waterfront: UnBridled Views of High Park and Humber Bay - 04/17/14 01:02 PM
Million Dollar View Of Lake Ontario And DownTown Toronto. Park Lake Residences, Lake Shore at Ellis Ave., High Park. Situated at Humber Bay east of the Humber River Bridge, almost a thousand square feet of Hardwood Floors And Ceramic/Glass Back Splash Offset The Floor To Ceiling Glass That Draw Your gaze.

Upgraded Cabinets, Under Mounted Lights and double sink. Superior bathroom granite & marble floor trim add to your ambiance and a hotel lifestyle.  Lower the full length roller blinds to dim the morning sunrise, Have coffee on your outdoor Open Air Balcony Overlooking The Lake. Virtual Tour has incredible … (2 comments)

waterfront: The Condo is just too small - 06/10/13 11:11 PM
I'm really sorry I bought this condo

Have you ever found yourself saying that?
Maybe its too small for your needs now...

Maybe its too far from where you are working today.

Maybe your needs have changed.

Possibly the maintenance fees are too high for what you are getting.

If this is your situation,

Give me a call I am 647 218 2414

waterfront: Windermere by the Lake - A Community Profile - 08/20/12 02:18 AM

Scant a few steps to Lake Ontario, your own access to the Gardiner Expressway at Windermere.  Your own exit when proceeding east into Toronto and immediately left onto Windermere Ave.
From downtown Toronto you would exit on south Kingsway, walking would bring you directly south of Bloor west Village; with all those restaurants and specialty shops along the shopping mile.
Located in south edge of Swansea; a quick search by postal code M6S 5A2  using  Hood Reports reveals the demographics that should interest you.  The Walk Score shows you what is nearby, http://www.walkscore.com/nearby/15-Windermere-Ave-Toronto-ON-Canada
Sales of condominium units in the last 90 day period;

waterfront: IS your retirement fund adequate? - 08/18/12 10:03 AM
Have you considered where in Toronto you could live?Are you where you want to be?Do you have everything you need?Have you prepared and planned for the future?Average People have Dreams and Hopes; Confidant people have Goals and Plans.Let me help you get there.My number is             647 218 2414      .So there's my number Call me Maybe

waterfront: Landlord License Fee Toronto - 06/10/12 01:30 AM
Toronto has not yet joined other municipalities to license Landlords but that may be short lived as the City looks for new sources of Revenue. The average tax appears to be at $825.00 per unit.
Condo Units in a Building are exempt.
Compulsory licensing for small landlords is rapidly spreading throughout Ontario, having come into effect most recently in Waterloo on April 1 and North Bay on May 1. Other Ontario cities which have already implemented a licensing regime are Guelph, London, Mississauga and Oshawa.
The idea appears to be contagious, and many other cities are looking at the concept, including Hamilton and Kitchener.
Waterloo’s licensing regime is typical. Licensed rental properties … (2 comments)

waterfront: Is the CONDO too small already? - 05/11/12 03:19 AM
Is your place just too small? Maybe you bought pre construction. The location may have been suitable to you four years ago when you started working there. Maybe you bought with a certain family size in mind.  Now you have plain outgrown it. I can do three things for you. I can help you release the equity you have in that beautiful loft or one bedroom plus den. I can help you find a more suitable property for you. I can help you with Bridge Financing to make sure you have the money going forward and that you don't have any problems with the … (1 comments)

waterfront: Yes you can raise the Rent! - 05/10/12 01:34 AM
Are you an investor? Do you want to Buy and Rent Condo Units in Toronto? Then you should be aware of a few things.   We have something here called the Landlord Tenant Tribunal.
Ontario’s annual Rent Increase Guideline is based on the Ontario Consumer Price Index (CPI), which is a measure of inflation calculated monthly by Statistics Canada.  The rate of allowable rent increases for 2012 will be 3.1 per cent.The guideline is the maximum amount that most landlords can increase a tenant’s rent during the year without making an application to the Landlord and Tenant Board.  It is based … (0 comments)

waterfront: Condo is the Choice for Toronto Living - 04/24/12 11:55 AM
Recent survey by the TD Bank released Spring 2012 talks about the preferences that Toronto Condo Consumers have about condos vs single family homes.  Condos are less upkeep, more affordable and offer amenities.  This plus the proximity to public transit in the City (and PATH) could keep you indoors if you prefer.  The largest concern is Condominium Maintenance Fees. "The possibility of a fee increase can be a little unnerving," says Haque. "While there's no way to 'lock-in' to a monthly fee like you can with a mortgage, you can prepare for a fee increase by building a buffer into your monthly housing budget, … (1 comments)

waterfront: How are Toronto condo Fees Calculated? - 03/25/12 11:23 PM
Q I do agree regarding the 20% of fee to be put into reserve fun, however, as a past condo owner, my question is where does the rest of money go? Our condo, new, started with $650.00 mon. fee and by third year was over $850.00, for 1100 sq. ft. No concierge full time, a party room you wouldn't want to place your pet in, small workout room topped with an obnoxious, bully of a pres. of the board. Boutique condos such as the one we owned are nice, but costly on the fees.
A Condo buildings are like a small business … (0 comments)

waterfront: Increase Reserve Fund Minimums to 20% Toronto Condos - 03/25/12 01:09 AM
Condo Boards try to keep maintenance fees the lowest possible to spend the least amount of money. Unfortunately although well meaning it is misguided when 8 - 12 or 15 years later money is required and the Reserve Fund is in adequate. This results in borrowing additional money for specific repairs (requires a vote by a majority of owners) or a Special Assessment. Lawyer Derrick Fulton, an expert in condo law, said one major problem area is the Act’s requirement on reserve funds; currently, 10% of common element fees must go into a reserve, but he believes that number should be … (1 comments)

waterfront: New Bicycle BMX park at Lake Shore and Ellis - 03/10/12 02:56 AM
Toronto BMX bicycle Riders to Get New Parkette The Sales Office for Park Lake Residences is being returned to the City of Toronto; Parks and Recreation. Construction (demolition) will begin shortly to create a BMX bicycle park on the narrow strip of land that is adjacent to the Gardiner Expressway and parallel with Lake Shore Blvd West at Ellis Avenue. BMX riders who have built ramps and jumps at High Park at the south duck pond have created concerns about environmental damage and has resulted in complaints at City Hall. Until last year, there had been jumps and ramps inside High … (3 comments)

waterfront: Your First Year of Condo Life - 03/09/12 07:35 AM
Lets Chronicle your First Year of Condo Ownership - Now you really have questions.   You made a selection a few years back that you thought would suit your lifestyle and moving into the future. You made a wise selection based on where you would be working near transit and community hubs. The Builder /Developer has served notice that a Turn over Meeting will be held in a Hotel and or Meeting Room (unless your Rec Center is indeed able to hold all the residents) and hopefully the majority of residents will attend. An invitation was made by the Management Company … (2 comments)

waterfront: Video and Syndication is best for Oakville Real Estate - 03/02/12 11:13 AM
The Internet is changing how we present ourselves in the real estate business. We now need to connect with clients online, create relationships and then fill their housing needs. What we now profile is community.
Where are the local hotspots, How is the Corner Cuisine? I have concentrated my efforts on the better detached homes in superior neighbourhoods that comprise the West Toronto GTA thru Mississauga and into Oakville. My marketing efforts online have attracted prospective Buyers, not only from the local markets but also from outside Canada entirely. Why exclude yourself from the largest pool of buyers in Ontario?
When … (2 comments)

waterfront: Lets compare Condo Maintenance Fees Toronto - 02/07/12 04:33 AM
Lets have a look at and compare what makes the maintenance fees in your building. First Lets establish a few things, Your furnace unit consumes electricity; usually through a heat exchange unit in a central part of the condo or maybe you are blessed with two. The heat exchange units take warmth (hot water heated from a boiler) from the coil and disperse it into your unit. The cost of operating the fan blower is yours, the costs of heating the water as to your maintenance fees. The unit is inside your unit and operates from the Common Expenses. The liability … (0 comments)

waterfront: Property Not yet Assessed - 09/20/11 08:38 AM
So here you are; You are Purchasing a Condo and it says Taxes Not Yet Assessed.The Municipal Property Tax System (MPAC) provides you with an assessed value that is then used by the city where you reside to collect realty taxes on your unit. ( or your home ) Most of the time the MPAC assessment is based on key neighbourhood indicators; other properties like yours that have sold recently, or alternatively based on square footage of your home, square footage of your lot, recent improvements and water spigots. (Spigots are water outlets) Unless they have come out and specifically reappraised your property.
  With new condos … (0 comments)

waterfront: How to handle a Multiple Offer - 06/29/11 02:38 PM
This is an interesting topic from Mark Weisleder on Bidding up offers and multiple offer protocol. Simply put the ethics and logistics of how and why one offer is selected over another.
http://www.moneyville.ca/article/1013066--caught-in-a-bidding-war-know-the-rules Most sellers will instruct their agent to tell this anxious buyer to wait until the proper time period. However, if the seller wants to consider the offer, their agent will then change the information on the MLS listing immediately to notify every other agent that the rules have changed, and that offers can be submitted that evening. The agent will also likely call every other agent who … (1 comments)

waterfront: Create a Confidence Crisis - 12/30/10 03:17 AM
Scarey headlines topped the newspapers this year, The Montreal Gazelle adds a year end reflective; That there was never any reality for all the bubble and housing price level concerns that dominated through out the year. It lays the commentary directly attributable to one person. ..that Canada could be headed into the same kind of disastrous real-estate bubble and meltdown that we saw right across the border. And a superficial look is just what this issue got. There was never a solid basis for the scary speculation, but it just kept bubbling up. Serious Canadian media, including Toronto's Globe and Mail, … (5 comments)

waterfront: The reality of Buyers Agency - 11/15/10 02:17 AM
You are a beautiful row attached townhouse with a stone front, vertical concrete steps and pillars to adore your exterior and support a second storey portico. You have impressive hardwood floors; hardwood staircase with wrought iron pickets and solid oak hand rails. You have a finished upper level as a master bedroom retreat complete with Juliette balcony replete with railing to seek the morning rays of sunshine that adorn the Toronto Skyline.
You are two years old and facing a potential building site for additional townhouses, that currently is a demolished building site strewn with construction rubble and fenced to avoid … (2 comments)

waterfront: Will you put qr Codes on your For Sale signs? - 10/28/10 03:54 AM
Real Estate agents in Toronto that are tech savvy are now adding qr codes to their for sale signs and business cards.

If this is on the back of their business card; they are providing you with all their contact information for the Linked In, Facebook and Twitter [amongst others] that people are now using to integrate social media into their marketing. This will also contain their contact telephone numbers and a short 250 character text field.
The extra edge would be to print this one time code, on the for sale sign of a house as you drove by … (2 comments)

waterfront: Let's Make some Toronto style Lemonade - ShopTOism - 01/19/10 06:02 AM
Welcome to the Toronto Real Estate Boards stats for mid January 2k10. We have entered into a very unusual market. We are starting this year firmly as a seller’s market. With an absorption rate in excess of 50%, on a monthly basis, multiple offers will continue on the most demanded products namely starter entry level homes and smaller condos. The real story continues to be the reduced number of homes for sale coupled with a continued demand from nervous buyers looking for that first great starter home. Currently there are 11K homes for sale. That inventory level is thousands of units … (0 comments)

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