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Real Estate Agent - Thompson Company, REALTORS® - MD594797
Andrea Bedard has been assisting home buyers and sellers in Silver Spring, MD and beyond since 2004. She has a passion for Real Estate in general and vintage homes in particular. Ready to sell or buy? Contact Andrea for a free consultation 240-593-2860.



CONGRATULATIONS on your big decision to purchase a house! Before you dive head-on into this exciting process, you should do some homework first. An up-to-date credit report is of utmost importance, thus, it is advisable to take a close look at it at the very beginning of your journey. You can acc...
Below is a "nice" example of a COUNTY EASEMENT MESS. The question of the day: WHO IS RESPONSIBLE? Mr. Buyer bought a townhouse in a condo development about 5 years ago. It's a mid-unit in a block of 10 which was built in 1980. All units have a fenced in limited common area out back, extending 25 ...
Our business is as much about emotions as it is about numbers. I don’t just see myself as a REALTOR® who’s merely showing houses and is assisting you in spending a ton of money! I see myself as someone who is helping you find the perfect match to come home to. My ultimate goal is for you to fall ...
This weekend marks the 111th anniversary of the ANNUAL MARYLAND GERMAN FESTIVAL.   MD State Fairgrounds in Timonium air-conditioned exhibition building[good call considering that it's 110 degrees out!]   HOURS: SAT 11.30 AM TO 10 PMSUN 11.30 AM TO 7 PM   ADMISSION: $7 ADULTS $5 SENIORS/ACTIVE DU...
CARPOOLING WITH YOUR CLIENTS: ROUTINE FOR SOME, TRAGIC FOR OTHERS I realize that this is a very personal topic to make public on my blog and I’ve thought long and hard about where it could fit in and whether or not to publish it to begin with. The truth is there is no perfect spot or perfect time...
"A GOOD HOME MUST BE MADE, NOT BOUGHT"~ Joyce Maynard: Domestic Affairs, 1987   Leaving the investment aspect out of the equation, we all buy houses for one reason = to have a HOME! One could argue that even investors and bankers do so, unless they all sleep at their desks and in their portfolios...
Buying a home in a designated historic district in Maryland   So, you would really like to be king or Queen Of Your Own Castle but - let's face it - those are not exactly readily available in Maryland! Buying a home in a historic district may just be the perfect compromise. There is something to ...
I would love to be the queen of that castle. If those walls could talk, I'd take the days or weeks off to listen! I admit, this piece of Real Estate is far away from our turfs, but that doesn't make it less intriguing.  It's one of those rough gems that is just begging for attention, and if only ...
If you have just recently PCS'd to Maryland, you may not be aware of the Operation Military Kids (OMK) Camp in MD. This year the camp runs from August 7th - 11th for kids ages 8 - 13. Older kids are more than welcome to attend, too, and can take on leadership roles. The Camp takes place at an Edu...
PCS TO MARYLAND - THE BRAC EFFECT BRAC in MARYLAND is in full swing. After nearly 2 years, cranes and bulldozers are a familiar sight on National Support Activity Bethesda (NSA Bethesda). The Flagship of Naval Medicine has transcended into the World's largest Military Medical Center. Apparently, ...

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