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One of the most important things in business is faith or belief that you can do it. That you can come back. That things can be good again. Many who succeed greatly also have a belief that there is a higher power that also helps you. Faith is powerful. Here is a quote from the Bible.....the years...
Years ago I heard a very successful salesperson say, "If I have to get up in the morning somebody is going to pay for it." I was young but in a way I adopted that sales philosophy; not in an aggressive pushy way but in a motivational sort of way for myself.   The reasoning for me works this way. ...
This morning I watched Paul Ryan's first speech as a Vice-President candidate. After his talk I realized that he will now work every day until election day, November 6th. He will work straight for 86 days. All of the candidates and many of their supporters will work at a frenzied pace for the nex...
This morning I heard a Realtor talk about current happenings in real estate. She made the comment that we should not even have 30 day escrows any more and we should toss out the short contingency removal times.   In my area, San Jose, it is common for most contracts to be written on a 30 day esc...
  How is it that I get only 1 in 15 HARP 2.0 loans approved and I hear about the HARP 2.0 successes?   I think I have found out that it is a matter of reporting loans in certain categories. Recently I was at a beach picnic and a fellow told me that his bank contacted him and told him that he woul...
What if? If only....I used to think those words but not now. I bemoaned that I entered music in my late 50's when I took up accoustic guitar. In magic I wondered so many times if I should hit the road and become a full time entertainer. Mortgages...Loans have always been part of my life since I w...

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