tucson: Highly Desired Community - Horse Property - 05/26/16 12:21 AM
A highly desired equestrian community in northwest Tucson on the out skirts of Oro Valley with spectacular Pusch Ridge views. Close to schools, riding trails, restaurants, golf, shopping malls parks, and a whole lot more. Please click here to see this home's website.
2775 square feet 4 bedroom 3 bath 2 car garage attached 2 car garage detached Full RV connection (2 full hookup spaces) 3.28 acres Highly desired, rarel offered community  
Call or email for more information
Douglas Trudeau, Associate Broker
Tierr Antigua Realty, LLC
(520) 954-2209
1650 E River Road, Ste 202
Tucson, AZ 85718

tucson: Oro Valley, Arizona - 03/13/14 11:57 AM
Approximately 14 miles north of Tucson is the town Oro Valley. A highly desired community with upscale homes, luxury homes, great golf courses, and a bioscience industrial park that attracts companies and corporations with employees of higher qualifications. The majestic Santa Catalina mountains to the west make this a awe inspiring community. Feel free to comment here or better yed on the video of Oro Valley.


tucson: To Drone or Not To Drone - 03/10/14 11:37 PM
I understand NAR had a display for drones as the future. Some have a fear about drones. I have been flying RC helicopters for years. Great fun. I was so happy to get my quad-copter, attach a camera to it and go to the air. Amazing is all I can say. Though the FAA is trying to control it, and the court through out their $10,000 suit against a videographer. I still have some personal rules about aerial videos and photography.
Never fly near streets, one accident and the liability will wipe out commissions. Sometimes parking lots are ideal, just not … (49 comments)

tucson: What Will Make Your Home Sell – Part I - 03/19/13 06:45 AM
The old adage of price is true to the selling of any home. There are three opinions on what the price should be.
What the Seller’s emotional value is of their home, What the market value is, and What Buyers are willing to pay. Read More...

tucson: My iLife – How Technology Has Changed Business and Life - 09/24/12 12:12 PM
It’s amazing how fast our lives change and how much technology becomes a part of our business and our lives. You may be able to relate by the time you finish reading.
I wake up in the morning to check the time on my iPhone. Grabbing my iPad and iPhone I head out to the kitchen for that morning cup of coffee. I check my overnight emails on my iPad to delete the ones that are annoying. Those that are very important will get an immediate response, the rest as my work day begins. Ping, ah it’s an alert to my … (8 comments)

tucson: Top Three Home Selling Essentials - 07/24/12 04:47 AM
So, you want to sell your home fast and for the highest possible, right? Three essentials that will get you what you want that should not be ignored. Readers Digest version…
Price is key to getting Buyers to take even a glance. Price is an essential far too many Sellers close their eyes to. By the time overpriced Sellers realize the importance of price, far too many Buyers have overlooked their home and moved on; never to return. Most common comment is, “The house down the street is for sale for $X.” Response, “Has it sold during the 180 days … (0 comments)

tucson: Buying Investor Homes - 05/21/12 01:18 AM
With Tucson being in the top 10 cities for investing in real estate more and more investors are looking at Tucson.
A few things to look for when buying an investor renovated home.
1.       What condition is the roof?
2.       Most will update the kitchen and bathrooms.
3.       Was any of the electrical and/or plumbing updated.
4.       Look for clues  for problems, ...
5.       Have a reputable REALTOR® to work with who is familiar with investment resale properties. One who will point concerns out to you, one whom you can trust.
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tucson: Open Houses This Weekend - 04/28/12 04:37 AM
With this weekend being the National weekend for Open Houses I am curious how many Active Rain Agents are participating. I know I am personally holding an Open a house at 11437 N Verch Way in Oro Valley. I have an Agent holding an Open House at 8101 W Morning Light in the Sunflower Adult Community of Continental Ranch here in Tucson. Both I have advertised in the Arizona Daily Star for Sunday?
How about a roll call with addresses.

tucson: Tucson Home Show - 04/14/12 03:05 AM
With a rainy weekend the perfect event for home owners and home buyers is the Tucson Home Show. Get lots of ideas for what those weekend projects around the house.

tucson: A Changing Real Estate Market In Tucson - 04/13/12 01:35 AM
If you were to watch the news and trust that they are right you would think that the Tucson real estate market is prime for the picking for buyers. Touting that there are so many foreclosures and short sales on the market that there are super great deals to be had. There are good deals out there. The lower end of the market is drying up though. Buyers are faced with a similar dilemma they faced in 2004 through 2006 before the bottom fell out. 
The absorption rate has dropped to as close to normal as has been seen in months. … (12 comments)

tucson: Choose Your Lender Wisely - 02/11/12 02:25 AM
Buyer beware. Be informed when selecting a Lender. Having just watched my clients go through the most miserable loan process I have ever witnessed, I wouldn’t wish the ordeal on my worst enemy. Before giving the Loan Officer your information, insist on him or her answering the following:
Ask for his or her NMLS (Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System) number. (Read More)
Will you be my/our primary contact throughout the entire process of the loan? (Read More)
Where is your Processor located? (Read More)
Where is your Underwriter? (Read More)
Your REALTOR® has experience with a variety of Loan Officers and … (1 comments)

tucson: How Important Is A Website - 12/15/11 03:29 PM
A year ago I wrote about the importance of a website for REALTOR®. Now a year later, I have changed to Alamode. My new website is much better. Not every REALTOR® has the same needs. It is important to customize a website to meet abilities, personality and budget. Everybody has home searching on their website. Nice, but not everything. If visitors can save searches that makes it easier for them, and gives them a reason to return.
One thing I learned is that it is easy to make a website too complicated and confusing. The easier it is for visitors to quickly … (2 comments)

tucson: 7 Things Not To Do As A Home Buyer - 12/11/11 02:02 PM
A Humorous look at what Homne Buyers should not do when buying a home. (Short Version)
Buy a house on emotion. Who cares that the one across the street sold for $200,000 less. Don't insult the seller by asking for an inspection. You're sure that they took great care of the home and nothing is going to happen. Go out and buy a home on your own without a REALTOR®. Home Sellers would never take advantage of an unsuspecting Buyer. Ignore the appearance of the neighborhood. The chemical factory behind you doesn’t mean anything. Don’t read information your REALTOR® gives you. … (7 comments)

tucson: Spectacular Renovation - 11/29/11 10:46 AM
From my most commited client. Another fabulous renovation. Not just paint and curtains. New electical, new plumbing, updated gas pack AC and heating, upgraded kitch with granite counter tops. Words cannot describe the meracualous trasnformation of this home.
Virtual Tour
MLS Link 
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tucson: Frustration Of A Short Sale - Power of Twitter - 11/29/11 12:51 AM
Not mentioning the bank by name, let’s just say it has been in the news a lot and initials are used quite frequently. I’ve been through Short Sales before. Not easy, but not this bad. Here’s the story.
Much to my chagrin, my clients decided back in late May it would be easier to get the bank to approve the short sale home they wanted to purchase by going to that same bank for a loan. To a reasonable person you might think that was a viable approach. If dealing with a reasonable bank, I would whole heartedly agree. Now near … (77 comments)

tucson: Mighty Saguaro cacti with Sombrero Peak in the background - 08/06/11 08:34 AM


tucson: A Look Into Our Neighborhoods – El Encanto - Tucson Real Estate - 03/12/11 04:34 AM
Located in central Tucson, the El Encanto Estates is a much desired community for luxury and historical homes. Development began in 1929 and lasted into the early 1940's, 145 homes populate this exclusive neighborhood. The formal, geometric subdivision plat is one of the first in Arizona. Homes range from 2,400 square feet to 6,000 square feet. Lots range from ½ acre to full acres. Included as a historical district, 53 of the 145 homes contributed to the designation. El Encanto Estates Residential Historic District was nominated to the National Register of Historic Places as one of the early subdivisions in Arizona.

tucson: Unbelievable Banking Industry - 03/01/11 12:58 PM
It seems that there are a lot of red lights flashing, crossing arms are down, and no trains are coming. As banks are supposedly trying to pull out of the mess they created they continue to astonish me with their level of decision making, or lack thereof. I recall a story of a large Corporation, I want to say Nextel, over a decade ago allowed its employees to make decisions at the lowest level. Because of this a technician made a critical decision to lease a helicopter to repair a mountain tower before a blizzard devastated the area. He finished the … (1 comments)

tucson: Tucson vs Phoenix Real Estate - 03/01/11 06:03 AM
When I see the national news about real estate in Arizona, Phoenix is always mentioned and Tucson not. There are big differences between the two markets. Phoenix is much larger than Tucson. The frenzy in the housing market was much larger there. The burst from the bubble is larger in Phoenix.
Tucson, like many cities, suffered from the bad decisions of the large banks, lenders, and buyers who shouldn't have bought when they did for as much as they did. The number of foreclosures and short sales in Tucson are much smaller than Phoenix. Take short sales, in Tucson as of … (2 comments)

tucson: What Good Is Your Website? - 02/27/11 02:15 PM
In his book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen R Covey talks about habit number 7, Sharpen the Saw. Liking it to a Lumber Jack who refuses to sharpen the saw because it is taking him so long to cut through a tree and he doesn't have time to sharpen the saw. Training for REALTORS® is the same. We get so busy working we don't stop to sharpen our marketing, skills and strategy. Which is a lead into what I learned this week concerning websites.
What is the purpose of a website? To the REALTOR® its Internet presence. But is … (3 comments)