video: How Long Should A Video Be? - 07/16/17 08:23 AM
I am always interested in what other Realtors produce for video around the world. Gleaning what I like for use, avoiding what is boring or distasteful. With well over 100 videos under by belt for the past six years I have learned a lot about what to do and what not to do. Sometimes looking back at the early ones in disbelief. One "learned" tool is analytics. Analytics that reveal what viewers watch and for how long. I’ve seen videos 7 minutes and longer. Unless you're Tracy Adkins with a documentary on the Creamery at Two Rivers (my favorite real estate … (1 comments)

video: Videos Sell Homes - 05/05/14 10:21 AM
You represent Sellers. You are sound asleep, so are your Sellers. You just put their home on the market yesterday. You are proud of the photos and video you downloaded to the MLS. This is your first video. You're nervous about whether it will work. It wasn’t cheap.
It's 4:15 am and a Buyer is sitting at the airport heading to your city looking at homes on the Internet from her smart phone while she is waiting for her flight. She sees a few homes that she is not sure of. The pictures are good, but she cannot get … (0 comments)