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There is more to life than Real Estate. My intention is to provide not only Real Estate information but items that we all face and experience in our daily journey through life.
Yesterday I was on a conference call hosted by our State Real Estate Board, the Massachusetts Association of Realtors (MAR). They have now strongly suggested No Open Houses. There are now 2 or 3 new Covid-19 forms. Closings are allowed with no SMOKE/CO inspections as Fire Depts. have suspended th...
Here we are in an area of Real Estate few of us have experienced! The COVID-19 Coronavirus has thrown a major curveball at our nation and how we do business. At one point, in Massachusetts, Real Estate was deemed to be a non-essential business. The State Association (MAR) worked with the State Le...
The Maple sap has been running freely for weeks due to the early Spring warm weather.Pam & I have 2 friends that tap the trees each Spring and then boil the sap down into a sweet Maple Syrup delight. This is called sugaring. Believe it or not, it takes 40 gallons of maple sap to produce 1 (one) g...
...Saint Patrick's Day!!! I hope this finds you all healthy and well. Pam & I are limiting our excursions and I've decided to knock off a couple of items on the honey-do list, like replacing the kitchen faucet.How will you spend Saint Patrick's Day given the COZVID-19 Coronavirus situation? Here'...
It was a long haul but my 1st-time buyer clients persisted and purchased their first home. It's a cute 5 Rm, 2 BR, 1½ Ba. Old-Style Cottage/Bungalow in Peabody, MA. It's always nice to witness the excitement that unfolds when a long process of ups and downs finally culminates in a home purchase. ...
I was sitting here with thoughts of Spring and decided to take a look at the whole Georgetown, MA Real Estate Market. Mind you, Georgetown is a town of roughly 8700 with approximately 3000 households. Here's a March 7 look at the Georgetown, MA Real Estate Market: There are currently: 6 Single Fa...
That's right! Spring is fast upon us. Tonight we set our clocks forward 1-hour (EXCEPT those in AZ. They get to miss the excitement...lol). In the Real Estate world, there is much expectation about the Spring Market. Everyone talks about it. Spring is that time of year for renewal. I've already g...
In the "Just For Fun Catagory", Today is Wednesday and is sometimes referred to as Wordless Wednesday. So...just pretend there aren't any words here.  HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM!Enjoy the day and don't take life too seriously. My Wednesday Challenge, find the humor in life each day.
It happens every 4 years, or does it?, and we all get an extra day, God willing. This year 2020 is a Leap Year. Today is 29 February and is the Leap Day. Here's a nice succinct video on what a Leap Year is and Why we have it. Enjoy the day
Real Estate has always been seen as a means or pathway to wealth. It's proven to be more reliable than stocks and bonds and should have a place in your "wealth-building" portfolio even if your only Real Estate asset is your primary residence. So, how much growth can you expect? No one really know...

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