tucson real estate: 2017 Is The Year For Video - 02/26/17 08:47 PM
Here are two videos that I use to attract Sellers. The fact is, more Realtors should be using video but don't. Maybe these video can help change your mind. Everybody uses photos, and they are getting better every yeard. Time to separate from the herd as the first vidoe shows.
Not convinced? Look at the comparisons in this second video that I use where motion creates emotion.
As you saw in the video, I am not new to using video for marketing homes. This is a sample of my style of video, there are hundreds out there. Just keep in mind, statisctics show … (5 comments)

tucson real estate: Within Short Distance of Univ of AZ - 06/27/14 12:32 AM
In sunny Tucson Arizona a short distance from University of Arizona Medical Center and the University of Arizona is 2221 E Clenn Street. As an investor remodel this home has upgraded kitchen, upgraded baths, tile flooring in wet areas and lmainte wood flooring that flows throughout the home. 
A four bedroom 1-3/4 bath home with a bonus area next to the master bedroom. Lighted hall niches add to the ambience of this nice home. 1878 square feeet of living space. With a park across the street for conventiont recreational activities. 
Range priced at $230,000 to $250,000 this home has room for … (0 comments)

tucson real estate: What Will Make Your Home Sell – Part I - 03/19/13 06:45 AM
The old adage of price is true to the selling of any home. There are three opinions on what the price should be.
What the Seller’s emotional value is of their home, What the market value is, and What Buyers are willing to pay. Read More...

tucson real estate: Buying Investor Homes - 05/21/12 01:18 AM
With Tucson being in the top 10 cities for investing in real estate more and more investors are looking at Tucson.
A few things to look for when buying an investor renovated home.
1.       What condition is the roof?
2.       Most will update the kitchen and bathrooms.
3.       Was any of the electrical and/or plumbing updated.
4.       Look for clues  for problems, ...
5.       Have a reputable REALTOR® to work with who is familiar with investment resale properties. One who will point concerns out to you, one whom you can trust.
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tucson real estate: Open Houses This Weekend - 04/28/12 04:37 AM
With this weekend being the National weekend for Open Houses I am curious how many Active Rain Agents are participating. I know I am personally holding an Open a house at 11437 N Verch Way in Oro Valley. I have an Agent holding an Open House at 8101 W Morning Light in the Sunflower Adult Community of Continental Ranch here in Tucson. Both I have advertised in the Arizona Daily Star for Sunday?
How about a roll call with addresses.

tucson real estate: A Changing Real Estate Market In Tucson - 04/13/12 01:35 AM
If you were to watch the news and trust that they are right you would think that the Tucson real estate market is prime for the picking for buyers. Touting that there are so many foreclosures and short sales on the market that there are super great deals to be had. There are good deals out there. The lower end of the market is drying up though. Buyers are faced with a similar dilemma they faced in 2004 through 2006 before the bottom fell out. 
The absorption rate has dropped to as close to normal as has been seen in months. … (12 comments)

tucson real estate: Real Estate, Technology and Social Media - 02/17/11 02:37 AM
The world around us is changing faster and faster every day. No more party lines, sharing the phone line with your neighbors. Today more and more people don't even have a home phone. Mobile phones have become the norm. Smart phones are replacing the old fashioned flip phone. "Old fashioned" has changed as well. What used to be decades became years, transitioned into months, and now almost becoming days. We moved from a technological age to a social age in a short period of time. Technology and social media are driving society today. We are in the midst of the Information … (5 comments)

tucson real estate: It's Been A While - 09/14/10 03:52 AM
It's been a tough past couple of years, still recovering. Spent a period of time working for hourly wage. Yuck! Streee and my heart dictated a change. So I'm back in the pack. Never quite left real estate, but, part time doesn't cut it. Now I can devote my time to real estate full time, and as much time as needed to our new promotional product business.
I am learning that a lot of Realtors, Attorney's, Dentists, and other business people see the value of having their name before people. The more the better. My wife and I started a promotional product … (0 comments)

tucson real estate: Tucson Home Sales September 2008 - 10/10/08 05:36 AM
Tucson home sales for September broke the mold for seasonal sales. Normally sales in September are less than August. Not in 2008. Go figure, the economy has tanked, credit has tanked, nobody fully trusts either candidate for President, nothing but negative-negative-negative in the economic news, yet Tucson home sales go up.

tucson real estate: Tucson Real Estate April Sales Report - 05/13/08 03:18 AM
The official numbers are out from the Tucson Association of Realtors. Tucson home sales volume increased by 5.86% and total home sales increased by 8.1% over that of March 2008. Good news for home sellers and the local market. The numbers of available homes decreased by 2.37%. Indications are there to show the Tucson real estate market is heading toward a healthy market again. Tucson has always remained in better condition than many areas of the nation.
Prices decreased, what buyers want to hear. The average sales price dropped by 2.08% over that of March, while the median price lowered by … (0 comments)

tucson real estate: Has The Housing Market Begun To Correct Itself? - 05/06/08 05:17 PM
Everybody wants to know when the housing market will bottom out so they can get the best price. The truth is by the time anyone figures out the puzzle recovery will have already begun. An interesting article from the Wall Street Journal suggests that we on our way to a better market.  READ MORE

tucson real estate: Tucson Real Estate Pool Safety - 05/03/08 01:04 PM
With the weather picking up it is time to start thinking about pool safety. Every year we hear about a parent, uncle, friend or whomever who for a short moment wasn’t paying close attention to a child who unfortunately drowned. Arizona has strict laws about pools and barriers. A law that both buyers and seller should be aware of. For safety the Red Cross says it best.Straight from the Red Cross website:
Home Pools Learn to swim. The best thing anyone can do to stay safe in and around the water is to learn to swim–this includes adults and children. … (0 comments)

tucson real estate: March 2008 Preliminary Real Estate Sales Report - 04/03/08 03:58 PM
I am sure that there are a lot of people wondering how the Tucson real estate market fared during March of 2008. The official count of sales for February was 710. March saw an increase of nearly 26% with 892 sales. That is a solid increase considering all the scare about today’s market.Historically the increase between February and March is 28%. We experienced a 26% increase; the difference of 15 home sales. I know those 15 other home sellers would appreciate that 2% increase. With 8,965 homes on the market, falling off by 15 sales is not a bad fall. Not … (1 comments)

tucson real estate: Tucson Real Estate January Golf Property Sales - 02/17/08 11:08 AM
January 2008 Tucson real estate sales for golf properties backing up to a fairway, green or tee weren’t very high, but, they were high enough. Of the fifteen sales one lucky individual will be enjoying the Accenture Match Play Championship live from the comfort of home. From their perfectly positioned home they will witness tee to green shots for the first hole. A good set of binoculars don’t hurt. Used mine a lot last year.
The lowest sales price for a single family residence (SFR) was $215,000 for a 1909 square foot home built in 1965. The highest SFR was $1,930,431 … (1 comments)

tucson real estate: What Makes Up A Contract - 02/13/08 02:02 PM
A couple days ago someone asked me the components of a contract. As an experienced Realtor you would think that I could rattle it out without thinking. Brain freeze, embarrassment, and a lot of thinking afterward. Contracts are a critical part of real estate. Sometimes we write contracts, knowing what is required without thinking about all the parts. I must say, I feel good about how much I put into contracts.  Beyond the  requirements, making sure that expectations are clearly written. We have all seen some contracts that questionably written, vague about expectations, or are confusing as heck.
I started … (1 comments)

tucson real estate: Tucson Making It Through Recession - 02/05/08 12:30 AM
An unusual means for measuring the economy is employment through the ADC. When I retired in 2000 we had a low of 10% staffing shortage in some complexes, and as high as 22% in others. Speaking last week to a friend who recruits, the staffing shortage statewide is 2%. We used to say, when the economy is good, we can’t get staff. When the economy is not good we have enough staff. There is a lot of debate about whether we are in a recession or not. If not, we couldn’t come any closer. Tucson has one saving grace for real estate.
Tucson … (2 comments)

tucson real estate: Tucson Real Estate January 2008 Preliminary Home Sales Report - 02/03/08 04:11 AM
On January 18th I predicted that residential home sales for January should fall between 546 and 610. As of February 1, that number is 568. Mid point within the range. Not bad for predicting. Reporting will continue for the next couple of weeks. The official numbers will be collected on or around the 4th of the month. As of now the highest being $3,100,000, lowest $35,000 and median of $199,695.
Thirteen Golf Properties were recorded as sold for the month, for an average price of $462,110. The highest being $1,939,000, lowest $114,000 and median of $332,500.
Considering today is Superbowl Sunday, … (0 comments)

tucson real estate: Tucson Golf Property Sales - 01/20/08 03:16 AM
Tucson is a retreat for golfers who love to play year round. There is no question that my niche is golf properties and golfers. When writing monthly reports about home sales I’ve had a desire to focus more toward golf properties. I finally found the time to pull up statistics, which I’ll begin reporting in my monthly sales reports beginning in February.
For now, I’d like to look at available MLS information for properties that are directly adjacent to golf courses. This does not take into consideration sales of homes within subdivisions that embrace golf courses which do not back up … (1 comments)

tucson real estate: December 2007 Tucson Home Sales - 01/18/08 05:28 AM
Tucson Association of Realtors December report is finally out. Residential home sales did decrease below that of November with 682 officially reported sales for December; the official number was 759 sales for November. The real number for December sales is higher at 762. So much for Realtors reporting on time.
Buyer confidence is still a major factor affecting sales. Interest rates in January dropped below 6%, yet there is no significant increase in buying. As I said last month, sales for the winter are traditionally lower. January generally sees a slight decrease from the lack of activity during December. Most … (0 comments)

tucson real estate: Omni Tucson National Sonoran Golf Course - 01/12/08 12:54 AM
I had the pleasure a few weeks ago to play the Omni Tucson National Sonoran Course. A Tom Lehman designed course that debuted in 2005. Thanks to friends Mark Neal and his son Ken. Who, by the way, were the primary reason for winning this foursome when we played the ADOT-SECC Employee Make A Wish Tournament in June 2007. This course has 69 bunkers, two lakes, spectacular views, and immaculate Mini Verde Bermuda greens.
The weather man said 10% chance of rain. We found all of that 10%. But, it wasn’t bad for a winter drizzle. I could use some more playing weather like that … (0 comments)