akron ohio: Wood Decks need Attention Too - 07/07/08 02:25 PM
Many people build, our have built, nice beautiful decks on their homes all the time.  But like everything, it needs attention from time to time.  It seems that decks, like many things, get over looked and even forgotten about when it comes to maintenance and repairs.
This wooden set of stairs looks normal enough.  Close to being up to code. BUT...

As you can see this stair is about to DEMAND some attention when it has finally had enough and lets loose to send someone tumbling down the steps to certain injury.

And if that doesn't get your attention, then this might even kill someone … (18 comments)

akron ohio: Condensate drain lines - 05/21/08 08:52 AM
Condensate drain lines must be properly terminated in a floor drain or to the outside of the house.  Excess water and moisture can become a very serious problem in your home if these drain lines flow into your home improperly.
Here is a photo of a condensate drain from an HVAC unit.  A very common and neseccary component.

Now here is the problem.  This line MUST drain to something other than the floor of the crawlspace.

There are several options to properly draining this line.  No not a bucket.  This particular crawlspace was in dire need of a … (7 comments)

akron ohio: Stairs and Handrails, WARNING, Danger Will Robinson - 05/21/08 03:26 AM
One of my favorite tv shows as a kid was "Lost in Space".  It was ahead of it's time in the early 70's.  The best character on the show was "Robot".  He was always there to warn eveyone and save the day.  He certainly would have sounded many warnings if they had stairs and rails on the ship, but it had a huge ramp and an elevator.  Oh, there was also an emergency ladder from the lower level, but that is another issue and danger all it's own.
Stairs and Handrails are one of the most important hazards around your house, yet they can also be the most overlooked … (6 comments)

akron ohio: "Would You Buy This House?" - 05/03/08 04:29 PM
Last week, while on an inspection, I was asked "Would you buy this house?" numerous times by both the husband and wife.  They are planning to buy a house from a FSBO, an investor flipping this house.  The main reason for the question was a past roof mold issue, which appeared to have been eliminated by a new roof with the exception of residual mold still present.

 The much larger problem and threat to their health was the crawlspace.  It was saturated with moisture, even some standing water in a few places.

One of the visible problems … (15 comments)

akron ohio: Meth Home Nightmare - Summit County Ohio - 03/25/08 05:55 AM
This is a follow-up to my original post, Meth Home Nightmare.  The complete story as printed in the Akron Beacon Journal can be read at, Akron Beacon Journal - Meth Home Nightmare.
This story gives you an idea of the problems that a buyer may encounter if purchasing a former Meth Home.  The chemical residue that is left behind can effect young children in a very serious way, but also adults.
A couple of very informative sites that I have found for testing, testmyhomeformeth.com and MAPP-SD Home,  have a lot of very good information.
This drug addition effects all classes of society in this country.  It does not … (22 comments)

akron ohio: Crane Collapse in NYC - 03/17/08 02:04 PM
I would like to ask everyone to keep the victims of the recent NYC crane collapse in your prayers.  It appears that most where construction workers and a few residents/visiters that where in the adjacent buildings that where crushed.  This is a Huge tragedy, one that will be scrutinized, criticized, analyzed, investigated, inspected and throughly studied by the engineering and construction community.  The NYC Building Dept. is a very powerful force in NYC, and this will no doubt change some things in the near future.
Having been in the commercial construction business for 25 years, structural steel erection specifically, this touches my heart deeper than other … (7 comments)

akron ohio: Meth Home Nightmare - 02/25/08 04:17 PM
Recently in my local newspaper, there was a story on a young woman with young children that found themselves very ill from the effects of a methamphetamine home.  This young mother had bought what she that was her dream home for her and her children, it has become her nightmare.  She had to vacate the home and has been forced into dealing with not only litigation against the seller but now also foreclosure on the property.  I'm not sure if any permanent health problems for the children exist, but they all became very ill of the exposure from a year of living … (65 comments)


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