david pylyp: Price Increases in Toronto - 03/07/14 10:19 PM
Amazing prices increases in Toronto's real estate market with detached homes leading the CHARGE at almost 955K  as an inner city sale!  Average Home Prices are close behind at $553K. This is an increase of 15.7% over just last year and a reduction of 8% in teh number of homes sold. Homes are purchased with the heart for family and needs. They are paid for with our wallets.   Have the prices moved beyond reach?
If we did not have CMHC backed financing, you would require a minimum of 20% down. Amortizations were available to 30 years and beyond. … (2 comments)

david pylyp: Your best friend when you need him - 12/10/13 07:16 AM
  David Pylyp is your best friend;
when you need pictures for that insurance claim when you are unsure if its a Landlord or Tenant Problem. when a condo corporation raises your Maintenance Fees. when your tenant won't MOVE. when your house won't SELL. when you don't want to live together anymore. when you want Value in your purchase. You don't have to like me...  but do you need me.


david pylyp: Snake Oil Salesman selling Page One Google Ranking - 11/24/13 12:08 AM

We are inundated with sales calls PUSHING the benefits of Lead Generation Sites. Guarantees of thousands of leads. Come hither! Some agents have abandoned their entire CONTENT MARKETING [you are the local expert] websites, blogging and videos for the promise of Leads. Yes, we all want leads.   Customers will look at your site if you have content. Google will find your site for your content. You will appear in the SERPs because of your content.   Web 1.0 was a business card online. Now it is interactive; Video embedded into a blog => directed to a landing page for your prospects … (0 comments)

david pylyp: Do you slow and stare at a car accident? - 10/01/13 11:31 PM
When the traffic is SLAMMED in the other direction and the Police, Fire and Ambulance vehicles are out...  Do you slow to take a grim look around...
The internet is the same.   It's a snap shot of sizzle that grabs your attention... for a FEW SECONDS.
Builders and Developers of Condominium Units understand this concept really well and apply it in their marketing for you be Attracted to their plate, to eat the sizzle, consume the hype.  But what is the value when you wake in the morning? 
After the building is up and running thE issues are very practical … (0 comments)

david pylyp: Real Estate is Local - 09/30/13 04:49 PM

david pylyp: What should you say when they haggle? - 08/31/13 04:56 AM

I know you know the value of an Experienced Real Estate Agent. 
Thats why you're looking to work with a Professional.
But as you know, I've only got so much time in a day,I'd have to rush through this job.And to be honest, I don't like to rushBecause I like to deliver my best work.If your budget is a problem, I can offer to do something else in that price point, but at this price for what you're asking,I am unable to do it.I hope you understand.I only have room for 10 clients each month to ensure that I can do my … (2 comments)

david pylyp: In the Heart of Yorkville - CASA - 07/17/13 05:38 AM
Not your typical condo views from the 46th floor of CASA...
The view is so hot here in Toronto that the glass feels like its melting..
33 St Charles St East, Toronto ON
CASA Condominiums
What's the View like?

Would you like to be here?
Give me a call at 647 218 2414
or suggest a different criteria  http://BuyinginToronto.ca

david pylyp: They FORCED me to sign... - 07/16/13 10:58 PM
Dear Seller;
I am sorry your agent is not doing a good job....  I cannot interfere.  No, I cannot call them and explain your position.  You tell them what you want corrected.
14 days later: 
I am sorry   I cannot get involved in an offer that you feel is too low. You already accepted it?  Why did you accept the offer if you feel its low?   They forced you?   Uhhuh ...
when you are not happy with the communication you have with your agent  speak up.   Better you should interview a few agents and get an understanding … (108 comments)

david pylyp: Why am I presenting your offer? - 07/14/13 01:23 AM

Why am I presenting your offer to my Sellers?
They expected an offer presentation where we would negotiate. You sent me an email or faxed the offer.
I don't know your clients capacity, intent, top price, ability or wherewithal to conclude the transaction. If you told your clients the market is up/ down 10% They want a deal, a discount and they want to negotiate.
Let's presume the following;
There are two offers Both offers are relatively equal with small differences One agent is in attendance. His Buyers are in a Horton's nearby and anxious. The … (3 comments)

david pylyp: Flooding in Toronto - 07/10/13 02:20 AM
The hydro power (electricity) has been out for 10's of thousand of Torontonians for the last two days, going on 3 days a results of a large storm cell that brought rain and world wide attention to our plight on CNN.
The reliance of city living and the simplest things that we take for granted;
Elevators and underground parking Diesel Power generators for backup power systems The coffee machine The electric razor The Hot Shower in the morning before work Charging your phone and ipad Your TV in the evening Food in your fridge and cooking The internet connection … (0 comments)

david pylyp: Metro Linx at Mr Christie's - 07/02/13 01:22 AM

Why can't we have a Mr. Christie's Go Station PLUS the Mimico?  They serve two distinct and growing communities.
Mimico is established and Humber Bay Shore is nearing 12,000 condo units immediately at Park Lawn Road and Lake Shore Blvd., West.

“Fundamentally the issue is because the Mr. Christie’s bakery owned by Mondelez is going to close, which creates the opportunity to acquire land for a new GO station at Parklawn.” Milczyn said the point of his original motion was to get Metrolinx, which is carrying out $44 million in renovations to the Mimico GO station, to provide feedback … (0 comments)

david pylyp: You want to Buy - But don't have a deposit - 06/21/13 04:41 AM

You want to move...  You have already been looking at #NSFW pictures of houses in choice neighbourhoods around Toronto.
You have a place already,  you have overgrown or its too far from work, now.
You have equity in your place now but you just have not been able to SAVE UP the deposit of $10,000 towards your next purchase.
I can help you with that.
We can provide [lend] you the deposit that you need to make things happen. The cost is modest with an application fee and it is secured against your existing property. Expense … (0 comments)

david pylyp: Condo Investors recall Pickin' Chicken in Mimico - 06/13/13 01:58 AM
Do you remember driving past the Picken Chicken Restaurant on the south side of Lake shore in Mimico?    Do you recall the dinners?   Or the Parking Lot?   What ever happened to that place?  Its right at the bend that divides Humber Bay Shore and the thousands of Condominium units that now comprise Humber Bay Shore.  

This happened;  waterfront development, new marina and access to the waterfront via Norris Ave (The Birds and The Beans) and what we hope will be access for thousands of people to wander the Martin Goodman Trail.
Mimico Waterfront Park was … (0 comments)

david pylyp: what kind of Marketing are you posting? - 05/21/13 02:27 AM
Does your work product reflect the creative needs of your market? Are you embracing New Technologies?
 What does your marketing say about you? Walk in the Park? If you have business to or from Toronto Canada give me a call.

david pylyp: Mortgage Renewal - How Is everyone getting a better deal? - 04/25/13 11:26 PM
The Mortgage is up for renewal.
The average mortgage is Toronto is just under 300K.  Source.  While watching current rates offered to new borrowers we received our Offer to Renew.
I was shocked to see that as a new Buyer my Trusted Mortgage Advisor could obtain 3.0%  (a few basis points below) fixed for 5 years. Why was I being offered 4.4% for the same term?
Had I missed any payments? Had I been problematic? Was it in collections? Values dropping and they want out? Advance to Value declining? Here are the hard numbers...
The lending institution is gambling that you will not spend a … (1 comments)

david pylyp: Always looking for FREE - 04/25/13 02:45 AM
We are here. READY.
You're the customer.
We strive not only for your happiness but for your long term success
Does this mean giving you everything for Free?
Not at all.

To make you happy in the long term; we need to survive in the short term, otherwise we're out of business, No one will be here to fill any of your needs.
I'm here to answer your questions and provide context.
What kind of ride are you on?

david pylyp: Staring over the fence - Do you covet thy Neighbour? - 04/22/13 11:09 PM

Do you believe "ITS" better on the other side?

When you are looking for a condo; what is the criteria?   Display and presentation?  The ostentatious lobby and double foyer.   But the suites tend to be smallish and less with upgrades. Older is larger.   Maintenance is a concern.

Is it the front lawn and the landscaping.  A Buyer's First Impression that pleases the eyes? Once you are inside that perfect detached home, is their styling exactly as you wish your future home to be?

Before you start comparing features and benefits of homes lets take a … (3 comments)

david pylyp: Carttera is building 42 and 48 storey Residential Towers - 02/27/13 10:01 PM
1926 Lake Shore is the Lake front Hotel location at Windermere and Lake Shore Blvd., W.  The Hotel closed its doors October 15th.  
Carttera’s Urban Intensification Fund 2 acquires development site at 1926 Lake Shore Boulevard West, Toronto.
 November 2012 Carttera’s Urban Intensification Fund 2 recently acquired a 1.1 acre site located at 1926 Lake Shore Boulevard West in Toronto. This site fronts onto Sunnyside Park and has spectacular views of Lake Ontario, High Park and downtown Toronto. Carttera plans to redevelop the site as a residential condominium. 
 http://www.carttera.com/whatsnew.cfm Carttera – What’s New
 1926 LAKE SHORE BLVD W OPA / Rezoning 13 … (2 comments)

david pylyp: Why are you seeking Rent to Own? - 02/13/13 02:45 AM

Was it presented to you as a good deal? 

This Rent to Own program that gains favour from time to time.  I ranted about this extensively during the 2008 Credit Crisis when all the North American markets CLENCHED shut for about 6 months into January of 2009 when [Obama] the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT released the Bail out Money. People  will try to take advantage of others misfortune.


Those very same factors are in play right now in Ontario [the Toronto west GTA] with Tightening Credit Criteria from CHMC, shortened amortizations and stricter verification to qualify for a mortgage … (1 comments)

david pylyp: Propinquity Why does it cost more? - 01/30/13 04:00 AM

What is it?

So buying a place that is at the City Center is logically more expensive.  The trend to live downtown within the City Core or at the edge of transit (suburbs) is desirable. 

Having the place on the beach  YUP   I get that.

The question I'm asking is simple...

Is Toronto a Growth City that is continuing to expand or are we into a retraction?  A wise gentleman Barry Lebow recently said;  Here is a simple fact that escapes these writers, the journalists who live with their noses against the windows … (0 comments)

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