easley sc real estate: Where can I get info on foreclosed homes? - 12/09/09 01:02 AM
The best place to get information on foreclosures available for sale today is through a REALTOR who has access to the MLS.  There are hundreds of sites that promise the cutting edge info for only $19.95 per month, first month free (now give me your card number).  We have not found any of these sites to contain useful information.  Most of the houses on the site are not available for sale.  Either they're too early in the process and the homeowner is still trying to figure out how to stay in them, or it's old data - house has been foreclosed, … (0 comments)

easley sc real estate: I want to buy a house! - 12/08/09 05:32 AM
It's a great time to start looking for your first home.  With the first time home buyer tax credit, buying a home before April 30, 2010 will be up to $8,000 cheaper than buying one after that date.  To buy your first home, there are several steps to take.
If you haven't already started looking at houses, try out Realtor.com to see what's available in your area.  You can look at styles and colors and layouts and prices.  There will be a mortgage calculator there, also, to help you predict what payments will be.  It's a good place to get your … (0 comments)

easley sc real estate: I'm thinking of selling. When's the best time? - 12/06/09 11:56 PM
In a normal market in upstate SC, the best time to sell is spring. I tell clients to plan to list their home in January and expect to sell by June.  Even new agents and part-time agents have good numbers in the spring.  The grass is green and everyone's thinking about change, executives that have been transferred are looking to move their families closer by when school gets out, and houses are just prettier with flowers blooming and birds chirping.
2010 will be different, however.  In 2010, I think spring will be the ONLY time to sell.  The tax incentives … (6 comments)

easley sc real estate: Shop by August 15th to get your $8000 tax credit! - 07/23/09 03:28 AM

In SC, the mortgage market just got tighter.  My trusty mortgage broker, Caleb Legrand, just asked me not to send him any more contracts with less that 45 days to close.  And if I need Rural Housing or VA, no fewer than 60 days.  All the rules are changing July 30 to help protect you from loan fraud, and that's extending the time it will take to close a loan.
Once you backdate from the tax credit expiration, we need to hurry up and find your house!!  You must close by November 30th to get your $8000 first time home … (0 comments)

easley sc real estate: Don't you just hate voice mail?? - 09/18/08 06:01 AM
I have three people I have been playing phone tag with today.  Two are after me, and I'm chasing the other.  But with all three, both sides keep getting voice mail!!  I leave a message, they leave a message.  I'm sure they hate voice mail as much as I do.  It's taking us all day to have one single conversation.  But I guess voicemail is better than a busy signal... ;)

easley sc real estate: Local Business Review - 09/11/08 03:32 PM
       I just got my new prize back!  With all the tools you need in real estate and the fact that your car is your office, organization is a challenge, to say the least!  A friend of mine showed me some beautiful wooden chairs he created, so I went home and dreamed up the perfect organizational box for a REALTOR.  I needed 52 million different cubbies, all different sizes, and I wanted the box to slide into the opening behind my back seat so I could still throw my golf clubs in the trunk behind it.  I dreamed it all up, put … (0 comments)

easley sc real estate: Mortgage rates headed downward? - 09/08/08 01:51 AM
This weekend's announcement that the government will take control of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will likely translate into savings for buyers and potential refi savings for homeowners in the near future!
According to Caleb Legrand at Evergreen Mortgage, until now the government has only quasi-guaranteed these mortgages, and investors have been nervous about buying them, keeping our rates a full 1% above where they should be based on history.  Now that the government is fully backing them, we should see rates fall further, creating a perfect time to buy or refinance.
So if you've been thinking about buying, the … (0 comments)

easley sc real estate: When should I sell? - 08/28/08 01:41 AM
While that depends mostly on your personal situation and heavily on your local market, now is time to get in the market for many homes in Upstate SC.
Homes that will draw first time home buyers, in particular, should be gearing up to list right now.  First time home buyers come out of the woodwork in the 4th quarter of the year, many starry-eyed with the thought of Christmas morning in their new home.  They are getting settled in their first new job after college, or finally getting over the process of that lovely June 2008 wedding, or planning their June 2009 … (0 comments)

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