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Palisades At The Pines will be holding a Grand Opening on Saturday, June 2, 2007. Located next to The Pines Golf Course and Golf Club, this is a truly unique community. Homes will range from 2121 square feet up to 4046 square feet. I have been watching this community prepare for several months as...
I received this today and it brought several tears to my eyes. It may offend a few, but, it will touch the hearts of many. I wish I had this before Memorial Day. I know it has nothing to do with real estate. I wanted to share it with those who care. Those who remember. The slides are a true honor...
Top 7 Characteristics Your Realtor Needs: 1. Honesty - When interviewing a Real Estate Agent look for honesty. Is the Agent answering your questions to apiece you or are they telling the truth. If each Realtor® comes in with a price higher than the previous, are they just trying to get on your go...
I reported Who Else Wants To Know About Home Sales In Tucson? on May 11th about the available statistics at that time for homes sales in the Tucson area. Better numbers are in. Actual home sales were 1,329. Though lower than I anticipated, when compared to previous years, excluding the frenzy yea...
Grand Valley Golf course lies 40 minutes north of Tucson As you pass through Eloy on your way to Phoenix or Casa Grande from Tucson you will see the Grand Valley Golf Course along the way. I have passed by this golf course hundreds of times on my travels to an from Phoenix. Curiosity settles in e...
You Can Sell Your Home In A Buyers Market Tucson  What can you do? With a significant number of homes falling into foreclosure the selling of your home only gets more challenging. If you think foreclosures don't effect you think again. Buyers are salivating over the deals they will get from short...
Today I watched a tabloid style presentation from 60 Minutes about Chipping Away At Realtors' Six Percent. There are dozens if not hundreds of people incarcerated for this perspective of preconceived notion. During my 20 plus years in the Criminal Justice System I was taught to investigate to fin...
Home sales may not have been as high as I predicted. But, Tucson's real estate sales for April remained higher than sales prior to the frenzy of 2004 and 2005. Good news, January through March sales were higher than reported. How close are my predictions? January 966 predicted, 971 sold; February...
Make-A-Wish Foundation of Southern Arizona will be the recipient of the First Annual ADOT SECC 2007 Pre-Fathers Day Golf Tournament held on June 16, 2007 at the Grande Valley Golf Course. You can help grant a wish to several children. Over 149,000 wishes have been granted. One every 41 minutes. A...
Attune to location, location location, is pri$e, pri$e, pri$e. The Tucson real estate market is overwhelmed with overpriced homes. Two examples, first is a home I showed my clients yesterday. Lovely homes, well maintained, great location. Everything in this gated community in Oro Valley is sellin...

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