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Andrea Bedard has been assisting home buyers and sellers in Silver Spring, MD and beyond since 2004. She has a passion for Real Estate in general and vintage homes in particular. Ready to sell or buy? Contact Andrea for a free consultation 240-593-2860.



Oh, the weather outside is frightful...! Wait.. that's a different holiday, but it is looking very gloomy out this Halloween. There's a storm moving in from the west, rain with gusty winds and some thunderstorms are in the forecast for Montgomery and Howard Counties. My child's school canceled th...
Over the last 15+ years I have shown a few homes in Silver Spring, MD and beyond that had a [very] strange vibe. Some of these homes were warm, cozy, and welcoming when we first entered. Nothing seemed off at first glance, all felt normal until we entered the basement that is. On a few occasions,...
How much are you spending on rent each month right now? What would you say if I were to tell you that you can buy this single family home in Eldersburg with $0 down?! 5809 Melville Rd is a charming home for sale right by Liberty Lake Reservoir, on the Carroll County side. It is eligible for a USD...
I absolutely love surprising my special clients (which is everybody really) with a closing gift. Sometimes it's a certificate, sometimes a bottle of wine (preferably one I brought with me from Germany), and sometimes a little something for their new home. When time permits, however, and the circu...
I love to work out, a lot, and pretty much daily. My earliest memories of myself exercising are the jogs my dad took me on as a wee one. And I am still running... Besides running I also have a few strength classes firmly (well, as firmly as is possible for a busy REALTOR® and soccer mom) schedule...
I say yes to seasonal decorations! Silver Spring, MD & beyond home sellers should display/add seasonal decor when their property is on the market. When done tastefully - and skillfully, too - it can be a selling point. Seasonal decor during the listing period helps make your property feel like a ...
Fall is not only a great time to sell, it's also one of the best times to add some seasonal decor to your Silver Spring, MD & beyond home for sale. Normally, you'll hear us advice to depersonalize and to neutralize your property before putting it on the market. But there is nothing wrong with add...
Are you in the market for a detached single-family home in the Sykesville/Eldersburg area for under $350,000? Do you enjoy outdoor activities, and would love to live near a lake? Are excellent schools of utmost importance to you? If you answered YES to any or all of my questions, then please Come...
I was sitting in a coffee shop the other day (the Kismet Cafe in Eldersburg, please stop by this local gem when you get the chance), meeting with a new-to-me Real Estate photographer, the lovely and very talented Sarah Lee. All my listings are photographed by a professional. It does not matter ho...
If you were to buy this charming rambler in Eldersburg and move to Oakland Hills, this is where you would go for your morning cup of joe, and oven fresh bagels: the Kismet Cafe!  Kismet Cafe opened its doors in 2014 and serves the Eldersburg and greater Sykesville community fresh breakfasts and l...

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