an exciting day when all the I's have been dotted and all the T's have been crossed AND the negotiating between attorneys on language has been agreed to. That's what happened yesterday when my clients and the seller signed the Purchase and Sales agreement on 72 High Street Unit 2 in T...
With the advent of digital communications, things would seem to have gotten easier or, maybe I should say, more convenient for those in the Real Estate profession. But alas, ink or digital signature on a piece of paper will give you the assurance you have a transaction in hand. Another thing to b...
I trust you all had a great Thanksgiving Day. I checked in with my youngest sister as she and her family had a fire & explosion at their home 2-weeks ago. Their barn had caught on fire and when it reached the propane tanks the explosion took place. The barn was destroyed. No one was hurt but they...
 Today is day 5 of the "12 Days of Thanks Giving 2017- ActiveRain Challenge"  offered by Debbie Reynolds.    I went to an event titled the American Warrior Real Estate Professional Boot Camp, sponsored by our local Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. The course is designed to better equip r...
Today is day 4 of the "12 Days of Thanks Giving 2017- ActiveRain Challenge"  offered by Debbie Reynolds.  Pam & I were blessed with 3 strong strapping sons. When they were little the pediatrician was amazed at how often we were in his office because of sickness or an injury. They were boy's boys ...
Today is day 3 of the "12 Days of Thanks Giving 2017- ActiveRain Challenge"  offered by Debbie Reynolds. I am thankful for our country, warts and all. I'm thankful that in The United States of America everyone has the opportunity to build a life they dream of. If we are willing to commit and pers...
Today is day 2 of the "12 Days of Thanks Giving 2017- ActiveRain Challenge"  offered by Debbie Reynolds. As the graphic states "...there is always something to be thankful for." Today my day 2 thanks are directed to my wife Pam. Here we are the night before we celebrated our 40th wedding annivers...
Since yesterday was Veterans Day this information from the KCM people is a timely one. There are guidelines for a VA loan so it's important for the veteran to find an experienced mortgage broker familiar with VA loans. These loans do not require a downpayment and they are assumable. For some reas...
Veteran's Day is here. It's today. Please attend your local ceremonies today! We must never forget the sacrifice so many have made. Veterans are a proud lot. They do not think of themselves as heros. Many still carry shame and guilt from doing what had to be done. They are haunted by memories. BU...
Ever since watching the Ken Burns documentary of Vietnam many memories have come flooding back. Just this year I met a veteran, a Marine, who spent 3 tours in Vietnam. He lived homeless under a dumpster when he was found by another veteran who took him in and got him help at the VA. You see this ...

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