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The Endless path of opportunity "I want to sell my rental property in Etobicoke Ontario. We’d like to find a great agent who won’t bait and switch us with over inflated estimates on what our property is worth or unrealistic time frames to sell it; just to get the listing." So [insert client's na...
You've already made the decision to sell your home.  Now, we have to work to get you the highest dollar for your property and minimizing the disruption to your family and your lifestyle. We will prepare the Market Evaluation for you because we know the local neighbourhood and the community, RE/M...
Have you ever had a case of impecunity?   What was the cure?  Did you deal with the Stigma?  Have there been any long term effects?   im·pe·cu·ni·ous adjective having little or no money; penniless; poor.    [im-pi-kyoo-nee-uhs]    My Father taught me a great lesson in life; He told me that while ...
Top 5 Reasons to Hire an Etobicoke Agent 1) Expertise and Advise 2) Knowledge of Neighbourhoods 3) Transaction Management 4) Local Flare!  Events and Charitable Causes 5) Community Service and an involved BIA David Pylyp  an Etobicoke Agent blends Higher standards of Professionalism with strong e...
Let's have a real conversation about financial responsibility, money and paying your bills.  We need Credit.  We all need and use credit and debit cards.  Flaherty has tightened Lending Policies for mortgages and keeps talking about household disposable income that changes with interest rate incr...
As a progressive Realtor and early technology adopter  I would like to ask your help and input on two Questions.  Using the ipad for presentation and working with an ipad effectively, using it to sign documents;   Sending Listings to yourself for property tours, accessing hot spots?  For Beginner...
You can Order your Condominium Buildings Status Document Bundle online.  A number of condominium corporations have made electronic ordering of your Status Certificate Online available and receiving all the documents online by email. This saves the condo corporation the expense and time in prepar...
Interesting that the OLD Powerpoint presentations can be updated to Keynote and played on an iPad.  But the ipad is such a VISUAL medium that the TEXT seems sooo... outdated.    Better to have infographics and better PIC's to illustrate the Value we provide as Real Estate Agents.    I am in Toron...
With Internet, computer technology and apparently free advertising there should be a plethora of venues and opportunities to sell IT yourself. You are saving VAST sums in commissions so you spent the savings on lavish colour brochures, a stunningly presented video about your residence, neighbour...

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