etobicoke: What is your message? - 10/30/14 10:48 PM
We can have a truly open and transparent system that has the consumer's confidence.
Not harboring secrets - which is really just a simpler, easier-to-execute conception of “transparency” - can be really powerful.  We have all heard the phrase The truth will set you free.

I am a Realtor with Re/max Specialists here in Toronto
I have been practicing real estate sales for over 25 years now.
I love what I do 
I enjoy providing real estate services to my clients because I feel that I provide them with much more than just buying and selling advice or real … (2 comments)

etobicoke: Real Estate Commission Conversations - 05/28/14 02:00 AM
In our RUSH to save money; Get the lowest commission. The offset is the service.  If your business model is to charge a few hundred to list a house, what services are you skipping?

I provide an unmatched marketing plan and put this in writing.
There is a video library of Testimonials; My Reviews Just click here Ask How much the agent will spend on marketing;
Printing Brochures Related Marketing Costs Video Tours and Hi Res's Photo's Do they have Visible Online Advertising and use Social Media
Will they keep up to date with legislation and rapidly … (1 comments)

etobicoke: the Frenzy of sales in Toronto - 05/22/14 10:47 AM
Timeline; Toronto Summer 2014
Yes, sales are up, again, by a staggering 19% in Toronto! The average price of a detached home in the 416 is pushing a million dollars for an updated home in a good neighbourhood.
The number of detached homes sold last month were 1300 with a year over year appreciation of 13% in value.
[Flash back 4 years]   Same Media Perspective.
Sales in the 905 are selling 3 times as many,with 3,500 units, but the individual price for a detached property is averaging $645K.  Simply put, you are driving till you can afford teh picket fence and private … (0 comments)

etobicoke: Has the house already had offers? - 03/30/14 10:57 AM
Have there been any offers?
What were they?
How Should I answer?
I know we have had offers, 
I know the exact details.
I try to be tactful and say "They have had offers, but they were unacceptable to the owners."
How much did the people offer?
Would you respect the agent who told you ALL the other details?
Would that person now have your loyalty?
Three diamonds; Each is larger than the other.
The Largest has visible inclusions, spots of floating black carbon.
The smaller diamond has fewer … (3 comments)

etobicoke: Finding Perfect Tenants - 03/08/14 07:51 AM
If you want  Tenants, you need to ask the Right Tenant Questions....
You may not ask 
Do you want Kids? What is your ethnic back ground? Are you Gay or Lesbian? What is your religious Back ground? Or you will land at the Human Right Tribunal.   You may ask What is your income? Where do you work? How many people will be living here and what are their names? Do you have pets? Do you smoke? Will you be operating a home based business? What do you do when you can't sleep?
You could ask;
Tell me about yourself and watch their … (1 comments)

etobicoke: Let's do a Hollywood Production! - 03/02/14 08:07 AM
People Love a good Story; a little gossip, a little puffery and embellishment to get your engagement, spark your interest. That Conversation over the back yard fence.
My job as a realtor is not different. I need to talk about the homes history, the neighbourhood and useful facts about the local market.  Once we have created an emotional attachment; the offer cannot be far behind.

Today with online listings, we are adding photo galleries and professionally produced videos of beautifully decorated homes and some emotional spark to engage with you, the swing set with kids laughing, the surprise birthday party, … (0 comments)

etobicoke: Your Bathroom encourages Pillow Talk - 02/23/14 10:56 PM
Would you like a private spa right in your own home?   A well designed and executed shower with multiple nozzles and a Rain Head.  Marble counters with a double sink [stainless] and make up table built in.  Bench in the shower with storage for all those shampoos and conditioners.    Keep that clean look every day with large cut ceramic tile and teh heated floor.
Additional Bath Photo's 
Remarkable Stylin in Etobicoke 

True Masterpiece Of Quality And Design. Absolutely Stunning Custom Made Home, Offers Over 3000 Sq Ft Living Space. This 4 Bedroom Contemporary Home Located In Most Prestigious Street Of Etobicoke! … (0 comments)

etobicoke: Faster than the elevator speech; You have mere seconds... - 02/15/14 01:30 AM
Video Branding  I am trying to develop a singular video image that will relay who and where I am in less than 2-3 seconds as an intro for video's  Branding Can you articulate your USP?: How could I better describe I'm in Toronto?  A single Concept to visually engage you to stay a few seconds or minute longer on my video
There is huge competition for attention span

Call me  I'm in Toronto Canada   Maybe I can help you.

etobicoke: Multiple offers create Gazumping - 01/29/14 09:41 AM
So here we go.... 2014.  Low inventories. Heightened Demand and a competitive Toronto market. I learned a great Lesson this year from Leo Bruneau  from Coquitlam BC. We talked at the RE/MAX Kickstart held in Toronto, just last week.   

GAZUMPING is where you have a real estate agent (REALTOR®) who has verbally agreed to your offer; but when you arrive, show up with all the paperwork signed they took more money from someone else. This is happening!  GAZUMPING

The other thing that's going to happen this year, in West Toronto detached homes sales,
is pocket listings. 

Pocket listings are where a Real Estate Agent takes that listing, keeps it off … (2 comments)

etobicoke: Your best friend when you need him - 12/10/13 07:16 AM
  David Pylyp is your best friend;
when you need pictures for that insurance claim when you are unsure if its a Landlord or Tenant Problem. when a condo corporation raises your Maintenance Fees. when your tenant won't MOVE. when your house won't SELL. when you don't want to live together anymore. when you want Value in your purchase. You don't have to like me...  but do you need me.


etobicoke: The answers may be obvious - The Solutions not so simple - 12/08/13 09:35 AM

I agree that the internet has made it easier for buyers to find homes they “want” online this is where my leniency ends. Online property search is simply an entry point into the discovery process and in no way guarantees a home search will take less time than working with a buyer who had no internet access at all. Some buy quickly, others take 4 - 6 months to look at dozens of Homes.

Do you trust the real estate advice on Yahoo Answers?! My  Answers are glossed over, muted, by the advice of a woman with a … (0 comments)

etobicoke: Is your agent Lazy or frugal? - 11/12/13 07:04 AM

You want your home sold.
You want Buyers to see the value of your home. You negotiate aggressively for the best commission deal. 

Buyers want Pictures, Video, Floorplans and details. Here is a SAMPLE ad of mine from earlier in 2013 for a condo at Humber Bay Shore, Toronto, ON.

Your Pied a Terre in the City.
A newly built and Freshly Painted Two bedroom Suite with two spacious bathroom at the luxurious Park Lake Residences, located at Lake Shore and Ellis Ave., right at Sunnyside Beach.
This building is a two tower structure with a centre podium that houses an open air terrace … (0 comments)

etobicoke: Sell it Myself and Save the Commission - 10/29/13 02:59 AM

I'd rather sell it myself...   
I often get the question. When I list my house why should I use a realtor? Why not just sell it myself? What would your answer be?
We could cut our kids hair...  My Dad used a bowl till I was 12,
I could paint my house, but I don't.... 
I could read a book and become a gourmet chef....  If I practised...
An amateur photographer can take pictures just as good as the Wedding Photographer...
I could represent myself in Traffic Court but I take a Court Agent.... Why? 

etobicoke: Why did you buy a house? - 10/15/13 09:44 AM
What makes you want your own home?

This is it

All that's amazing 
about your own home,
It's your palace
You can't wait to get back here
the experience  of your own home,

How it would make you feel

Will it make your life better
Was it worthwhile to do?
Laugher, dinners birthdays backyards
You may rarely look at it but you will always feel it
The dream of home ownership
Home is always happy to see you
This is your time....  what I do is help you get there ..

etobicoke: Will you be Home for Thanksgiving? - 10/03/13 03:26 AM

etobicoke: Relocate to Toronto - 09/05/13 10:05 AM
Real Estate Relocation to Toronto, Canada


etobicoke: Why am I presenting your offer? - 07/14/13 01:23 AM

Why am I presenting your offer to my Sellers?
They expected an offer presentation where we would negotiate. You sent me an email or faxed the offer.
I don't know your clients capacity, intent, top price, ability or wherewithal to conclude the transaction. If you told your clients the market is up/ down 10% They want a deal, a discount and they want to negotiate.
Let's presume the following;
There are two offers Both offers are relatively equal with small differences One agent is in attendance. His Buyers are in a Horton's nearby and anxious. The … (3 comments)

etobicoke: They don't have to tell you about the floods - How will you know? - 07/11/13 08:17 AM
You thought you took your time and asked all the right questions...  Everything looked so freshly painted and well finished.   It wasn't finished, It was masked and hidden.  They lied. They neglected to tell you.  SPIS won't save you.
We have had two major floods in Toronto in the last few years. Storm Damage has been swift and indiscriminate.
  They sweep out the water.   The broadloom has dried and dehumidified for weeks / months.  Now, that house is up for sale.     How will you find out what happened in the past.    I do.   Home Verified … (3 comments)

etobicoke: Lets Do A Video - 07/08/13 05:38 AM
If a picture is worth a thousand words then a VIDEO is worth 1.8 Million Words  * Dr. James McQuivey
The second largest search engine behind google is Youtube.  To avoid this medium would be the same as missing the launch of new Yellow Pages directory for your market in the early 80's.  You might be waiting a whole year for your phone to ring.
Today your clients and prospects, Text, email and fax their enquiry to your numbers.
Video presents a unique opportunity for you to connect with a new audience. They watch you, listen to your pace and cadence, … (1 comments)

etobicoke: Our Credit Report is Holding Back our Home Purchase - 05/27/13 11:19 PM
Everyone deserves their own place. We all want to own our own home;  Its an emotional issue.  Belonging.  Stability. Your refuge.  Your own lawn or Balcony away from the world.
The New dynamic of Contract Employment and Now YOUR responsibility to remit taxes is creating a strata of Strong Income Earners who are paying very high rents to live in Toronto, [ yes albeit in modern clean well appointed new condo developments,] that may have missed a payment or two, missed a filing deadline, still have a student loan, become divorced or simply had a reversal of fortune that dramatically … (0 comments)

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