colorado dream house team: What is the Most Important Topic in Real Estate Today? - 06/22/16 07:31 AM
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colorado dream house team: Colorado Dream House Team Radio - 06/22/16 07:22 AM
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colorado dream house team: What to Expect When You're Inspecting - 06/22/16 06:18 AM
What to Expect When You're Inspecting By Scott Davidson
You’re offer has just been accepted on the house of your dreams.  It’s the perfect house; the yard is already landscaped, the kitchen is large and full of brand new appliances, the finished basement is ideal for all your recreation and storage needs, and the master bedroom is right where you wanted it.  On top of that, you and your spouse are sure you won’t have to do any work on this one.  You couldn’t find a single thing wrong with it, even when you arranged for a second showing, just before you … (1 comments)

colorado dream house team: Top 10 Tips for Buying and Selling in 2016 Part 2 - 06/22/16 06:15 AM

Last week, we started talking about my Top 10 Tips for Buying and Selling in 2016. If you missed Part One of the series, visit out blog page at and catch up. In the meantime, here is my Part Two list to help you buy and sell in 2016. By Dan Polimino
Sellers: Know which projects you can do to improve your value. We are always amazed at some of the projects that sellers feel like they need to do to improve their home to get it ready for sale. Epoxying the garage floor or replacing the fence is sure nice but it’s … (0 comments)

colorado dream house team: Tips for Hail Season - 05/25/16 05:49 AM
If you have ever lived in Denver, Colorado in the spring, you know it’s beautiful and it’s also hail season. Now, I am not a meteorologist, but here is how the hail phenomena was explained to me. Denver has an average of 300 plus days of sunshine every year (good for us). As such, the sun is out just about every morning. The sun heats up the snow on the mountains, and the snow melts. That moisture is absorbed into the atmosphere, creating storm clouds almost every afternoon in May and June. The air high above is still considerably colder at … (1 comments)

colorado dream house team: The Real Estate Market Slowdown Is Closer Than We Expected! - 05/16/16 03:05 AM
For the last year, we have been warning consumers that the slowdown in the Colorado Real Estate market is coming. At the beginning of this year, our best guess was that the market correction would come in sometime of 2018. There were many signs and signals that pointed us in this direction like interest rates, double digit home value appreciation three or more years in a row, government regulation, and the seven- and ten-year cycles of real estate. I could go on and on pointing out many more factors but maybe the strongest argument is “what goes up must come down”. Remember, … (1 comments)

colorado dream house team: Timing is Everything When Selling a Home - 04/26/16 05:51 AM

“Timing in life is everything” is a saying that has been around for a long time, and it applies to just about everything we do in life. It’s never been truer than when you apply the statement to real estate. In the past, the mantra has been “sell high and buy low.” Many people don’t realize that it usually doesn’t happen in real estate. If you are selling a home at the peak of the market, chances are you are also buying at the top of the market, unless you do what I have been urging my clients to do … (0 comments)

colorado dream house team: Colorado Dream House Radio Is Here! - 04/05/16 04:40 AM
We are proud to announce that the Colorado Dream House Team is starting its own radio show. In conjunction with our partners, Lifetime Construction and Guild Mortgage, the Colorado Dream House will host a one-hour real estate talk show Sunday mornings between 8-9am on 710 KNUS.
There are many real estate radio shows around the country, but for the most part they all focus on the national real estate scene. We are going to focus on the local real estate market. We will give you information about what’s happening in your city, neighborhood, or even your subdivision. We will tell you what … (1 comments)

colorado dream house team: Flat Fee Service vs Real Estate Agents - 03/24/16 04:27 AM

We have all heard about the flat fee real estate service companies like Trelora, Help You Sell, Assist to Sell and many others. They tout a one low flat fee to sell your home and promise to save you thousands. The flat fee prices vary as does the services offered for each rate. Some suggest you pay a full 2.8% in commission to the agent and supply the buyer, yet still some others think you can get away with offering as little as $2,000 or $3,000 to the buyer’s agent. Sounds great! Problem is, it rarely works.
If you take nothing away … (1 comments)

colorado dream house team: Election Year And The Real Estate Market - 03/08/16 04:09 AM
In most years in real estate, you can accurately predict and advise your clients on how the market will perform, with one exception. It’s really hard to predict how the market will perform in an election year, especially since this seems to be an election year like none other. Establishment politics seem to be out the window, so what we can expect from a candidate or policies will be difficult to predict. How does this apply to real estate?
Traditionally in an election year people tend to be very conservative. That means they keep their hands in their pocket, they are cautious … (0 comments)

colorado dream house team: You Asked. We've Answered. Mail Bag 2015 By Dan Polimino - 08/11/15 05:12 AM
With the second half of the year upon us; I thought it would be a good idea to share some our customers real estate questions that we have received this year. 
Q:  Dan: What is the month of the year are most homes sold?
A: Actually, the two most active months of the year for home sales are June and October. Typically, more homes are closed during those two months than any others.
Q: Dan: What are the two slowest months of the year for real estate sales?
A: August and December. August is the month that schools start in Colorado so families are either … (0 comments)

colorado dream house team: Little Known Facts About Selling Season - And Why They Matter - 08/11/15 04:17 AM
The number one time to sell a home in Colorado is April 1st through July 31st. Now that the selling season has passed, how did it go for you?  Did you take advantage of the market and got a premium price for your home? Maybe yours did not sell? Or maybe you’re still thinking about selling. Here are some thoughts and options going forward for the rest of the year.
If your home was on the market and did not sell, you need to ask yourself three questions: 1) Was it overpriced? 2) Did it show poorly? 3) Did my real estate agent … (0 comments)

colorado dream house team: The Suburban Sprawl Is No More! By Dan Polimino - 07/28/15 05:50 AM
From 2000 to 2006, all you heard about in the real estate headlines was about the suburban sprawl. People were moving out of the city in droves to find wide open spaces, amazing views, space between your neighbors and a slower, suburban type of life. Cities like Parker, Castle Rock, and Sedalia took off and became boomtown cities overnight. Builders seized the opportunity, giving people massive homes for a fraction of the price they would pay in the city. Moreover, for the first time, many people had land or at least an enormous backyard with a three- and a four-car garage.
I am sure … (0 comments)

colorado dream house team: We Don’t Sell Your Home, You Do! By Dan Poliminio - 07/22/15 07:16 AM
We speak with many consumers about selling their homes, and often people are confused with the exact role of today’s real estate agent.  Yes, we sell homes and the Colorado Dream House Team sells about 100 or more per year, but what we really do is market homes. Whether your home sells or not is NOT always within the Real Estate Agent’s control. I know that sounds counter intuitive to our job description, so let’s take a look at what the agent controls and what they don’t.
Within an agent’s control: The marketing of the home including but not limited to photography, … (1 comments)

colorado dream house team: Exquisite Walkout Ranch in Castle Pines Village - 06/30/15 07:41 AM
Walkout Ranch For Sale in Castle Pines Village
183 Morgan Place Castle Pines Village, CO  Offered at  $1,399,000  MLS number: 429864  
Bedrooms: 4   Bathrooms: 5   Square Footage: 6,157 Contact The Colorado Dream House at 720-446-6325 to see if this property is
still available and arrange a showing.Enjoy Luxury Living in the Exclusive Gated Castle Pines Village CommunityEnjoy lavish, hassle-free living in this majestic four-bedroom, five-bath, six thousand sq.ft. plus ranch style home with a main floor master and a picturesque view overlooking the 11th fairway of the Castle Pines Country Club. As soon as you pull onto the automated heated paver driveway (think … (0 comments)

colorado dream house team: Is Capitol Hill The Most Beautiful Neighborhood in Denver? - 06/30/15 02:51 AM
If you have read some of our previous blogs or you subscribe to our newsletter, you'll know that we love Denver neighborhoods. Previously, we have covered some of the luxury neighborhoods such as Bateleur, Hilltop or Castle Pines Village. We have also touched on some of the upcoming areas such as River North (RiNo). Now that Denver is now becoming more and more popular, we are now showing up in blogs and articles about how wonderful our city is.
In the most recent blog, I’ve read. Denver ranked number 10 in the most beautiful neighborhoods in America. In the 12 years of living … (0 comments)

colorado dream house team: Sometimes People Need to Hurt Themselves By Dan Polimino - 06/01/15 07:30 AM
My son Micah is nine years old, and he’s all boy. I was cleaning the garage and watching him build a skateboard ramp at the end of the driveway. He had taken plywood, propped it on some bricks piled high and then built a landing ramp on the other side. His plan was to skate down the sloped driveway, hit the plywood ramp, fly through the air and hit the landing ramp. All while staying on his skateboard unharmed.
Being a boy once myself and having tried the exact same feat, I knew from experience that this was fraught with danger and … (0 comments)

colorado dream house team: Growing Trend of New Agents By Marc Bayes - 06/01/15 07:00 AM
Real estate agents are a dime-a-dozen in 2015. All the talks of it being an amazing seller’s market have drawn everyone and their mother out of the woodworks to take a stab at real estate. How hard can it be right? With the growing trend of new agents starting in the business, we are seeing more and more issues with contracts, dates and deadlines, and overall professionalism from the agents on the other side of the deal.
There are many pros to working with an established and reputable agent when doing the deal. For one, you’re getting someone that’s done this before. This isn’t … (1 comments)

colorado dream house team: Are You Ready for the Market Slowdown 2015? By Dan Polimino - 06/01/15 06:32 AM
You heard me right. We are about a month away from the annual market slowdown. You maybe saying, “Dan, you’re crazy. There is no inventory! It’s only June! The market is hot. It’s a seller’s market!” Yes, I have heard all this before, and if you are like me and study trends, you know that the slowdown is coming. Go back and study the sales numbers from 2012, 2013, and 2014.  In Denver, we have followed the same pattern every year for the last three years, and there is no indication that this year will be any different. The market starts out as … (1 comments)

colorado dream house team: If You Sell Your Home For Top Dollar, How Much To Be Inconvenienced? - 05/04/15 06:52 AM
That’s a question that many people are asking themselves. Many homeowners would like to sell, but they don’t know where they would go. There are not enough homes to choose from on the re-sale market. Building a new home is nice, but it’s 6-10 months depending on the development and the builder. Consumers see an opportunity to sell their home this selling season, but if they do, they may be homeless. So what are the options if you really do want to sell your home at the peak of the market? Before we answer that question, think about this: If you sell … (1 comments)

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