mississauga: Your best friend when you need him - 12/10/13 07:16 AM
  David Pylyp is your best friend;
when you need pictures for that insurance claim when you are unsure if its a Landlord or Tenant Problem. when a condo corporation raises your Maintenance Fees. when your tenant won't MOVE. when your house won't SELL. when you don't want to live together anymore. when you want Value in your purchase. You don't have to like me...  but do you need me.


mississauga: Basement Apartment Fee for Investors in $1,000 in Mississauga - 12/09/13 11:55 AM

Home owners who supplement their mortgage payments with a basement apartment will now need a license. The City of Mississauga has finally made a response to Bill 140 and the affordable Housing Act.  As of January 2, 2014, legal second units must have a City of Mississauga licence per City By-law 204-13 
The Mississauga City Council approved a plan to permit second units on July 3, 2013. The plan includes official plan policies, zoning regulations and licensing requirements. It will be in full force in January 2014. 
‘Second units’ are self-contained apartments within existing homes. They have their own … (3 comments)

mississauga: Why did you buy a house? - 10/15/13 09:44 AM
What makes you want your own home?

This is it

All that's amazing 
about your own home,
It's your palace
You can't wait to get back here
the experience  of your own home,

How it would make you feel

Will it make your life better
Was it worthwhile to do?
Laugher, dinners birthdays backyards
You may rarely look at it but you will always feel it
The dream of home ownership
Home is always happy to see you
This is your time....  what I do is help you get there ..

mississauga: Will you be Home for Thanksgiving? - 10/03/13 03:26 AM

mississauga: Relocate to Toronto - 09/05/13 10:05 AM
Real Estate Relocation to Toronto, Canadahttp://tackk.com/792z2d


mississauga: Lets Do A Video - 07/08/13 05:38 AM
If a picture is worth a thousand words then a VIDEO is worth 1.8 Million Words  * Dr. James McQuivey
The second largest search engine behind google is Youtube.  To avoid this medium would be the same as missing the launch of new Yellow Pages directory for your market in the early 80's.  You might be waiting a whole year for your phone to ring.
Today your clients and prospects, Text, email and fax their enquiry to your numbers.
Video presents a unique opportunity for you to connect with a new audience. They watch you, listen to your pace and cadence, … (1 comments)

mississauga: Our Credit Report is Holding Back our Home Purchase - 05/27/13 11:19 PM
Everyone deserves their own place. We all want to own our own home;  Its an emotional issue.  Belonging.  Stability. Your refuge.  Your own lawn or Balcony away from the world.
The New dynamic of Contract Employment and Now YOUR responsibility to remit taxes is creating a strata of Strong Income Earners who are paying very high rents to live in Toronto, [ yes albeit in modern clean well appointed new condo developments,] that may have missed a payment or two, missed a filing deadline, still have a student loan, become divorced or simply had a reversal of fortune that dramatically … (0 comments)

mississauga: Taking PRE Listing Package online with Video - 05/25/13 12:00 AM
Before meeting someone in person, today's Home Sellers have the advantage of interviewing applicants online.  Your Video Post card arrives.

What was previously a print package including samples of past sales crusades and puffery about past achievements, why I was the Best Agent at My Mother's Kitchen Table [*only my Mother was surveyed]

Like everything in life that looks so easy...  It takes some skill and practice to avoid unknown and unexpected pitfalls.  Planning and Preparation is essential.

I'm close by...   Call me

mississauga: Where are the Millionaires in Toronto Canada? - 05/14/13 10:58 PM
    How do we rank as a Country compared to others?

Where do the wealthiest want to live in Toronto?   Ahh   That is a good question. 

Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/2013/may/08/cities-top-millionaires-billionaires

Lets find that perfect home for you.   Call me.


mississauga: New to Canada Rules Change - Mortgages Toronto - 04/22/13 04:58 AM
I asked for an update of the Lending Policy and Criteria
Product : New Immigrant policy changes
• All applicants are required to simply confirm 12 months of principal, interest, and (property) tax (PIT) payments in savings in Canada in addition to their down payment
• Maximum aggregate loan amount has increased for select areas in GVA to $1,250,000 and remains at $1,000,000 for properties located in the rest of Canada. Maximum of 2 properties applies.
• Where limited or no credit bureau exists, credit worthiness can be established by one of the following:
o Satisfactory letter of reference from … (0 comments)

mississauga: Your digital After Life Have you been Saved? - 04/11/13 11:07 PM
I recall a few people snickering at me about the legacy and value of what happens to your online personality when you pass away.
"Google announced Thursday that it is rolling out a new feature called inactive account manager, which will let users determine what happens to "digital assets" from a wide range of Google services when they die or can no longer use their account."
It does deserve some thought and planning.
Will you Bequeath the Passwords?
I could recommend a Lawyer....

mississauga: Landscaping for Profit - 04/04/13 12:17 AM

According to RE/MAX Research Properties that have enhanced their curb appeal tend to sell 7 days faster and for more money.

Some fresh planting or bush trimming could be the magic that you need to get your home sold.

Want to get your house sold faster and for more money?

Talk to your local Toronto real estate professional

My Name is David Pylyp 
Call me at 416 233 9000

mississauga: Maybe doing it yourself is your only choice - Family Law - 04/02/13 09:33 AM
For many reasons you may need a lawyer but find the cost prohibitive or the process intimidating.  You always have the option of Self Representation.

I am going to discuss going to court and Family Law and self representation.

Most people cannot afford the lawyers because of the cost,
However I can help you prepare the necessary documentation,
and organize it for you,
and advise you how to address the court,

Recently I did this for a mother whose former husband was trying to reduce the child support payments on my help, the mother practically … (2 comments)

mississauga: Who read your Status Certificate? - 04/02/13 08:07 AM
The Status Certificate is included in the bundle of document received by the buyer of a Condominium Suite that includes the;
Declarations By Laws Rules and Regulations Insurance Documents Financial Statements Status Certificate
  If you are purchasing a residential Condominium, You must have a Status Certificate and the lawyer who acts for you must read it.   Most lawyers do not do so.   I know that, because I have talked to both the Law Society and the Ontario Bar Association,    Status Certificate will reveal what your monthly maintenance fee is. It will reveal whether the Vendor owes … (3 comments)

mississauga: Married or Common Law in Ontario - After two years right? - 04/02/13 07:04 AM
When you are living together as a Common Law couple and contributing to the household expenses who owns the property?

Constructive Trust -   I'm going to talk to you about property Rights of Common Law Spouses in the Province of Ontario. 

They are virtually non existent without a written signed witness agreement called a Co Habitation Agreement, dealing with real estate and property. Without such an agreement the only way that you can get any relief is by going to court and seeking to establish a Constructive Trust. 

Call me I can help you - … (0 comments)

mississauga: Toronto REALTOR posted on Ebay - 03/13/13 11:02 PM
What will you do that is unique? Singular in FOCUS to meet new people? Ebay Auctions http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=300875423820#ht_640wt_1186

What are you doing that will get your noticed?

mississauga: Storage Wars - Its in your home town too - 03/09/13 01:20 AM
We watch them find long lost and abandoned family heirlooms and items of value;   Our sense of curiosity peaked by the search through someone else's life. Yet it goes on in every family in Toronto,  saved and cherished heirlooms are packed away and hidden for 8 or ten years then forgotten when the house is put up for sale. 

Yet It could so quickly become our parents who put things in storage to make space in their home and all is forgotten for the sake of a few index cards and organization.

Many people have off-site … (0 comments)

mississauga: Working with Distressed Homeowners - 02/18/13 05:30 AM
You have all seen the flyers  left on someone's door explaining that (he) was a real estate investor, could buy his house, pay cash and close quickly. Unimaginative, I know, but effective.
Jack was behind on his mortgage and needed help, Quickly. The POWER OF SALE Eviction date was less than a week away. I knew this because, desperate and out of options, he called after finding the bright yellow letter.
I was a little nervous to meet with him. After all, Jack had over $80,000 in equity in his home. He had procrastinated in dealing with his situation for so long but … (1 comments)

mississauga: Hog Town may become MOLE City - 02/03/13 11:12 PM
Took the subway downtown recently to an event at the Metro Convention Center.  Subway stations were as I remembered them.  The crowds at 7 PM on a week night were not.  Rush hours now seem to start earlier and end later.   Transit relief lines are needed.   Subways need to be extended in all directions into the 905.  That include Peel, Durham, and North to  Markham.

Are you convinced that new revenues are required? YesNoNot Sure     After you have completed the survey [ I didn't see SELECT subways ]   the conclusion asks are you willing to … (0 comments)

mississauga: Your Parents Haven't answered the Phone in days - 01/11/13 10:12 PM

We have all overheard the conversations.   What would you do? Where do you turn first?   Can you offer a name that helps?
You talk at the Office Water cooler...
How many days will pass that your Mom and Dad NOT answer the phone before you go and see if they are ok?    How can you prepare for an unexpected event? 
Accredited Seniors Agent Course, in Toronto, Ontario, provided the tools, resources and experience to help you.
Call me 416 233 9000 … (4 comments)

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