mississauga: Look at Me Look at my House Old Spice Parody - 07/29/10 02:38 PM
I read today that the Youtube commercial and Social Media explosion over the performance of Isaiah Mustafa had doubled the sales for Old Spice.
I can only hope that the same attention will befall my listings and benefit the Sellers that I work with in the Toronto West GTA that is Etobicoke to Oakville. If you would like your property marketed with creativity and determination then give me a call at 905 361 3387. David@DavidPylyp.com … (4 comments)

mississauga: Larry the Landlord and his Marijuana Grow Op - 07/06/10 04:36 PM

Larry the Landlord and his Illegal Marijuana House Larry the Landlord has a number of misadventures that are sometimes his own doing and sometimes absolutely at the invitation of others.
Larry [A Fictitious Person] has a rental property available for a reasonable amount of money and finds himself a suitable tenant.The Tenant pays cash for a few months ahead of time and everything seems fine.
The Neighbourhood Watch committee decides that there might be too many cars frequenting the house for short duration visits; so the property must be a) operating as a take out restaurant b) involved in the sale and … (10 comments)

mississauga: HST and Real Estate Resale in Toronto / Mississauga - 06/30/10 03:51 AM
Save the HST on Toronto GTA Real Estate
When they say that there are only two truisms in Life; Death and Taxes, let me at least help you with one. The Toronto Home HST TAX Buster!
During the malaise of Summer 2010 and to help with seemingly unmotivated buyers, we are prepared to absorb the entire HST portion of your real estate transaction as it pertains to the sale of your home. This is intended to apply to Resale Homes.
We will establish a reasonable asking Price. Promotion, Provide you with a property video that will be seen by hundreds of … (3 comments)

mississauga: You are alone FSBO in Toronto - 06/22/10 03:51 PM
If you could have sold it alone.... You would have sold it already
If you haven't been able to attract buyers to see your home and are finding that you are dealing with unqualified people, looky lous that want decorating ideas, couples who are out for a Saturday or Sunday drive just looking at homes incase they decide to buy... Yes, you know your home the best...But the buyers interests and focus are not necessarily the same as yours. You are holding your own open houses but, people are reluctant to give you their name and phone number. They don't … (7 comments)

mississauga: Expired Listing Solutions Toronto west - 06/13/10 04:33 AM
Expired Listing Solutions for Toronto Real Estate - Oakville 
If your home has expired from the Toronto MLS system; You need to examine the potential reasons.
Did you receive the advice of a professional home stager?
Getting your home ready for sale can include a touch up of paint, a rebroadloom, a general declutter or actually engaging a professional home stager to prepare your home for sale. The only impression that your home can make is the first impression.
We will provide the services of a stager for you for the initial consultation.
You need to understand the Current markets … (2 comments)

mississauga: On the MLS as a FSBO and Open Houses - 06/08/10 01:08 AM
You do have the right to sell your own home anytime you wish. To anyone you like. For what ever price you select. You found a Realtor ® to place your home on the MLS system with a co operating broker commission of $50.00. It sat there for 3 weeks without any action. The listing was then terminated andreposted as the same information but now with 2.5% showing as the co operating commission. I get It! You don't feel real estate agents are worth anything and you have the right to say so in your listing. I understand that you are angry. You should have … (4 comments)

mississauga: What makes Best Agent for Toronto Real Estate? - 06/06/10 10:38 AM
Possibly the best real estate agent in Toronto West, Etobicoke and Mississauga to Oakville.  How can I say that to you?  I have believed for 22 years that with honesty and hardwork, word of mouth would carry the message out to new clients.  
We now have 32,000 agents registered in the City of Toronto, We are all competing for your business.  The video above is playing Bad Romance from Lady Gaga. It really does speak to me in the sense that many agents promise the moon yet fail to deliver.  So How do we Quantify the Best Agent agent for real … (6 comments)

mississauga: Are we moving to a Balanced Market in 2010? - 06/02/10 12:59 PM
Canada’s housing market is expected to cool this year and next, but isn’t at risk of falling victim to a U.S.-style foreclosure crisis anytime soon; Canada will continue to do well in comparison to our neighbours to the south. That is because lending practices here are much more sound than in the U.S. The likelihood of Canada having a meltdown like they had in the U.S. is extremely low; This is a combination of the lending practices prior to the peak in 2007 — they were more restrained, better underwriting practices in Canada. We also think there are a number of … (4 comments)

mississauga: Land Transfer Taxes; when you buy a condo or house Toronto - 05/05/10 07:58 AM
Toronto and the surrounding area have separate land transfer tax rates.
If you are also first time buyers, you have rebates available to you.
The Ontario Land Transfer Tax applies to all purchases in the Province based on the Purchase Price.
In addition Toronto charges their own Land Transfer Tax.
Click here to open the closing costs calculator.
This Calculator was provided by Stan Gelman to assist you in your real estate transaction. Give Stan Gelman a call on your next real estate transaction.
The fees quoted are for a normal residential purchase transaction up to $550,000. Additional Fees May Apply Purchase … (0 comments)

mississauga: Are you giving Value First? - 04/26/10 09:13 AM
All the information that you need is available to you online; Everything about Toronto Real Estate that you could possibly need to know. We are able to calculate the closing costs for your on a residential real estate transaction, down to the penny. The most often asked questions (and emails that I receive) are about the land transfer tax and differences between the homes in the 416 and homes in the 905. There are two different taxes; being the Ontario Land Transfer Tax that applies in all of Ontario and the additional Toronto Land Transfer Tax that I affectionately call Miller … (0 comments)

mississauga: No Gimmicks No Tactics - 04/20/10 03:32 AM
Check out this SlideShare Presentation: No Pressure No View more presentations from dpylyp. … (0 comments)

mississauga: Do you want an Opinion of Value or a CMA? Toronto - 04/11/10 12:51 PM
For a little clarity;Online Property EvaluationMarket AnalysisComparative Market EvaluationInstant Property Values Appraisals are done by licensed appraisers or an Agent may provide an Opinion of Value. Appraisers may testify in court related matters; Banks prefer Appraisers because they are not selling or involved in the transaction. The Opinion of Value the legal description on the property as provided by Teranet, recent sales from the street (and surrounding neighbourhood) information as drawn from MPAC, general neighbourhood conditions and any other qualifying criteria. Market value is defined as the highest price in terms of money, allowing a reasonable time period to find a … (2 comments)

mississauga: It just feels like Spring in Toronto - 04/08/10 03:54 AM

IT just feels like spring everywhere!

Well, The “Bubble” did not burst as promised by so many… Record Sales are reported again by the Toronto Real Estate board with 10,430 units sold in the whole region. This indicates a 69% increase in sales with a jump in the number of available listings to 18,900.(42%) So what does it all mean? People are still competing to buy houses but they are a little more resistant and hesitant about prices. Get The Details here.

The CBC decided that I should be interviewed on the evening News regarding the real estate market; Thank you … (1 comments)

mississauga: Cheri DiNovo on Pensions and Getting Old in Toronto - 04/02/10 08:44 AM
Cheri DiNovo, MPP for Parkdale High Park asked Are we doing everything we can for our pensioners? In this day and age, more people are retiring without a pension and our nursing and medical resources are already strained.

This echoes the sentiments of a previous post with an examination of what questions we need to be posing to our parents in their future care issues. When confronting this directly; the Most common response I receive is thats my Mom, or the larger one; She feels she will be better and wants to stay in her home. I agree it … (0 comments)

mississauga: Competition Bureau squares off on Toronto MLS - 03/24/10 07:11 AM
Yes, WE, have right to the lowest commission!
The Competition Bureau has been in the news lately about their quest to CRUSH the CREA (Canadian Real Estate Association’s) MLS.ca site or REALTOR.ca
You should have the right to post your information. And SAVE!
Save what?
Realtors are required to have proof of ownership, Take detailed Identification, Birth Certificate, Driver’s License, Passport Details. (FINTRAC) We have searched on MPAC and on our own REALnet systems that you indeed are the registered owner and not the tenant in hostile possession. A general list of services can be made available /printed/sent to you.
There … (2 comments)

mississauga: Part Time Agents Are you doing the best for your clients? - 03/18/10 02:39 AM
There was a piece recently from the Regional Office at RE/MAX that tweeked a few noses about part time agents in the business.
Now we are going a step further;
On twitter  I found this profile;   so while you are at work for the employer who pays your full time salary, you are online twittering and trying to gain social media traction as an expert in a local community.
You will be ready, instantly available, to list, or advise an owner on where best to live, worship, shop, laugh and play.
You are available for home inspections, appraisals, meetings with Lawyers and Clients when … (6 comments)

mississauga: Does House Insurance change while they are in Nursing Home? - 03/10/10 12:33 PM
Guest Author William Chan B.A., CIP, CRM
As the Canadian population continue to age and ease themselves into the next phase of their adult life, an issue has come to the forefront that is worthy of some consideration. This would be the issue of managing the properties left behind by elderly parents who have passed on or have moved into a retirement community.
From an insurance perspective, what you should know is that “vacant” properties make insurance company very nervous. They are usually not at all comfortable with insuring vacant locations and it is the job of your insurance professional … (6 comments)

mississauga: Wills and Power of Attorney; Stan Gelman - 02/23/10 06:25 AM
One of my favorite people and I shared lunch today and the topic came around to procrastination. Stan told me about a presentation that he had done recently in the condo building where he resides. A few of the local residents had asked him to prepare a few words about wills, estates, probate and Power of Attorney. Our conversation focused on the fact that so many people put these issues off until it is left in someone else's bailiwick to deal with. One should have Powers of Attorney and a Will so that you can have your assets and health care … (0 comments)

mississauga: Another New Connection - Toronto to Oakville - 02/08/10 03:51 AM
We are in the business of meeting people and forever extending our services to a larger circle of friends. This Twitter Bubble tool has me giggling with amusement as I type this post.  Here's the explanation.
Here is Mine http://bbltwt.com/qmuzc
Now you are able to update your twitter stream on a daily or event based program;  How about Timed releases of Video's from Tweet you Later to promote your Hot New Listing; Key word strategy or Public Open house.
The opportunites and possibilities of extending this social media tool really has my attention.  Are you keeping up with the changes in communication.  If you … (4 comments)

mississauga: How Agents Intentionally over Price your home - 01/25/10 07:48 AM
Real Estates dirty little secrets; Agents entensively use and are trained to Over price listings in their presentations. By providing you the highest value at the listing table they appeal to normal human nature and your greed. They flatter you. They tell you how marvelous your house shows. You could have an extra 10 or 15% in your pocket. They will "TRY" But that's not the reality it seems. Instead of being sold in 15 to 21 days, you are still making the beds, cleaning the dishes, tidying after the kids rooms, attending to extra details on a daily basis and … (5 comments)

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