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Tonight a loan officer friend who works at a bank told me how the bank gets around some of the new RESPA issues. He says that if the bank makes a mistake (which with this law is about 110% possible) then they later find a way to turn the loan down so that they are not in violation and don't have ...
If you are in the San Jose area on March 13th then take the opportunity to attend the Self Marketing meeting Saturday morning. You can market yourself and meet potential clients. What I like best about it is that I am the speaker that day so I know that there will be value ! I will give 5 tips an...
Years ago a person called me early morning and said that he needed a second mortgage on a rental property FAST. I took the loan application, called title and called the appraiser. The title company got me the preliminary title report before noon. I signed the loan by 2 PM - before the appraisal w...
The open house is 444 San Antonio Rd  C8  Pal Alto, Ca 1-4 Sat and Sun   Also if you are commissioned sales I am speaking in San Jose on March 13th.
A fellow sits behind me who does not even know we have a bad economy. He sits approximately 4 feet from me and lives in a different world than most people I know. He has been marred a few years and now has two little boys; 3 and less than a year. He is an EXCELLENT producer because he continues t...
Open House Saturday 1-4 and Sunday 1-4  444 San Antonio Rd  8C  Palo Alto, Price Reduced to $753,000     Hot TV Opening    Virtural Tour of Open House
Today I saw what I think is a wonderful affirmation. Actually there were three affirmations on the truck but they were all together. People are friendly. Business is Great. Life is wonderful. Wow...repeat that several hundred times and my guess is those wonderful things will come true. Like magic...
This blog is about an amazing person. Some languages do not have the words "he" or "she"; Finnish and I think some of the Indonesian languages. So with all respect I am calling this person It because some of this is personal and I don't want to release anything that would identify the person. It ...
Almost twenty years ago I wrote a newspaper article (no blogs in those days) and the opening line was, "The most common sound around the Mortgage Magic office is the sound of laughter". Twenty years later all of those Mortgage Magic employees and loan officers are still here. Perhaps, through the...
I had a client who was turned down for a modification and he finally got the modification approved using the help of NACA. Check them out at . The client got a 40 year term with a 4.8% rate - the first 5 years of the loan are reduced payments. When he called the bank (Wells Fargo) th...

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