humber bay shore: Palace Place [Prestige on Toronto's Waterfront] - 12/02/10 06:31 AM
Palace Place on the north shore of Lake Ontario and the mouth of the Humber River [Humber Bay Shore] has become a world wide instantly recognizable landmark. What's special about Palace Place? Looking at the photo's you quickly realise the land space [footprint] that the Palace occupies. While the density along the Lake Shore and Marine Parade Dr., seems congested and close, the two original land mark towers dominate the skyline. All this is within 15 minutes of downtown Toronto and the financial hub; Bay Street. The waterfront features the Martin Goodman Trail which allows for walking, jogging, cycling and inline … (2 comments)

humber bay shore: The Perfect Condo along the Waterfront - 11/07/10 11:37 AM
For an amazing opportunity to live on the waterfront close to downtown Toronto and Bloor West Village, hurry to Pemberton Group’s Park Lake community.
Make your move to this ideal location between High Park and Lake Ontario, only steps from the Queensway streetcar. The completed 18- and 19-storey towers at Park Lake are ready and waiting with a great selection of move-in ready suites — including the final few Lakeview Suites that make water views part of your everyday life. Being able to tour completed suites take the guesswork out of your buying decision!
Another huge advantage of visiting Park … (0 comments)

humber bay shore: Do you have Buyers Remorse? - 10/12/10 08:03 AM
Do suffer from Buyers Remorse? Sorry for what you bought? Did you get a guarantee?  
When Pamela Herring bought her first home she didn’t open a bottle of wine to celebrate.
“I regretted [the purchase] the day after I moved in,” she said. “I had a meltdown and hated my home for a few months.”
Herring found support with her family and friends. “My family and friends helped a great deal. My sister told me I could come visit her any time. My parents told me I could stay with them any time I wanted. Everyone invited me over for … (2 comments)

humber bay shore: Toronto IS Condo Capital of North America - 07/10/10 02:02 AM
2010 116% ahead of 2009 in monthly new home salesToronto GTA is the largest highrise market in North AmericaHigh Rise pricing has remained strong through economic downturnCanada has Top 7/25 Markets in North America So where would you like to live? The Toronto Waterfront? Humber Bay Shore; maybe something along the Bloor Danforth Subway line possible overlooking the Old Mill? I attended this new conference in Toronto; Informed and confidant business people are making their moves in Toronto. The real estate market has outperformed the TSX. Comparing Toronto condo prices to other world markets like Hong Kong, New York City, London … (1 comments)

humber bay shore: Lack of Inventory will drive Toronto Markets - 02/24/10 09:35 PM
The Lack of inventory will be the greatest challenge facing housing markets across the country this Spring, according to a report released today by RE/MAX. The RE/MAX Market Trends Report 2010, which examined real estate trends and developments in 16 markets across the country, found that unusually strong activity during one of the traditionally quietest months of the year has led to a sharp decline in active listings in 81 per cent of markets surveyed. “There have never been so many motivating factors in play at once,” says Michael Polzler, Executive Vice President, RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic Canada. “We’re in for a heated … (3 comments)

humber bay shore: Improvement of the west Don Lands Toronto renewal - 11/29/09 11:57 PM
In a recent blog posting I asked if Garth Hated Toronto or just Realtors . I am flattered that Garth noticed a realtor's blog An enthusiastic supporter added this comment to my blog; Why would Garth's negativity on buying a poorly designed 349 sq. ft. coffin in the middle of some highway ramps lead you to believe that he must hate Toronto or realtors? Would you tell your kids to buy trash like that for $180K? On the heels of this exchange about employment for Toronto during a recession, infill housing for residential use, Housing within the city core to promote … (1 comments)

humber bay shore: Special Offers at California Condos on Toronto Waterfront - 11/23/09 11:52 AM
Soon, you can ride the wave of excitement in south Etobicoke, when Camrost-Felcorp introduces California Condos – the newest phase at the company’s phenomenally successful, established, 16-acre, master-planned community, Mystic Pointe. Designed to be as fresh and sophisticated as its name, this hip and urban building will be situated close to the ­waterfront and all that lifestyle has to offer. California Condos residents will live just 10 minutes from downtown in a setting that will make breathtaking city and lake views part of their everyday life. The condominium will be situated just steps from the Humber Bay Shores waterfront, where residents … (6 comments)

humber bay shore: Waking Up a Few Agents TY Mike Bowler - 11/12/09 05:53 AM
The post that I found from Mike Bowler is right on point; we are entering an entirely new and uncharted paradigm for business. The tried and proven models of Yellow Page advertising are being replaced with Google search engines and Bing algorythms. How are you being found online when people Google you. Here what shows when you google me.
Practitioners need to be proficient in Blogging, social media, search engine marketing, and how to work with the e-consumer once they contact you.Using savvy marketing techniques may generate leads for agents, however with no skills in permission marketing and inbound marketing, you … (4 comments)

humber bay shore: The Final Frontier Commercial Condominium Purchasers - 11/11/09 07:07 AM
It was my pleasure recently to meet a new [to me] mortgage professional. Being from a Commercial Lending background I am somewhat more aware than most agents of different financial programs and policies of Lenders. I came across Peter Majthenyi who is a Mortgage Broker with Mortgage Architects. Our conversation touched on many different issues related to today's turbulent mortgage market, rampant fraud, buyers overheated bids, inflated market evaluations, but most striking contrast was Peter's personal commitment to the mortgage business and his service attitude towards clients. The business has purchased a commercial condominium unit [storefront] at the Loggia Residencial Condo … (2 comments)

humber bay shore: Toronto Real Estate west Update Nov 02, 09 - 11/02/09 12:50 AM
Predictions were that we would hit almost 8,000 sales for the month. October 2009 ended up being the highest October in history for number of sales reported to TREB with 8,463 sales. Available homes and Condos, inventory levels are continuing to fall. As of October 31st there were only 14,404 homes for sale.

Details are available at To put things into perspective, there were 64% more sales this October than in October 2008 and there are currently 47% fewer homes for sale than there were in Oct last year. The numbers show a hotter market than even those spiralling … (4 comments)

humber bay shore: We need a place to live - 09/18/09 11:41 PM
We needed a place to live but we're limited by budget. My Mom was very distrustful of people and the promises they made. Then we found David online.

David looked after the financing; getting us a mortgage, finding a lawyer and collecting the status documents and a floorplan. This was the third unit we were bidding on as everytime it was a multiple offer. David kept telling us not to get upset, we would find a unit without going over our budget and we stayed within our means. Our unit will be one of the condo's in the background … (4 comments)

humber bay shore: All condo fees will increase with new HST - 07/04/09 01:15 PM

"Next year at this time, the Ontario government - the same government that still maintains rent controls - will raise monthly maintenance fees for all condominium owners by between 5 per cent and 8 per cent.Renters will face rent hikes based on operating costs for their buildings. Those increases will vary but could be in the $25-a-month range for a downtown one-bedroom suite.Owners of older condos may face an even greater hike to top up their building's reserve fund if major work such as replacing a roof is slated for the near future.At the same time, developers of projects … (0 comments)

humber bay shore: Could you digitize Condominium Documents Please - 04/23/09 07:41 PM
A Status Certificate is ordered on the resale of each condominium unit that is resold in the Toronto Real estate market. The Status Certificate costs $100.00 in Ontario, a cost borne by the seller in a normal transaction. The condominium corporation is bound to comply within 10 days. Usually there is an additional period of 3 days for you to examine the documents.
The Actual Status Certificate contains the current operating budget with existing and future proposed expeditures (spending); Notes about any proposed special assessments and changes in financial status.  Condominium Documents are a standard package that include the Rules and Regulations of the … (2 comments)

humber bay shore: Pets in a Condo Who do you ask? - 03/05/09 02:19 PM
This topic is gaining a readership of its own.

Please feel free to add or share your stories to the comments section below. I would appreciate hearing from you.
Stan Gelman is a local lawyer for Etobicoke and Mississauga. Stan can be reached at 905 270 5110 or through his website

humber bay shore: More about Pets in Condos - What you need to Know - 03/03/09 08:28 PM
This topic is gaining a readership of its own.

Please feel free to add or share your stories to the comments section below. I would appreciate hearing from you.
Stan Gelman is a local lawyer for Etobicoke and Mississauga. Stan can be reached at 905 270 5110 or through his website … (0 comments)

humber bay shore: Flipping your Toronto Condo - Things to know - 03/03/09 08:23 PM
So many people have bought condos that are not yet built, and are trying to flip them by assuming they can merely assign the contract from the builder. Yes, there may be an assignment fee but there are other considerations.

Stan Gelman is a local lawyer for Etobicoke and Mississauga. Stan can be reached at 905 270 5110 or through his website
I welcome your comments and questions.

humber bay shore: Will you sell or rent that condo? Who do you tell? - 03/03/09 08:17 PM
Great! Now you have possession of that condo. You will be paying phantom rent (Mortgage) until the unit is registered, so you are considering placing a tenant into the property for a few years to pay it down. That seems easy enough, but there are some other practical and legal considerations. Stan Gelman is a local lawyer for Etobicoke and Mississauga. Stan can be reached at 905 270 5110 or through his website Your comments and remarks are appreciated and respected. … (0 comments)

humber bay shore: Flipping Your Etobicoke Condo - Assignment - 01/19/09 10:14 PM
Many buyers have purchased condo's that are currently under construction. Some of the units, even sold as late as 2006, have delayed completion till 2010. The Buyer's realities of their choices have made them reevaluate their changed situations. Singles now have spouses. Couples are now families and that One plus one does not fill their needs. The other factor that is intangible is FUD, Fear Uncertainty and Doubt.I receive many calls from people with a contract, who have discussed with their lawyer and the developer's sales people what choices they have.Contracts vary but we will try in layman's terms to explain … (0 comments)

humber bay shore: Impending Condo Crisis Toronto Real Estate - 12/21/08 01:05 AM
Don't hold you breath for the Investors Condo sell-off.Buy to Rent Market is a bubble about to burst. There's no question about it - mortgage costs are rising, lenders are slashing their loan books and all those greedy landlords are about to get it in the neck.This is the typical view of many outside the property world and quite a few with a good deal of insight into bricks and mortar - but I'm not so sure.The theory is that with house price falls starting to register, Listings and Assignment of Purchase Agreements will start selling/posting up en masse, and one … (2 comments)

humber bay shore: CMHC Housing Outlook 2009 - Real Estate Toronto - 12/18/08 01:38 PM
How will the GTA Toronto resale market perform in 2009?What is the Direction of the GTA New Home Market?What are the Key trends in Condominium Apartment Market?Topics include;
Employment Growth Wages Mortgage Rates Home Buying Intentions Increased Choices in Home Buying What is the Ratio of Tenants to Home Owners Will Prices Fall Should you Hold or Sell? All these and many other questions are answered in this report.December 1st 2008, I attended this presentation by Canada Mortgage and Housing. It is a good read filled with charts and past historical data.CAUTION This is not the material you read in the … (0 comments)

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