buying in tucson: Within Short Distance of Univ of AZ - 06/27/14 12:32 AM
In sunny Tucson Arizona a short distance from University of Arizona Medical Center and the University of Arizona is 2221 E Clenn Street. As an investor remodel this home has upgraded kitchen, upgraded baths, tile flooring in wet areas and lmainte wood flooring that flows throughout the home. 
A four bedroom 1-3/4 bath home with a bonus area next to the master bedroom. Lighted hall niches add to the ambience of this nice home. 1878 square feeet of living space. With a park across the street for conventiont recreational activities. 
Range priced at $230,000 to $250,000 this home has room for … (0 comments)

buying in tucson: Is Now A Good Time To Buy A Home? - 08/04/08 03:35 AM
Our Federal government has stimulated the market with the recent tax credit. Now is a great time to buy. Those who ignore this opportunity will be throwing money away. Does this mean Buyers should throw caution to the wind? By no means should any home buyer ignore due diligence in buying a home. Buying more home than you can afford regardless of incentives is always a mistake. Being reasonable and rational is always a good thing. There are conditions for meeting the criteria. Not everyone will meet the requirements. As any good Realtor will tell you to check with your tax … (2 comments)

buying in tucson: Tucson Real Estate January Golf Property Sales - 02/17/08 11:08 AM
January 2008 Tucson real estate sales for golf properties backing up to a fairway, green or tee weren’t very high, but, they were high enough. Of the fifteen sales one lucky individual will be enjoying the Accenture Match Play Championship live from the comfort of home. From their perfectly positioned home they will witness tee to green shots for the first hole. A good set of binoculars don’t hurt. Used mine a lot last year.
The lowest sales price for a single family residence (SFR) was $215,000 for a 1909 square foot home built in 1965. The highest SFR was $1,930,431 … (1 comments)

buying in tucson: Tucson Real Estate January 2008 Preliminary Home Sales Report - 02/03/08 04:11 AM
On January 18th I predicted that residential home sales for January should fall between 546 and 610. As of February 1, that number is 568. Mid point within the range. Not bad for predicting. Reporting will continue for the next couple of weeks. The official numbers will be collected on or around the 4th of the month. As of now the highest being $3,100,000, lowest $35,000 and median of $199,695.
Thirteen Golf Properties were recorded as sold for the month, for an average price of $462,110. The highest being $1,939,000, lowest $114,000 and median of $332,500.
Considering today is Superbowl Sunday, … (0 comments)

buying in tucson: What Do Tucson Homes and Foreign Dollars Have In Common? - 12/27/07 09:44 AM
Since my earlier article Everything Canadian Home Buyers Want To Know About Tucson Real Estate I have been seeing more about foreign investment in American real estate. It goes beyond Canadian buyers. It makes perfect sense for Foreign Investors as well as second home and vacation home buyers to look into the sun belt for another home. When the American dollar is weaker than currency in other parts of the world, why not invest in American soil?
Roberta Murphy wrote an excellent article in her Luxury Home Digest about foreign investors. Canadian and other foreign investors are looking at San Diego, … (0 comments)

buying in tucson: Everything Canadian Home Buyers Want To Know About Tucson Real Estate - 11/25/07 03:06 AM
With a name like Trudeau would you be surprised if I told you I am the grandson of a Canadian immigrant who spoke only French when he and his brother arrived in America? As a youth I bore the Canadian flag on nearly everything. Trips from Seattle to Vancouver, British Columbia were routine. I still carry $5 bill in my wallet for good luck, and cherish the lapel pin of the Canadian flag given to me as I crossed the border into BC on my last trip.
I am seeing and hearing about more and more Canadian buyers looking to … (0 comments)

buying in tucson: October Home Sales 2007 - Tucson Real Estate - 11/13/07 08:09 AM
Tucson Association of Realtors October report is out.
Sales did increase over September; the official number is 790 sales. September had only only 683 reported home sales through the MLS. Buyer confidence may be showing signs of being on the rebound. I know I am seeing a little more buyer activity lately. Sales for the winter, if you can call 82 degree day’s winter. The cold weather is taking its time arriving; no complaints here.
Pending sales waiting to close for the month October were 993. Not great, but, not bad for the slower months of the season. READ MORE

buying in tucson: What is a homebuyers initial greatest fear? - 11/06/07 08:05 AM
As a REALTOR® who works a lot with buyers (who while in between sits site sales) I get a good feeling for buyer fears. The biggest initial fear isn’t whether the home they choose to buy is worth the value. It isn’t whether they can afford the payments. It isn’t whether the home is big enough to meet their needs. All those fears will come in good time if they don’t pick the right REALTOR®. I would imagine that Tucson real estate is no different than real estate anywhere else when it comes to buyer’s initial fear. Home buyers feel it on the Internet, … (4 comments)

buying in tucson: Buying Homes With Pools In Tucson - 10/29/07 11:18 AM
Many home buyers looking for real estate in Tucson look for homes with a pool or room to install a pool. Living in the desert a pool is comforting to relax in at the end of a long hot day and on weekends. A swimming pool is definitely an asset in the desert. There are two thoughts when it comes to pools. READ MORE

buying in tucson: Tucson Real Estate October 2007 Mid Month Home Sales Report - 10/26/07 02:01 AM
Looking at the Tucson real estate sales from the first of October to the 20th gives a healthier picture than September’s mid month report. Positive news for the market. Closed real estate sales rose from the 385 in this time frame in September to 403 for October. A step in the right direction. READ MORE … (0 comments)

buying in tucson: Tucson Real Estate Best Time To Buy A Home - 10/24/07 01:43 AM
The headline in the Sunday Arizona Daily Star was “Now may be best time to buy a home.” With the number of homes on the market sellers are wanting to sell for much less than they were months ago. Foreclosures are up, as are short sales. The great thing about the foreclosures and short sales for buyers is that lenders and bankers haven’t figured out how to lose less money by refinancing or renegotiating loans for less loss. They would rather get all of their money from the homeowner, rather than get outside the nine dots.

buying in tucson: What Do Home Buyers Expect In The Real Estate Market Today? - 10/14/07 10:26 AM
Ask any Realtor in the Tucson real estate market what buyers expect and you will likely hear one common answer, “Satisfaction.” Satisfaction is a fairly general term. What does satisfaction mean.
Two years ago satisfaction meant getting the home that buyers were bidding for without someone else out bidding them. It was not uncommon in the Tucson real estate market at that time to have multiple offers on a home within hours after it went on the market. What it inevitably lead to was some buyers paying more than their home is worth today. The tide as turned and buyers have redefined … (1 comments)

buying in tucson: Housing Market Predictions - 10/09/07 09:28 AM
I see a lot of searches on my site looking for “Housing market predictions.” Buyers want to know what the future holds, as do sellers. The Tucson real estate market was fairly predictable up until July of 2007. Then the market changed. Not that there weren’t enough homes to choose from. Not that there weren’t enough buyers looking. The fence post market is doing better than ever. There are a lot of buyers sitting on them not willing to budge. To understand predictions, it is best to understand the history or real estate sales in Tucson.
Read the rest of … (0 comments)

buying in tucson: Home Buyers Should Know How To Protect Themselves - 10/04/07 05:42 PM
Title Insurance they are paying for when buying a home. In Home Buying 103 I briefly covered the different types of policies buyers should be looking for. Questions to ask: What type of coverage am I getting? What type of policies are available? How much will additional coverage cost? What does each type of policy cover? A recent home buyer, who happens to be an agent in our office, has faced numerous mechanic’s liens on his newly acquired property. Not paying attention to the type of policy he received from the title company, he ended up with a standard policy. Now … (1 comments)

buying in tucson: What To Look For When Buying Tucson Homes - 09/16/07 01:14 PM
As a Realtor® our role changes week-to-week, day-to-day, hour-to-hour. One of the most important roles is helping buyers to view homes that may or may not meet their needs. I like to tell the Buyers I work with, “I’m going to tell you what I’ll tell you. I’m going to tell you. Then I’m going to tell you what I told you. Between you and me, we shouldn’t miss anything.” What do I mean by that?
To me, looking at a home is much more than just looking at its appearance and amenities. Looking involves looking for past problems, current problems, … (0 comments)

buying in tucson: President Bush Addresses Fed Assistance For Subprime Homeowner - 08/31/07 07:35 AM
Earlier today President Bush addressed the sub-prime crisis and what the Federal Government plans to do to help homeowners at risk of losing their homes.
The comments I liked were:
Bush said, “It’s anything but modest if you’re one of the families affected. READ MORE

buying in tucson: What Does Tucson Home Buying Have In Common With Golf? - 08/31/07 06:13 AM
In my article comparing home selling to golf I used a game for the analogy. For Buyers I think relating to the equipment is a better analogy.
Golf You need an easy college credit at your local community college. Golf seems innocent enough. You’ll just take the class and move on to more important classes. Right? Not that easy. Golf can be addicting. I know.
So, you sign up for the class show up to the golf course and expect the instructor to supply the clubs. Not quite. You need to either buy or rent some clubs. You don’t know if … (0 comments)

buying in tucson: Home Buyers Wanted! - 08/27/07 10:28 AM
I had a dream last night that I was standing on the street corner with a sign saying, “Home Buyers Wanted.” It was too real. With the scare we see every day on the news about the real estate market, it makes it tougher for Sellers to sell their home. For a few months I have run statistics on home sale for specific communities for my Buyers. I like seeing trends to give both sellers and buyers a comprehensive idea of what the market it doing in their area to help them with their decision making.
I suspected early that everywhere … (1 comments)

buying in tucson: Are You Crazy, What Do You Mean Range Pricing? - 08/25/07 06:37 AM
We have all heard about the Drew Carey game show Power of 10. Contestants must pick a range on the scale for their answer. With each question the range decreases. Similar concept of pricing items within a range has been used on The Price Is Right for years. Pricing a home in a real estate market that has cooled down is tough. How much is too little and how much is too much? With old school fixed pricing it gets harder to determine what is the right price. Miss the mark and your home becomes an Expired Listing waiting to happen. … (5 comments)

buying in tucson: Should I Buy A New Home or A Resale Home? - 08/24/07 02:48 AM
There are arguments for both sides of the coin. New home construction has benefits for warranties, perceived better condition (new), and perceived potential higher value. The later has become the most important factor for buyers to consider. Will my home have the same or higher value six, twelve or sixty months after I buy it? Buyers are looking closer at, “Can I afford to make the payment two years from now?” With a resale home you don’t get to pick the colors, style of carpet and tile, or add an extended garage or patio. What you see is what you get. … (1 comments)