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Dave Holden provides a high quality, detailed home inspection. Dave's experience will be your benefit, one of akron ohio's best, Home Inspection Service, home inspections, real estate inspection, akron ohio, summit county ohio, visit my blog for more info about me as well as some very interesting posts



This is a follow-up to my original post, Meth Home Nightmare.  The complete story as printed in the Akron Beacon Journal can be read at, Akron Beacon Journal - Meth Home Nightmare.This story gives you an idea of the problems that a buyer may encounter if purchasing a former Meth Home.  The chemic...
I would like to ask everyone to keep the victims of the recent NYC crane collapse in your prayers.  It appears that most where construction workers and a few residents/visiters that where in the adjacent buildings that where crushed.  This is a Huge tragedy, one that will be scrutinized, criticiz...
I need some opinions.  I'm considering purchasing a new ladder.  I have been looking at the multi-position models.  I think I like the one that extends to 21' as an extension ladder or about 10' as a step ladder.  Does any one own and use these type of ladders?  And what do you like and dis-like ...
With spring on the way (Yeah), gutters and downspouts are going to be the most important system on the exterior of your home soon.  Effectively removing the water, by the gallons, from the roof of your house is the most important issue to a dry and structurally sound foundation.Now lets take a lo...
Here in NE Ohio, It snowed 8 to 10 inches last week and was around 20 to 25 degrees.  Today it is 60 degrees with a major cold front coming around the corner in a few hours with rain changing to freezing rain.  Good time to see how well your gutters and down spouts work and how well your basement...

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