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Suddenly I am getting calls for Reverse Mortgages again. Several years ago I did a few and then there was a dry spell. Now they are coming back to life for me. It is actually possible to purchase a home with a Reverse Mortgage. One way is to pay cash up front for the home and then acquire the rev...
We; Realtors, Lenders and everyone related to the mortgage industry are the stimulus. The Housing Industry will be the driving force behind the recovery. A new homeowner enters the market and begins to pay real estate taxes which will have a positive impact on local government...that person will ...
Ever once in a while some one will comment to me, "I could not find you" and I am amazed and think silently, "You ain't ever gonna make Detective". I am posting myself everywhere and just posted to Twitter. Actually I have been on there a couple of months but did not know how to direct people to ...
That is the Title My web guy is putting all of my You Tube posts with the web site........why didn't I think of this earlier? Who Knows. Perhaps because I did not know it could be done. Now instead of telling people how to navigate and find me we just add you...
Gov Schwarzenegger signed Assembly Bill 183, the Home buyer Tax Credit legislation into law on March 25, 2010 for California. AB 183 will provide $200 million for home buyer tax credits, allocating $100 million for qualified first-time home buyers of existing homes and $100 million for purchasers...
Probably a lot of times you feel like Rodney feel you get no respect. Today I received a notice from Linkedin and it said "So and So has endorsed you"...What is interesting is that I really don't even know "so and so" and would not know him if we bumped into each other at Safewa...
In real estate or self employed? You can succeed and you will succeed if you do these 4 things... 1. Dress Professional- for different industries that will change. But dress the best you can-look professional. 2. Read and use the Love Scroll from Og Mandinos book The Greatest Secret in the World....
Today really is National Houdinni as a magician what can I do? Escape from the office earlyAsk for misdirectionsUnlock the problems that have boxed me inJust hang around Upside down Please add to the list. I am only a magician because I was tricked into it.. actually the truth is years a...
I was walking to my car and engaged in a conversation with a person also leaving the building where we both work. The talk turned to economics and real estate. During the conversation the person indicated he may want to sell his $1.8M home- wow (how about me)...we talked further and I told him th...
This comes from Yahoo Answers: 16,500 agents at a cost of $10 bil/year will enforce the new health care bill - they will deduct tax returns and fine $2250 for those who haven't purchased 12 months of health insurance each year. There is no appealing or fighting the IRS lol. Not that he or Pelosi ...

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