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How do you get the most from a reverse mortgage calculator?  More importantly how do you use it?  The benefit to using an online calculator for your reverse mortgage is you won't have any pressures from a sales person urging you to do a loan.  This leaves you the opportunity to move forward at yo...
Are you looking for a reverse mortgage in Grants Pass Oregon?  Why would someone want to retire to Southern Oregon?  This question has so many answers that I hardly know where to begin.  I guess we can just start listing the reasons and let them fall where they may. Grants Pass, Oregon is known a...
I see a lot of people touting Active Rain as a incredible resource for making money.  I have been a member for a couple of months and am curious about this. I am not asking for your marketing secrets, but what I would like to know is; how are you making money?  Is it directly because your potenti...
This is one of the most elusive loans right now.  It has taken to hiding, only showing itself under rare conditions.  But they do exist, I have seen them. What happened to this loan was an over hunting and poaching of this very good product.  Originally, they were intended for a person that had g...
How much a reverse mortgage costs is one of the top arguments against doing one. Often, I hear: "they are too expensive". My reply would be: "compared to what"? There are a few alternatives, so let's take a look at those. If you have considered moving, have you thought about the cost of moving? I...
What if you want to do a loan on your home, but you know the home needs repairs to qualify? Under the traditional loan requirements, you need to fix the deficient aspects of the property and then you can do a loan. What makes a reverse mortgage unique is the ability to do a loan first and then, a...
The amount of money available to you with a reverse mortgage is factored by three variables. We will examine those in this article. 1. Your age. You have to be at least 62 years old when qualifying for a reverse mortgage, but will being older be a benefit on how much equity you can use? If intere...
Too many times the argument has come up that the bank owns your home after you do a reverse mortgage. Is it true? The fact is, there is virtually nothing different about a reverse mortgage than any other mortgage when it comes to ownership. The bank uses your home for collateral the same way for ...


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