realtor: What is your message? - 10/30/14 10:48 PM
We can have a truly open and transparent system that has the consumer's confidence.
Not harboring secrets - which is really just a simpler, easier-to-execute conception of “transparency” - can be really powerful.  We have all heard the phrase The truth will set you free.

I am a Realtor with Re/max Specialists here in Toronto
I have been practicing real estate sales for over 25 years now.
I love what I do 
I enjoy providing real estate services to my clients because I feel that I provide them with much more than just buying and selling advice or real … (2 comments)

realtor: Toronto REALTOR posted on Ebay - 03/13/13 11:02 PM
What will you do that is unique? Singular in FOCUS to meet new people? Ebay Auctions

What are you doing that will get your noticed?

realtor: I may be in Toronto but my Buyers and Sellers come from You - 12/30/12 10:03 PM
In an effort to explain reach;  I found this beautiful globe that permits visitors to PIN their location.  My Buyers and Sellers may be arriving or departing different points in Toronto, Ontario Canada.  They are nevertheless travelling and connecting with you, before coming to see me.  They direct dial to my cell. This globe is available to you also, free of charge, to install into a wordpress sidebar or a page as HTML code.
<applet codebase="" code="core.RE" width="310" height="310" archive="g.jar"><param name="cabbase" value="" /><param name="r" value="true" /><param name="n" value="false" /><param name="i" value="a5pxfehsowd" /><param name="m" value="0" /><param name="s" value="310" /><param name="c" … (0 comments)

realtor: Yes you can raise the Rent! - 05/10/12 01:34 AM
Are you an investor? Do you want to Buy and Rent Condo Units in Toronto? Then you should be aware of a few things.   We have something here called the Landlord Tenant Tribunal.
Ontario’s annual Rent Increase Guideline is based on the Ontario Consumer Price Index (CPI), which is a measure of inflation calculated monthly by Statistics Canada.  The rate of allowable rent increases for 2012 will be 3.1 per cent.The guideline is the maximum amount that most landlords can increase a tenant’s rent during the year without making an application to the Landlord and Tenant Board.  It is based … (0 comments)

realtor: Best Phrase Heard from Realtor - 01/16/12 04:07 AM
What is the best possible phrase you could hear from a Toronto Real Estate agent?
I don't know, but let me ask and find out for you.

realtor: Its 2012 Are you still at Mom's? - 01/01/12 02:40 AM
If you are 35 and Your Mom lives with you... Thats OK . If you are 35 and still live with your Mom... we need to get you out.. There is a difference. Lets Talk! Call me at 647 218 2414 Lets find that perfect place of your own... … (4 comments)

realtor: The Lowest Price Is that the Key? - 03/15/11 03:43 AM
We were in a hurry yesterday with duplicating keys for an estate sale. At the closest hardware store I was directed to an irritated "minimum Wage" employee that reminded me that their price was the lowest. "Cheapest Prices for Cut Keys" he chimed
The second key, they didn't carry that particular blank, but that "More Expensive" fellow up the mall did. At the second store I was greeted by the proprietor who looked at the key to be duplicated and warned about the price of the blank; "I need it". Back to the house to try the key... Expensive one works … (2 comments)

realtor: Avoid Owning two houses with Bridge Financing - 01/27/11 11:28 AM
When your sale closes after your purchaseto get the best price for your home often you have to compromise and choose dates that may not matchthis means you need to leverage the equity in your home, for the required time between the purchase and sale to fund your down payment into your new home
Example of Bridge Financing
Sold $ 270,000 Purchase $ 450,000less deposit w/offer $ 15,000Real estate commission New Mortgage $ 335,00013% HST Real estate commissionMortgage balance legal fees on sale and purchase Equity $ 100,000 Funds to close $ 100,000 SALE closes May 31 PURCHASE closes April 28 … (0 comments)

realtor: Larry the Landlord; Sells his Marijuana Grow House - 12/16/10 01:28 AM
Ontario Realtors favour grow-op registry bill The Ontario Real Estate Association is welcoming a private member’s bill before Queen’s Park that calls for the creation of a grow-op registry – a move Realtors say will protect homebuyers. “Grow-ops are major problem for homebuyers in the province and we have been urging the Ontario government to establish a registry to protect consumers for almost 10 years,” the association’s President Dorothy Mason said in a news release published Nov. 25. While Realtors are required by law to disclose if a home has been used as a marijuana-grow operation or drug laboratory, they are … (2 comments)

realtor: The Dollar Store of MLS Shopping - 12/01/10 01:38 AM
Yes! We all want the lowest price. One company has made this their business credo. The Lowest Price is the Law! But for every benefit there is a cost.
With Real Estate Listings I have observed with fascination the brokerages that are racing to offer the lowest prices for just listing a house; [the concept is termed mere listing] We are merely providing a Listing Facility.
Contained within the listing is a Schedule B, The terms and conditions of selling your home.
It usually contains a clause that indicates a) You have the opportunity to seek outside advice [ILA] b) the … (0 comments)

realtor: Trapped him at an Open House - 11/21/10 12:13 PM
Had an open house at Kipling and Bloor this past weekend; the winds are a bit cooler, the leaves have blown off their trees, we have already been visited by frost. It’s the last few weeks with weather warm enough to hang the outside lights. I like Open Houses. It gives me a chance to meet the people in the enclave and those that want the neighbourhood. This house was vacant and staged. Asking $1.2 MM[He] wanders in alone just as I open up, dressed in a shirt without a jacket or coat, takes the feature sheet offered. “Live in the … (6 comments)

realtor: Where is better than Bloor West Village? - 10/16/10 07:47 AM
When is one location superior to another; Ok ok we are firmly in the Bloor West Village Toronto neighbourhood and comparing Beresford to Armadale or is Colbeck a superior location. Is it OK to pay this much money for Runnymede? What about the side of the street to the west of Jane; Where does it become Old Mill? Past the bridge? On the South Side it is called Brule Gardens, the street and neighbourhood is referred to as Riverside Dr., as riverside follows the top and bank south from Baby Point to Lake Ontario at Ellis Avenue. So a ravine lot … (0 comments)

realtor: Lets Update the Toronto Real Estate Market - 10/09/10 10:09 AM
I want to keep you updated with the Fall Toronto Real Estate Market. There have been many negative stories in the media recently about how the market is “slipping” or that “prices in a housing bubble”.
Here is some interesting news that will take another week to be released to the media .... & because it isn’t Headline grabbing doom and gloom, they likely won’t report it. After reviewing the latest sales figures for the Toronto Real Estate Board;
We are continuing in a “SELLER’S MARKET”!
In the entire Toronto area as a whole, we currently have a 3 month’s supply … (2 comments)

realtor: Buying your first older Home in Etobicoke - 09/14/10 04:02 PM
So we have all seen the stats that home buyers are now beginning their home buying experience on line. That makes sense. But what happens when that home buying process starts in the fall and then runs for a 6 month period into the next spring?

So lets recap the chain of events;50 - 60 homes viewed.4 different multiple offers, winning in the final competition only.Two separate home inspections.Declined to remove conditions on one property.Continued with the same Buyer's AgentStayed with the initial budget.Attended with Buyer at Lawyer's Office on closingScored a CBC Interview!Willing to provide a video testimonial.If you … (0 comments)

realtor: Selling your home With Social Media - 09/10/10 06:24 AM
Sell your home using social mediaGone are the days of newspaper classifieds. Savvy sellers are turning to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to market their homes.
Wanda Reglin recently sold her home in Nanaimo, B.C., after it had been on the market for two years. Described as a "gorgeous four-year-old, executive, level entry home with full walkout basement and brilliant southern exposure within walking distance to spectacular beaches," she had it listed on a variety of websites, including craigslist, Kijiji and the local Still, she turned to social networking in hopes of increasing her listing's exposure.
With such a large captive audience … (6 comments)

realtor: The Junction Arts Festival 2010 - 09/04/10 05:26 AM
New Home for the Junction RA New JRA Website -

Don’t forget our new JRA website is; the previous site is now offline. Anyone who was a “member” of the Ning site should receive this email, as your details have been added to our mailing list.
We hope everyone likes the new site
High Park Avenue – Bikeway Network Survey
The Junction Residents Association is collaborating with the City of Toronto Transportation Services on a project to enhance the bikeway network on High Park Avenue and we are seeking feedback from Junction residents.
Please visit our website survey (HPA Bikeway Network Survey) for details on … (1 comments)

realtor: What rock have I been hiding under in Toronto? - 09/01/10 01:47 AM
##Subject## MLS
So... The end is nigh. The flood gates of Internet information are open and there will be no need for anyone. You can be your own plumber, your own dentist, your own seamstress, your own tailor. You can purchase a book on how to drive a car and initially the task is intimidating, but with dozens of lessons … (1 comments)

realtor: If you could do it all again..... - 08/05/10 04:21 AM
It's the doldrums of the warmest summer that I remember in Toronto; the Exhibition is just around the corner and I have fabulous "Front Row" seating for the Air Show on my Terrace. If you had a chance to select again, where and how you live, What different choices would you make? Would you stay in the same neighbourhood? Consider moving closer to work, nearer to Public Transit as we try to green our economy and employment. Do you have rooms you havent's seen in months, for guest that never arrive? Could a condo be in your future? Would you escape … (0 comments)

realtor: Credit report request? DONT LET THESE 'LANDLORDS' FOOL YOU - 07/13/10 08:22 AM
While working through my Google Alerts for Landlord information in Toronto and updates I was drawn to this advertorial (RANT) on Kijiji (an internet advertising site) THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON FOR AN OWNER OF A HOUSE TO REQUEST YOUR CREDIT REPORT - ALSO KNOWN AS YOUR LIFE. It is an EXTREMELY personal file and is only allowed to be requested by authorized individuals, i.e, you have a license to be giving loans/lines of credit which require a credit check or you are employed by a company that involves credit. If anyone feels uncomfortable with this request, no problem. By law, … (5 comments)

realtor: You are alone FSBO in Toronto - 06/22/10 03:51 PM
If you could have sold it alone.... You would have sold it already
If you haven't been able to attract buyers to see your home and are finding that you are dealing with unqualified people, looky lous that want decorating ideas, couples who are out for a Saturday or Sunday drive just looking at homes incase they decide to buy... Yes, you know your home the best...But the buyers interests and focus are not necessarily the same as yours. You are holding your own open houses but, people are reluctant to give you their name and phone number. They don't … (7 comments)

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