real estate: What is the Most Important Topic in Real Estate Today? - 06/22/16 07:31 AM
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real estate: Colorado Dream House Team Radio - 06/22/16 07:22 AM
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real estate: Top 5 Tips for Buying and Selling Houses in 2016 - 06/22/16 06:07 AM
Top 5 Tips for Buying and Selling Houses in 2016 by Dan Polimino
Check in next week for five more tips about buying and selling.
1. Buyers: Don’t overspend.I know it sounds simple, but everyone can get caught up in the emotion of a bidding war. You have been waiting for that perfect house, you have lost out on three others, and one just hit the MLS and your inbox. You decided to outbid the other six suitors and pay 30K over asking price. That’s okay if you plan to die in that house or stay there for at least 10 years, but if you … (0 comments)

real estate: You May Never Get a Higher Price for Your Home By Dan Polimino - 03/10/14 02:46 AM
Have you heard of the saying ‘buy low and sell high’? Whether you are investing in the stock market or you are buying real estate, everyone would love to buy low and sell high. I don’t know how many times over the last five years have I heard people say, “If I only knew the real estate bubble was going to be 2006, then I would have sold at the peak of the market. Of course you would… everyone would, but the challenge is knowing when and how to time the market. Many people over the years have professed to me their ability to time the market. … (0 comments)

real estate: My 2014 Prayers. By Dan Polimino. - 12/30/13 07:10 PM
Tonight is New Year’s Eve and it means not only a time to look back, but also a time to look forward. The great thing about the start of New Year is that it’s kinda like a “do over.” Do you remember when we were kids and when we didn’t like the outcome of some game we were playing, we instantly shouted, “DO OVER! DO OVER!” so that all of our friends knew that whatever just happened didn’t count? Of course, the last year counts; but in the coming New Year, we do have a chance to do many “do overs.” … (2 comments)

real estate: What If I Knew the Day I was Going to Die? By Dan Polimino. - 12/23/13 08:11 PM
For those of you who have followed my column over the years, you know that I never write about business during the week of Christmas. It’s always a special month and a special week for my family and me. After all, there are 51 other weeks of the year to write about Real Estate.
Since today is Christmas Eve, I want to share with you a story that I recently heard. This woman called KLOVE Radio and told the DJs that her father had died of a rare heart disease at the age of 36. She found out that she has the same … (30 comments)

real estate: Do You Know A Good Contractor? By Dan Polimino. - 12/09/13 08:58 PM
As a real estate agent, I must get that question three times a week. And why wouldn’t I? After all, people are buying homes and chances are they’ll need repair work or construction. Who better to ask than a real estate agent, right? Surely, the agent would know a good contractor. The answer is yes and no. Believe it or not, it’s getting harder and harder to find a good contractor. I think that like most consumers, I am looking for a contractor that “does what they say, say what they mean, meet deadlines, and do good quality work.” One would think that given the … (1 comments)

real estate: Winter Real Estate. By Marc Bayes. - 12/03/13 09:57 PM
Winter is coming. While it’s a great tag line for Game of Thrones it’s also an inevitable reality for us in Colorado. With winter comes the second selling season for real estate and with snow in the air it’s right around the corner. I wanted to lay out expectations for both buyers and sellers as we move into the colder snowy months of real estate.
Winter real estate comes with ups and downs just like any other season. The first big expectation for buyers to have is an extreme lack of inventory. We’ve already experienced a lack of inventory over the last two years but … (0 comments)

real estate: Two Guys in a Bar. By Dan Polimino. - 12/02/13 08:16 PM
Well, it really wasn’t a bar; it was more like a lunch counter. I was sitting there waiting for my meal to arrive when I overheard these two guys talking about real estate. Here is how the conversation went. We will call them Bill and Joe.
Joe: Hey, did you see Tom put his house on the market?
Bill: Yeah, I was surprised at how high the price was.
Joe: Yeah, I was too, but Tom thinks he can get it in this market.
Bill: You know, I was reading that book “Freakonomics” and they were talking about how realtors would list their … (7 comments)

real estate: You Cannot Say Enough About Referrals. By Dan Polimino. - 11/18/13 04:53 PM
Real Estate is, has, and always will be predominantly a referral business. Yes, I know that with Internet technology, real estate agents can mine hundreds of leads every month, of people they have never met.  In fact, my team, The Colorado Dream House Team, has invested heavily in Internet leads. About three percent turn out to be real buyers or sellers. While we appreciate this newfound source of business, nothing compares to a lead that is a good referral.
We spend a ton of time trying to make sure that each and every client has a good experience with us, just like I know … (1 comments)

real estate: So, You Want to be My Lender? By Dan Polimino. - 11/04/13 07:05 PM
As one of the principals of a large, seven-member real estate team (The Colorado Dream House Team), I get a lot of phone calls from mortgage lenders wanting to earn our referral business. They would like to meet with me, take me to lunch, grab coffee, and the like. We probably get four or five inquiries a month. While we are extremely flattered by all of the interest, we cannot meet with everyone for lunch or coffee, or even schedule an appointment at our office. If we did, we wouldn’t sell any real estate. In fact, during the height of the selling season, … (0 comments)

real estate: The Bait and Switch, Part Two. By Dan Polimino. - 09/30/13 09:47 PM
Last month, I wrote about the “Bait and Switch tactic” sometimes used by lenders to earn a customer’s business. If you would like to re-read that column, go to and click “blog.” 
Today, I would like to follow up last month’s blog with part two of the “Bait and Switch” tactic that is used this time by buyers. 
Sometimes, a seller will receive an offer on their home and the buyer’s contract says that it’s a cash offer. Cash offers tend to be more appealing to sellers since they know that the deal won’t crash because of a lender, it … (38 comments)

real estate: The Bait and Switch. By Dan Polimino. - 09/23/13 07:43 PM
When I came out of college, I got a job selling cars and some of my fellow car salesmen were involved in the old “bait and switch” tactics of selling. If a customer came in and it looked like they were not going to be buying that day, the salesman would let them leave the dealership with a monthly payment that no one in town would be able to match. The price was so low it was almost hard to believe. Of course, the customer would go and shop around for the same car, but as expected, no other dealer could … (54 comments)

real estate: It May Be Getting Easier to Get a Loan. By Dan Polimino. - 08/12/13 10:38 PM
In 2006, your dog could have qualified for a home loan. The pendulum had swung too far left. In 2009, very few people could qualify for a loan with all the new regulations and restriction. The pendulum had swung too far right. In 2013, I am pleased to report that it appears that the pendulum is moving more towards the middle, and getting a home loan may be a bit easier for the majority of Americans. Here is what we are beginning to see in Colorado and around the rest of the US. 
1)   Lenders are a little more flexible with credit … (0 comments)

real estate: Who Wins? The Husband or The Wife? By Dan Polimino. - 07/29/13 08:50 PM
Over the last few years, I have been out showing homes to couples with very different priorities. The husband is all about the deal. He could live in a variety of homes as long as they all are a good deal. Sure, his wife would like a good deal, but more than anything else, she wants a home. Something she has dreamed of, envisioned her family in, and could see herself being happy in for years to come. The problem with this scenario is that they are looking to buy with very different priorities. There are plenty of instances where people … (20 comments)

real estate: A Home Is More than Just a Commodity. By Marc Bayes. - 07/24/13 08:00 PM
I’ll be the first one to admit that real estate is a business. Homes are my commodity. I wake up every day and put buyers into homes and help sellers sell their homes while also finding new buyers who want to purchase and new sellers who want to move. It’s a business through and through. However sometimes we can lose track that while homes are a product, once they are for sale they also have a story. 
I recently had a closing where my sellers were very emotional at the closing table. They had just sold their home to a couple … (0 comments)

real estate: A New Breed of Buyers. By Dan Polimino. - 06/24/13 11:31 PM
Attention sellers, builders, lenders and oh, yes, real estate agents. Did you know that there is a new breed of buyers out there wanting to purchase a home? We have never seen these people before in the real estate market, because they never really existed until four or five years ago. This country has never seen a real estate crash like we had over the last four or five years, and that single event created a new demographic that did not previously exist. Here is their profile: 
These people may have had good jobs, made good money, and had good credit … (1 comments)

real estate: Toxic People. By Dan Polimino. - 06/10/13 11:24 PM
There is a saying in business that 20% of the people you deal with create 80% of your aggravation. I believe this to be true because I have seen it time and time again in my own life. The question is: what do you do with the 20% that you consider as toxic people? Answer…you remove yourself from doing business with that 20%. How does this pertain to real estate? Simple: real estate is all about relationships. As an agent, do you click with the buyer or seller? Does Mr. and Mrs. Seller or Buyer click with the agent? If you … (54 comments)

real estate: I Can't Find a Home. By Dan Polimino. - 06/03/13 10:12 PM
I never thought that I would hear the words "I can't find a home" from a buyer, but five years after the nationwide real estate crash, this seems to be a reoccurring theme. In April and May, there were only about 5,000 single-family homes on the market in the entire Denver MLS. That is historically low and shockingly sparse for a city of three million plus people. As the saying goes, "it is what it is," so how do we handle it going forward? 
If you are buyer in a seller’s market, you need to find a top-notch agent. Listen… when … (1 comments)

real estate: An Open Letter to My Real Estate Colleagues. By Dan Polimino. - 05/27/13 11:01 PM
In 1999, my business partner, Gary Lohrman, and 11 other Realtors came together to start a new brokerage firm called Fuller Towne and Country. They decided to build the business with two simple principles in mind. First, create a place and atmosphere where they wanted to work and have fun. Second, treat other agents joining the team as if they were their own clients. What the owners realized early on was that the brokerage firm is “the agents”.  If you wanted to be successful, you better treat those agents well, give them all the resources they need, always let them know … (1 comments)

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