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Having spent nearly 25 years on Wall Street, most notably with Goldman Sachs and Robertson Stephens, i would like to occasionally offer up some relatively low risk and carefully conceived investment thoughts.  I will not use the term advice since i have become sufficiently jaded by many highly su...
The Title and Escrow Guy - Brad Andersohn has done it again.  He assisted me in setting up my own personal blog and i am feeling enthused and empowered.  This blog site, Bay Area Luxury Homes, will allow me to offer all my clients a site with capability far beyond my more static and conventional ...
It's been 18 months now that you can, through the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, trade futures based on house price indexes for each of the top ten largest US cities.  You can sell futures, buy puts or sell calls all designed to hedge losses that might be occurring on the value of your home.   Each...
I recently gathered several bids for some work for a listing that i hope to have on the market in January.  On the floor coverings bid, as with the other contractors on other jobs, i previewed approximate costs on the phone and got the ballpark figures i was looking for.  The floor guy come out, ...
In case you missed the 7:30 am (PST) broadcast, Secretary of the Treasury, Hank Paulson, described in a fair amount of detail a mortgage bail out plan for those ARMs that are causing so many foreclosures and financial unrest.  The proposed solution will not impact those that are handling their pa...


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