denver: Forget Case-Shiller. By Dan Polimino. - 06/27/11 08:52 PM
It’s safe to say that all real estate is national, but not all-national real estate is local. What do I mean by that? It simply means that yes, our local neighborhoods and markets make up the total national real estate picture, but the national real estate picture may not be a fair representation of our local market. I hear buyers and sellers all the time talking about the Case-Shiller Index. I hear them quoting national real estate statistics like they apply to Denver and the neighborhood where they are interested in buying. So, you may be asking yourself, “Why don’t all … (5 comments)

denver: Don't Expect Many More Homes On The Market - 06/21/11 09:50 PM In this week’s market update Fuller Sotheby's Agent Dan Polimino tells buyers not to wait for more homes to come on the market this summer. If it's not for sale now chances are it will not be for sale this summer. To find out why watch this week's market update with Dan Polimino.

denver: Time Is Running Out. By Dan Polimino. - 06/20/11 10:02 PM
Can you believe that it's already the end of June? The big 4th of July weekend is next week, and then we really only have one more good month left in the selling season here in Colorado for real estate. I know what you're thinking, "What about August, it's still warm in August." Yes, that is correct, we still have the month of August, but traditionally, August is a slow month in real estate. You see, families are taking last minute vacations and parents are starting to think about getting their kids ready for school. If families were moving to a … (0 comments)

denver: Less Inventory. By Dan Polimino. - 06/14/11 02:37 AM
It's not your job to pay attention to MLS statistics, but it is mine. In May, there were still an incredibly low amount of homes on the market. In fact, according to Metrolist, there were only 17,000+ single family homes and condominiums on the market. Again, it's worth repeating how low that is for this time of year. If this were February, that would not surprise me, but since it is June, I am shocked. We should see around 22 or 23 thousand single-family homes and condos on the market about now. So, what's going on? What does this mean for … (0 comments)

denver: Moving the Meter. By Dan Polimino. - 05/24/11 02:59 AM
“Dan, my house isn’t selling and I am not sure what to do for us to get an offer.”
I hear this all the time from sellers.There is frustration in their voices, and with good reason. This is a difficult market to sell a home as everyone already knows, so I usually ask them a question back and it is simply this, “What are you doing to move the meter?” Are you making adjustments and changes in order to sell your home, or do you keep on doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result? Let’s … (0 comments)

denver: Your Dream Home. By Dan Polimino. - 05/17/11 04:55 PM
There really are some important factors that everyone should consider if you want to find your dream home. Here is what I think are the top six things to consider when starting your search.
* Neighborhood. This seems obvious, but what I like to tell buyers is that when they first start thinking about moving, drive around some neighborhoods and get a feel of what looks good to you. Then take that knowledge to the internet to find out more.
* Children. If you have kids, how important is it for you to be in a certain school district? If so, … (0 comments)

denver: The Denver Real Estate Market Is Hot - 05/03/11 10:01 PM Fuller Sotheby’s agent Dan Polimino tells us in this week’s market update that the spring real estate market in Denver started a full month early. In fact it’s been the busiest real estate market he has seen in three years. Why? What has happened to bring out buyers. Why are they buying now? To find out more watch this week’s market update with Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty Agent Dan Polimino.


denver: You Cannot Fool Today’s Buyers. By Dan Polimino. - 04/12/11 12:11 AM
Story # 1
A friend was telling me a story about buying a used car from a dealer. The car had the Inspected and Certified Used Car sticker on it, and the dealership represented that the car was in good working order. Nonetheless, the buyers wanted to have it checked out by their mechanic before putting down the money and driving it off the lot. Upon inspection, the mechanic told these would-be buyers that the car needed a new fuel pump as well as a new timing belt.
The buyers went back to the dealership and told them what the … (3 comments)

denver: Yes I Can Help You - 03/23/11 12:39 AM Some people think Dan Polimino would not be interested in helping them buy or sell a home. Why would that be? To find out more watch this week’s video market update for Denver, Colorado with Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty Agent Dan Polimino.


denver: Wise Counsel. By Dan Polimino. - 03/22/11 12:04 AM
I am sure that in one capacity or another, you have tried to impart wise counsel on someone in an attempt to help them from making a mistake, or just to make their life a little easier. Parents try to talk to teens all the time, giving them wise counsel that usually has been rooted from their own mistakes or failures. Sometimes, those teens listen, but as many of us have found out, many times, they don’t. There is just something about having to learn those lessons yourself the hard way.
The same story can be told, believe it or … (1 comments)

denver: FHA Down Payment to increase by 286 percent? - 03/17/11 01:23 AM
I wish the 286% increase is a typo on my part, however, this is one of the changes that may impact the housing market in the near future. The FHA minimum down payment, currently at 3.5%, is strongly anticipated to increase to 10%. This proposed change was mentioned last month by the Obama administration in a white paper report. It resurfaced last week in Denver, when FHA commissioner David Stevens attended the Realtor Rally at the Colorado Convention Center.
The impact of the increased down payment is simple to calculate. If a buyer is looking at a $200,000 home, under the current rules the down payment would … (3 comments)

denver: You Can’t Buy A Home That Meets 100% of Your Needs! - 03/15/11 11:57 PM So many people head out looking for the perfect home only to be disappointed why? Watch this week’s market update for Denver Colorado as Fuller Sotheby’s agent Dan Polimino tells why you can’t buy a home that meets 100% of your needs.

denver: Sellers Are Holding Firm On Their Price - 02/08/11 08:03 PM In this week’s market update Fuller Sotheby’s agent Dan Polimino tells us that he is not seeing many sellers discount their price. To find out why watch this week’s market update for Denver, Colorado with Dan Polimino.


denver: Take The Credit Instead of Inspection Items - 02/01/11 09:31 PM In many cases when it’s time to ask for inspection items to be fixed it’s better to take a credit or a price reduction than ask the seller to fix the items. To find out why watch this week’s Market update for Denver, Colorado with Fuller Sotheby’s Agent Dan Polimino.


denver: Real Estate Inventory and Price Points in Denver, CO - 01/18/11 07:25 PM The inventory of for sale homes in Denver, Colorado is pretty low right now. How low is low? Fuller Sotheby’s agent Dan Polimino tells us it’s near record lows, but won’t stay that way long. Dan also mentions how inventory will affect prices as we get closer to the spring/summer selling season. To find out more watch this week’s real estate market update with Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty Agent Dan Polimino.


denver: Don’t Let The Price Get in The Way - 01/12/11 10:27 PM Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty Agent Dan Polimino tells us more and more people are scared to put an offer on a home they like because they feel the price is too high. Find out why Dan says “Don’t let the price stop you.” Watch this week’s real estate market update for Denver, Colorado with Dan Polimino.

denver: What To Expect In Real Estate for 2011 - 01/05/11 10:10 PM Fuller Sotheby’s agent Dan Polimino talks about what people can expect from the real estate market in Denver, Colorado this coming year.

denver: A Sunday Visit. By Dan Polimino. - 12/21/10 12:23 AM
It’s Christmas and as many of my readers know, I don’t like to talk business this week. There are 51 weeks of the year to do that so indulge for me a moment while I tell you a story.
My grandparents would leave Church on Sundays and go over to their friend’s house for a visit. It wasn’t a party, it wasn’t a get together, and it wasn’t planned. In fact, the friends didn’t even know that they were coming. Joe and Mary (my grandparents) would knock on the door and yell through the screen, “anybody home?” Their friends or family … (1 comments)

denver: Photo Friday: It’s less Than Two Weeks Away - 11/18/10 08:24 PM  Hard to believe Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away. So today we’ll use this Photo Friday to remind you….YOU BETTER ORDER YOUR TURKEY! Please submit to us the photos of your life and we may post them on our sites for all to share. We would love to know where you live and the good life you enjoy.


denver: Why You Shouldn’t Send People Back To Your Home Page! - 11/09/10 01:01 AM In this week’s market update real estate agent and marketing guru Dan Polimino tells people why it’s not a good idea to blog out content and then send people back to your home page for more information. To find out why watch this week’s market update for Denver, Colorado with Fuller Sotheby’s agent Dan Polimino.


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