listings: What is your message? - 10/30/14 10:48 PM
We can have a truly open and transparent system that has the consumer's confidence.
Not harboring secrets - which is really just a simpler, easier-to-execute conception of “transparency” - can be really powerful.  We have all heard the phrase The truth will set you free.

I am a Realtor with Re/max Specialists here in Toronto
I have been practicing real estate sales for over 25 years now.
I love what I do 
I enjoy providing real estate services to my clients because I feel that I provide them with much more than just buying and selling advice or real … (2 comments)

listings: Taking PRE Listing Package online with Video - 05/25/13 12:00 AM
Before meeting someone in person, today's Home Sellers have the advantage of interviewing applicants online.  Your Video Post card arrives.

What was previously a print package including samples of past sales crusades and puffery about past achievements, why I was the Best Agent at My Mother's Kitchen Table [*only my Mother was surveyed]

Like everything in life that looks so easy...  It takes some skill and practice to avoid unknown and unexpected pitfalls.  Planning and Preparation is essential.

I'm close by...   Call me

listings: Non iPad Buyers Becoming an Endangered Species - 11/28/12 10:06 PM
The Endless path of opportunity "I want to sell my rental property in Etobicoke Ontario. We’d like to find a great agent who won’t bait and switch us with over inflated estimates on what our property is worth or unrealistic time frames to sell it; just to get the listing." So [insert client's name] sets out like they do in their hunt for any other product or service, digging online. Research. A Google search for “Etobicoke real estate agent reviews”  provided 30 pages of results: Not all are local Agents, but aggregators, lead sellers, directories and others who market their way into the … (0 comments)

listings: A New Generation of Realtor in Etobicoke - 11/26/12 10:08 PM
You've already made the decision to sell your home.  Now, we have to work to get you the highest dollar for your property and minimizing the disruption to your family and your lifestyle.

We will prepare the Market Evaluation for you because we know the local neighbourhood and the community, RE/MAX has a dominant market share that approaches 30%.  Combining this with online advertising, that is unmatched, you will have the greatest activity on your property within the first 21 day period. Having the proper pricing of your home, and a superior presentation allows us to follow the trends that are … (0 comments)

listings: Shop at your own pace - with VOW - 09/27/12 12:11 AM

Now!  You can view every listing on the Toronto Real Estate Board by Map. 
The listings are arranged in Price Order but you can create individual searches.
Ready to try?
Sit back with your iPad and search for listings in those communities and neighbourhoods where you would like to live.
You can further search the demographics of the neighbourhood with Hood Reports;  http://Bit.Ly/HoodReports
Let's Go!
Yes, Of Course!   You will need to sign in....
Plays well on my laptop and iPad,  Tell me about your experience using the search functions and different browsers

listings: Are you priced out of the Toronto Market? - 08/01/12 08:19 AM
Think you missed the market?  Are you concerned about prices? If we are patient and methodical in our search and look thru everything that may be suitable; in your desired neighbourhood, we will find it. Don't get caught up in the competition and drama of staged, perfumed houses with lipstick and fresh paint. Consider your absolute must haves in your property purchase. How close to the public school? Transit Needs? Shopping or other amenities.  Is it community and neighbourhood you crave? Houses are like waiting for a bus...  Another one will be along shortly. Sometimes waiting is hard,  but the success and joy of … (0 comments)

listings: How do you do it all for $199? - 04/17/12 12:14 AM
Introductory Meeting-1 to 2 hours (minimum $200)Professional Appraisal Completion- 3 to 5 hours (minimum $400)Listing Presentation-1 to 2 hours (minimum $200)Professional Staging and Pre-List Preparation-1 to 3 hours (minimum $200)Listing Data Verification and Signing-1 hour (minimum $100)Listing Copy Writing and MLS uploading-2 to 3 hours (minimum $300 includes the mls processing fee)Professional Listing Photography 1 hour(minimum $100)Professional Photography Editing-1 to 2 hours (minimum $100)Professional Feature Sheet Composition-1 to 2 hours (minimum $150)Feature Sheet Production- one set of 25 (minimum $100)Sign Placement- includes board and frame and disposable corner markers (minimum $50)Professional Virtual Tour Production- 2 hours (minimum $200)Website Upload- 2 hours … (5 comments)

listings: How are Toronto condo Fees Calculated? - 03/25/12 11:23 PM
Q I do agree regarding the 20% of fee to be put into reserve fun, however, as a past condo owner, my question is where does the rest of money go? Our condo, new, started with $650.00 mon. fee and by third year was over $850.00, for 1100 sq. ft. No concierge full time, a party room you wouldn't want to place your pet in, small workout room topped with an obnoxious, bully of a pres. of the board. Boutique condos such as the one we owned are nice, but costly on the fees.
A Condo buildings are like a small business … (0 comments)

listings: Toronto MLS House Listings - 03/22/12 08:09 AM
The Toronto Real Estate market is fast paced and firmly a Sellers market

Hi I'm David Pylyp I am with RE/MAX. I have been in Toronto real estate business for 23 years, and in that time I have helped many families find their perfect home.
My expertise is in the Toronto west, GTA that comprises Bloor West Village, Etobicoke and into Mississauga and Oakville communities.
By utilizing innovating marketing techniques, impact strategies to have your home seen by the most people we will have the best offers for you. Together, you and I will create a custom … (2 comments)

listings: Who is getting the leads from your listings? Trulia and Zillow - 01/28/12 10:46 AM
How are you handling your MLS Data?    Are you sharing your listings to Zillow and Trulia?
Do they run ads beside your listings with another agents contact details?
Welcome to the new world of aggregators on the internet.
What will you do?
What will you ask your Broker of Record to do?
Is this what will happen for us in Toronto Real Estate as more people IDX and VOW?

listings: Will finding a House give you Unlimited Happiness? - 10/31/11 05:37 AM
Here we are approaching November, going into the Fall of 2011. We need to use every tool and service available for us to help find you a home in the Toronto Real Estate Market. This is just one of them [Ipad] We are trying to get you the MLS Listings as fast as possible,People are lining up to do multiple offers, going straight into the home selling winter market of 2011. The interest rates are going to hold firm fo rthe next two years, at about 2 and a half percent,thats very close to 3 percent on a fixed mortgage, Very … (0 comments)

listings: Please Pin me for Valentine's day - 02/10/11 07:47 AM
It’s incredible that it is already February and Valentine’s Day is just a week away!  Order wisely!  Plan ahead! Do something Special! Now when they say PIN me   Its your code for the Blackberry.  Yes I joined,  I can friend you too! 
The Phenomena that is the real estate market in Toronto continues unabated.  No matter the media, no matter the headlines, the declining inventory forces Buyers to compete for those listings in the neighbourhoods they desire.   Read details here Sales Down, Inventory Down Prices holding firm with multiple offer situations in the select neighbourhoods. Condos now account for 35 … (0 comments)

listings: You should be afraid It could happen to you! - 01/22/11 02:16 AM
We are all afraid of... Yes the neighbour from Hell! Who lives next door; How do they keep their place? How will we get along? This is a fun although sad vignette that I found in MacLeans  
The builder tells a different story: “[The client] spent more than he intended; he asked for things that weren’t part of the contract, and he manufactured deficiencies.” The matter went to court, resulting in suits and countersuits; issues remain before the courts, which is why none of the parties agreed to be named. A few months into the fight, witnesses report, the businessman … (3 comments)

listings: So Many New ways to promote your Home - 09/22/10 11:35 AM
There are so many opportunities and tools to promote your property for sale as well as connect with new families that are considering Toronto as their home. Today it is not just about a sign in your front lawn and an MLS listing. With the market sensitivities we need an exact proper price, professional marketing, superior presentation, savvy negotiation and an experienced hand showing you the options available to you. The newest Twitter Tool is displayed with a few of my video's rebroadcast.

If you are considering the trade of a property this year in west Toronto, Etobicoke or … (2 comments)

listings: Buying your first older Home in Etobicoke - 09/14/10 04:02 PM
So we have all seen the stats that home buyers are now beginning their home buying experience on line. That makes sense. But what happens when that home buying process starts in the fall and then runs for a 6 month period into the next spring?

So lets recap the chain of events;50 - 60 homes viewed.4 different multiple offers, winning in the final competition only.Two separate home inspections.Declined to remove conditions on one property.Continued with the same Buyer's AgentStayed with the initial budget.Attended with Buyer at Lawyer's Office on closingScored a CBC Interview!Willing to provide a video testimonial.If you … (0 comments)

listings: Are we moving to a Balanced Market in 2010? - 06/02/10 12:59 PM
Canada’s housing market is expected to cool this year and next, but isn’t at risk of falling victim to a U.S.-style foreclosure crisis anytime soon; Canada will continue to do well in comparison to our neighbours to the south. That is because lending practices here are much more sound than in the U.S. The likelihood of Canada having a meltdown like they had in the U.S. is extremely low; This is a combination of the lending practices prior to the peak in 2007 — they were more restrained, better underwriting practices in Canada. We also think there are a number of … (4 comments)

listings: How Agents Intentionally over Price your home - 01/25/10 07:48 AM
Real Estates dirty little secrets; Agents entensively use and are trained to Over price listings in their presentations. By providing you the highest value at the listing table they appeal to normal human nature and your greed. They flatter you. They tell you how marvelous your house shows. You could have an extra 10 or 15% in your pocket. They will "TRY" But that's not the reality it seems. Instead of being sold in 15 to 21 days, you are still making the beds, cleaning the dishes, tidying after the kids rooms, attending to extra details on a daily basis and … (5 comments)

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