real estate: Why did you buy a house? - 10/15/13 09:44 AM
What makes you want your own home?

This is it

All that's amazing 
about your own home,
It's your palace
You can't wait to get back here
the experience  of your own home,

How it would make you feel

Will it make your life better
Was it worthwhile to do?
Laugher, dinners birthdays backyards
You may rarely look at it but you will always feel it
The dream of home ownership
Home is always happy to see you
This is your time....  what I do is help you get there ..

real estate: In the Heart of Yorkville - CASA - 07/17/13 05:38 AM
Not your typical condo views from the 46th floor of CASA...
The view is so hot here in Toronto that the glass feels like its melting..
33 St Charles St East, Toronto ON
CASA Condominiums
What's the View like?

Would you like to be here?
Give me a call at 647 218 2414
or suggest a different criteria

real estate: Why am I presenting your offer? - 07/14/13 01:23 AM

Why am I presenting your offer to my Sellers?
They expected an offer presentation where we would negotiate. You sent me an email or faxed the offer.
I don't know your clients capacity, intent, top price, ability or wherewithal to conclude the transaction. If you told your clients the market is up/ down 10% They want a deal, a discount and they want to negotiate.
Let's presume the following;
There are two offers Both offers are relatively equal with small differences One agent is in attendance. His Buyers are in a Horton's nearby and anxious. The … (3 comments)

real estate: Flooding in Toronto - 07/10/13 02:20 AM
The hydro power (electricity) has been out for 10's of thousand of Torontonians for the last two days, going on 3 days a results of a large storm cell that brought rain and world wide attention to our plight on CNN.
The reliance of city living and the simplest things that we take for granted;
Elevators and underground parking Diesel Power generators for backup power systems The coffee machine The electric razor The Hot Shower in the morning before work Charging your phone and ipad Your TV in the evening Food in your fridge and cooking The internet connection … (0 comments)

real estate: Danger Danger Will Robinson! - 07/05/13 12:48 AM

There is danger in the Real Estate market;  but it may not be the Bubble or Over Supply, Meddling and tinkering with Finance Programs or even the addition of higher lot Levy's to the purchase price. Demand continues unabated.

The Toronto Real Estate market just seems to defying logic and continues to increase in price (5% yoy) [and competition] for single family homes.  Taking the average sale price in the 905 [ ring of homes around the 416]   Land Transfer Tax Calculator net of First Time Buyer Rebates.

Average Sale Price in 905          $598,708
Ontario Land Transfer … (2 comments)

real estate: If ITS listed I already work for THEM - 02/20/13 12:15 AM
When you call on a FOR SALE sign; that agent is under contract with the seller of that house.  Where did you get the idea that they own you anything when negotiating, or negotiating for you at all?

Here is a clear and concise explanation of Buyers Agency and Representation from RECO  [Real Estate Council of Ontario]

When working with an agent to show you Homes in Toronto, they have a clear obligation to show you all the homes that are suitable and in your price range. Will they skip some?   Sure.  Those that are listed 5 times … (0 comments)

real estate: Why are you seeking Rent to Own? - 02/13/13 02:45 AM

Was it presented to you as a good deal? 

This Rent to Own program that gains favour from time to time.  I ranted about this extensively during the 2008 Credit Crisis when all the North American markets CLENCHED shut for about 6 months into January of 2009 when [Obama] the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT released the Bail out Money. People  will try to take advantage of others misfortune.

Those very same factors are in play right now in Ontario [the Toronto west GTA] with Tightening Credit Criteria from CHMC, shortened amortizations and stricter verification to qualify for a mortgage … (1 comments)

real estate: Non iPad Buyers Becoming an Endangered Species - 11/28/12 10:06 PM
The Endless path of opportunity "I want to sell my rental property in Etobicoke Ontario. We’d like to find a great agent who won’t bait and switch us with over inflated estimates on what our property is worth or unrealistic time frames to sell it; just to get the listing." So [insert client's name] sets out like they do in their hunt for any other product or service, digging online. Research. A Google search for “Etobicoke real estate agent reviews”  provided 30 pages of results: Not all are local Agents, but aggregators, lead sellers, directories and others who market their way into the … (0 comments)

real estate: Etobicoke Real Estate - 11/17/12 12:01 AM
Top 5 Reasons to Hire an Etobicoke Agent
1) Expertise and Advise
2) Knowledge of Neighbourhoods
3) Transaction Management
4) Local Flare!  Events and Charitable Causes
5) Community Service and an involved BIA
David Pylyp  an Etobicoke Agent blends Higher standards of Professionalism with strong entrepreneurial real estate instincts to ensure the successful conclusion of your transaction. RE/MAX realty specialists inc., brokerage 416 233 9000   
Its time to call me! 

real estate: iPad Training - 11/12/12 10:28 PM
As a progressive Realtor and early technology adopter  I would like to ask your help and input on two Questions. 
Using the ipad for presentation and working with an ipad effectively, using it to sign documents;   Sending Listings to yourself for property tours, accessing hot spots?
 For Beginners;  Using the Ipad is, What APPs to Buy and a concept of what can be done.  What do we want to know?
 For the experienced user;  This could be Tips and Tricks,  How to use specifics like  Dropbox to keynote to Haiku Deck displays for Listing or Buyer Presentations.  New Graphic applications, … (0 comments)

real estate: The END of Home Ownership - 09/24/12 11:26 PM
Home ownership is family's life - both financially and from a quality of life perspective. You invest in your neighbourhood and community, put down roots, let your equity grow tax free of capital gains. When it's paid off or before, you can refinance and pay for weddings or university ( again ) or your cottage. ownership is often connected to the notion of living the "American dream." But it is as much a part of Canadian identity as it is in the U.S. Indeed, statistics show that the percentage of home ownership in Canada is edging close to 70 … (1 comments)

real estate: Have we finally halted the Toronto Real Estate Market? - 09/19/12 11:50 PM
Excessive Taxation, Overheated bidding Wars, Lack of Inventory, Inner City Issues, Transit, Tightening Mortgage Rules, Reduced Amortizations, Double Land Transfer Tax in Toronto, Proximity to Employment; What is your hot button issue?   Have we hit the tipping point for bidding wars? The Toronto Real Estate market seems to be slowing, pensive, waiting for a sign....  or is that a stall? TREB figures released mid September; September 18, 2012 -- Greater Toronto Area (GTA) REALTORS® reported 2,544 transactions through the TorontoMLS system in the first 14 days of September. This result was down by 15 per cent compared to the 2,995 sales reported during … (0 comments)

real estate: Have you been convicted? - 08/28/12 09:27 PM
Have you EVER been Charged?   Were you Charged and Aquitted? Criminally convicted?  Defended charges of Fraud or other Financial Misconduct? DO I have the right to know? In a word. Yes. If you are hiring me to sell your house or condo it is often the largest single asset that a family possesses.  Would you not research or inspect someone's License, Registation and Insurance?  Ask about their years in business. Sample Questions list Conduct a RECO search of Advertising and Discipline Issues When I google your name what will I find? When you Google David Pylyp I know what you will … (2 comments)

real estate: Can Orthophobia be Cured? - 08/22/12 11:15 PM

Do you suffer from Orthophobia?

Orthophobia is described as the fear or owning property.

Whats the Cure?

Traditional Methods include:
Exposure Therapy
Talk Therapy
Behavioral Therapy
Shopping Therapy
Gradual Exposure and Immersion

The principle of this approach involves exposure to Toronto Real Estate Prices and the gradual desensitization to orthophobia. During the sessions, you will learn to tolerate the anxiety of Principal and Interest payments triggered by exposure to your own home and growing equity with the help of relaxation techniques. 

At your FIRST back yard BBQ you should be surrounded with family and friends.  Plan your … (0 comments)

real estate: Toronto Real Estate Prices Posed for Collapse - 08/09/12 11:39 PM
Are we at the top of the pricing?  Is everything down from here? 
The months stats say that the real estate market has slowed down and I wonder why?
August 3, 2012 -- Greater Toronto REALTORS® reported 7,570 sales in July 2012, representing a decline of 1.5 per cent compared to 7,683 sales reported in July 2011. The decline was most pronounced in the condominium apartment segment in the City of Toronto. Total sales in the rest of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) were up compared to the same period last year.  
It’s the summer time! Hottest July on Record! … (0 comments)

real estate: Are you priced out of the Toronto Market? - 08/01/12 08:19 AM
Think you missed the market?  Are you concerned about prices? If we are patient and methodical in our search and look thru everything that may be suitable; in your desired neighbourhood, we will find it. Don't get caught up in the competition and drama of staged, perfumed houses with lipstick and fresh paint. Consider your absolute must haves in your property purchase. How close to the public school? Transit Needs? Shopping or other amenities.  Is it community and neighbourhood you crave? Houses are like waiting for a bus...  Another one will be along shortly. Sometimes waiting is hard,  but the success and joy of … (0 comments)

real estate: Use your HELOC to pay off Higher Interest Rate Debt - 06/27/12 03:33 AM
I’m Nathalie Ng. I am the Money Chick- A mortgage agent who is licensed to give you unbiased advice on your mortgage. Nathalie, I hear so much about HELOC’s what are they? Home Equity Line of Credit is a smart and flexible financing solution for home owners who own an existing property. It is an integrated financing solution where the home owners borrow in a convenient way & unlock the equity they have built up in their home. They can use that capital however they wish.What are the reasons in general people would get a HELOC?There are many reasons for getting a HELOC. Whether it’s paying down high interest rate debts, undertaking home … (0 comments)

real estate: Canadian Real Estate update - 06/09/12 12:26 AM
We are rapidly moving to the half year for Toronto Real Estate, and I'd like to take a broader view of whats happening in our City. In downtown Toronto; the commercial sector, The Bank of Nova Scotia Tower sold for a record $ 1.27 Billion. This is the highest value for a Canadian office building and it was sold to Canadian Investors!  That single sale is a statement about continued confidance about real estate in Canada and the bouyancy of the Canadian Market. The Value of High Rise office buildings and condominiums has been rizing equally because of the low interest … (0 comments)

real estate: Did you claim an HST rebate on your Condo Purchase? - 04/28/12 08:22 AM
Yes,  the real estate condo market is HOT! Yes, You can flip your unit for immediate profit! Yes, You can rent your unit! Yes, Revenue Canada;  affectionately referred to as CRA  is made aware of the transaction. HOW you ask?   You pay Land Transfer Tax on your purchase; Tarion Warranties apply.  Even in a Flip there are disclosures. You can sell your unit and claim the [HST] tax on closing or if you rent your unit and provide a copy of the lease; preferably you will pay the tax and request a rebate a year later.  Personally, people try to slip … (1 comments)

real estate: Toronto MLS House Listings - 03/22/12 08:09 AM
The Toronto Real Estate market is fast paced and firmly a Sellers market

Hi I'm David Pylyp I am with RE/MAX. I have been in Toronto real estate business for 23 years, and in that time I have helped many families find their perfect home.
My expertise is in the Toronto west, GTA that comprises Bloor West Village, Etobicoke and into Mississauga and Oakville communities.
By utilizing innovating marketing techniques, impact strategies to have your home seen by the most people we will have the best offers for you. Together, you and I will create a custom … (2 comments)

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