selling: To Sell or Not to Sell? - 02/04/21 09:56 AM
...That is the question.
Are you contemplating selling your home in 2021? Many are... but are not totally confident about what to do. That's why it's important to find a qualified Real Estate Professional to help you through the process of selling, buying, and negotiating a home sale or purchase. Remember, interest rates are low, inventory is low and demand is high. 
Below is a thumbnail sketch showing some high view information about the market last year, year over year. What you see may surprise you BUT believe it or not the market is hot and homes don't stay on the market for … (6 comments)

selling: Should I...?? - 01/08/21 08:27 AM
These days, The question(s) people are asking most are should I sell my house or wait? AND the other is... if I sell my house will I be able to purchase what I want?
Anyone who knows me knows that I believe any day is a good day to purchase or sell Real Estate. Your decision really depends on your situation.
What is important to accept is, Buyers and Sellers need to have a Professional Realtor® on their team to help them traverse this complicated Real Estate Market. 
The news remains the same; inventory is at record lows, interest rates are at record lows, … (9 comments)

selling: Real Estate for 2021... - 01/05/21 12:55 PM
No one has a crystal ball when predicting what the Real Estate Market has in store for us in 2021, BUT, there are experts that are able to look at statistics, mathematical algorithms, evaluate the trends, and provide a somewhat big picture look. NOW, all Real Estate Markets are local AND every market is different. That being said, below is an infographic forecasting the 2021 Real Estate Market for the United States.
For sure, wherever you are there will be people selling and buying Real Estate. Don't miss your opportunity to participate in the 2021 market should you be up in the … (10 comments)

selling: Selling Your Home in 2021? - 01/04/21 08:59 AM
Are you considering selling your home on your own in 2021? This is known as FSBO or For Sale by Owner. Let me say this, please. There's more to selling your home than placing it on the FSBO market. In the article below are reasons you may want to reconsider trying to sell your home on your own. The primary reason'll be on your own with no experienced support system.
Why Selling Your House on Your Own in 2021 Is a Mistake   There are many benefits to working with a real estate professional when selling your house. During challenging times, … (18 comments)

selling: Would You Believe... - 09/19/20 11:56 AM
...that the Real Estate Market, hot, hot? I don't need to tell Realtors® that cuz they're all scrambling looking for listings to satisfy the demand of buyers. Prices are up, Interest rates are down, down, down, and properly maintained and priced property is here today and gone tomorrow. Multiple offer situations are almost a normality, these days. 
So, what's a buyer to do? Be Prepared is the best thing and the next best thing? Be Patient, don't play games, make your offer your highest and best. Many buyers these days are foregoing home inspections (not something I recommend) but they are doing … (26 comments)

selling: Is It A Good Time? - 07/22/20 07:06 AM
People always wonder whether it's the right time to place their home(s) on the active market. I guess it would depend on your reason for considering that option. There are many reasons for selling. Job relocation, avoid foreclosure, downsize, upgrade, end of relationship, death, and so on. In my mind, whatever the reason you decide, it is the right time.
BUT, in this market of low inventory, high demand, and low-interest rates it may be easier to sell your home than buying another. Take that into consideration and be prepared to compete. 
Thinking of Selling Your House? Now May be the Right … (18 comments)

selling: The Road to Recovery... - 04/07/20 08:07 AM
Here we are in an area of Real Estate few of us have experienced! The COVID-19 Coronavirus has thrown a major curveball at our nation and how we do business. At one point, in Massachusetts, Real Estate was deemed to be a non-essential business. The State Association (MAR) worked with the State Legislature which resulted in the Governor reversing course and deeming us as essential. For some being declared non-essential was a blow to their psyche BUT that's better than being viewed as expendable (If you're a veteran you understand)  =:o)
Calendar year Q1 is over so I figured I'd share what … (10 comments)

selling: Alive & Well? - 03/07/20 09:07 AM
I was sitting here with thoughts of Spring and decided to take a look at the whole Georgetown, MA Real Estate Market. Mind you, Georgetown is a town of roughly 8700 with approximately 3000 households.
Here's a March 7 look at the Georgetown, MA Real Estate Market: There are currently: 6 Single Family residences on the Active Market 3 Condominiums 1 Multi-Family 4 Tracts of Land 2 Commercial Rentals Meanwhile, there are 16 properties currently progressing to closing. And 13 more properties have SOLD/Closed in the last 3 months (typically slow months) Diagnosis: The Georgetown Real Estate Market is Alive and … (2 comments)

selling: Wordless...Really? - 03/04/20 07:51 AM
In the "Just For Fun Catagory", Today is Wednesday and is sometimes referred to as Wordless Wednesday. So...just pretend there aren't any words here. 
Enjoy the day and don't take life too seriously. My Wednesday Challenge, find the humor in life each day.

selling: Spring? Are You Ready? - 01/13/20 08:14 AM
I know, I know...It's only the middle of January and Winter is still all around us. BUT for those who are considering placing their homes on the active Spring Market, you need to prepare now, not March. Why? you say. It's easy...
Buyers are Always in the Market and Looking AND Inventory is low, low, low. Thus, the thinking paradigm is... Think Spring Now! It's important to understand this and undertake your Spring Market preparedness, Now, rather than March or April.
The article below has corroborating information put together by the folks from KCM
The New Spring Real Estate Market is Here. Are You Ready? … (13 comments)

selling: Considerations for 2020 - 12/12/19 07:12 AM
 A 365 Day Difference in Homeownership
  Over the past year, mortgage rates have fallen more than a full percentage point. This is a great driver for homeownership, as today’s low rates provide consumers with some significant benefits. Here’s a look at three of them:
Refinance: If you already own a home, you may want to decide if you’re going to refinance. It’s one way to lock in a lower monthly payment and save substantially over time, but it also means paying upfront closing costs too. You have to answer the question: Should I refinance my home? Move-up or Downsize: Another option is to … (10 comments)

selling: Are You Moving... - 08/29/19 09:41 AM
...And Do You Have Kids? 
Moving is not one of my favorite things BUT, if you have kids it adds another dynamic to the move. The 2019 Moving with Kids Report provides information on the dynamics of moving with kids. 
Top Priorities When Moving With Kids   According to the Pew Research Center, around 37% of U.S students will be going back to school soon and the rest have already started the new academic year. With school-aged children in your home, buying or selling a house can take on a whole different approach when it comes to finding the right size, location, school district, and more.
Recently, … (8 comments)

selling: The Time Is Now... - 07/31/19 08:10 AM
If You're Waiting For The Perfect Time You May Be Waiting Forever!!
It is always my belief that NOW is always the best or perfect time to sell or buy a home if you've made that decision to move forward. Inventory is low and may be headed higher, demand is high, interest rates are low and may be going lower! SO...get all your ducks in order and move forward.
Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Sell Your House  
As a homeowner, it’s always tempting to dream about the next big project you’re going to tackle. The possibilities are endless. Should … (2 comments)

selling: Pricing, Pricing, Pricing... - 03/28/19 08:37 AM just as important as Location, Location, Location. Our youngest son recently looked at a NH home. The pictures looked great, the price was great yet the puzzling fact was it had been on the market for over 100 days. Hmmm...commercial zone, trailer park abuts the backyard, stoneworks company abuts the right side and the highway the let side. Even this house (used as a commercial bldg then renovated to a house) wasn't PTSI
      Is Your House Priced To Sell Immediately (PTSI)?  
In today’s real estate market, with more houses coming to market every day and eager buyers searching for … (14 comments)

selling: Are You Considering Selling? - 03/02/18 07:42 AM
Thoughts of Spring are in the air. Winter is being pushed out of our minds with the thoughts of warmth, sunshine, ideas for our yards and summertime plans. AND, in the Real Estate world, we gear up for the, arguably, busiest time of the year for listings and sales. 
The graphic from KCM highlights 4 reasons to sell
4 Reasons To Sell This Spring 

Some Highlights: Buyer demand continues to outpace the supply of homes for sale which means that buyers are often competing with one another for the few listings that are available! Housing inventory is still under the 6-month supply … (0 comments)

selling: What Are The Top 5... - 12/20/17 08:29 AM
I understand why sellers contemplate selling their home without a Realtor or even counsel others to do the same. I say more power to you, the seller BUT before you do decide to take that route be sure you understand what you need to do to be prepared. The folks at KCM provide great information for sellers, buyers, and agents. 
...Benefits Of Hiring A Real Estate Agent 
The National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently released their 2017 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers in which they surveyed recent home buyers and sellers about their experiences. An entire section of the profile is … (6 comments)

selling: Listing Agents Prepare Sellers for This Potential Tax on Home Sale! - 12/15/17 07:59 AM
The new tax reform bill has manythings in it thatthe general public is not aware of. Active Rain member Russell Smith blogged about the "new proposed" increase in the number of years a homeowner would need to own before being able to take the current $250K/$500K capital gains exclusion
The House and Senate income tax reform bills offer a lot of changes to many tax payers.  Many are debating the pros versus cons of tax reform.  The main goal of the reform appears to be to help the American tax payers and further stimulate the economy.  One potential area of concern in both tax reform proposals … (0 comments)

selling: Thinking of Selling Tips... - 08/04/17 09:15 AM
I found this info graphic, prepared by KCM, to be a useful thing to have around to provide to potential sellers. We may all think we know what to do BUT many of us do forget from time to time. Aside from curb appeal and making it feel homey, I might add that while you are decluttering and preparing to move take an inventory, both written and video, of your possessions.
Some Highlights: When listing your house for sale your top goal will be to get the home sold for the best price possible! There are many small projects that you can do to … (10 comments)

selling: Thinking of Listing Your Home? - 06/02/17 04:49 AM
In my opinion is it always a good time to sell Real Estate BUT there are times when it is easier and better for the seller. Right now with low inventory and high demand, a seller considering placing their home on the market should do so without hesitation. There is such demand that many new listings are receiving multiple offers and are under agreement in less than 30 days.According to the information provided by KCM, this is the...  
 #1 Reason to List Your House for Sale, NOW!by The KCM Crew on May 30, 2017 For Sellers

If you are debating listing your house for sale this … (2 comments)

selling: Are You Ready?... - 04/06/17 05:09 AM
There are more buyers than there are properties. In our town of Georgetown, MA we had 14 sales and 8 pending for the 1st quarter. Many of the properties were under agreement in a week or so and with prices over asking. The folks at KCM look at things on a national level and it seems low inventory and over asking sales prices are a common experience around the country.
Buying this Spring? Be Prepared for Bidding Wars
Traditionally, spring is the busiest season for real estate. Buyers come out in force and homeowners list their houses for sale hoping to capitalize on … (8 comments)

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