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One of the things you’ll find when doing the Making Homes Affordable plan for homeowners is that you’ll get a letter back from the bank stating how much they will want the homeowner to pay on a “trial” basis. Sometimes the lender returns a three month “Forbearance Agreement”, while on other occa...
Most salespeople would like to be more consistent at sales, and sometimes forget to use consistency with their customers. By this I mean that there is a basic psychological principal that states that most human beings like to think of themselves as being consistent.  After all, if you had a choic...
If you are thinking about purchasing a home in a neighborhood, or just plain nosey about the petty thefts, sexual assualts and shoplifting arrests in your neighborhood, check out this website: About seven in ten female rape or sexual assault victims stated the offender...
One of the ways we get people to say "Yes" is by following the rule of fair exchange in both our business and personal lives. In business, give more value than expected. Give more value than money exchanged. Give more value in hand-outs, phone calls, and other marketing efforts. For example, in ...
A psychological technique that helps to motivate people to take action is this one: Answer Objections Before they Surface.  When a salesperson does this properly, it lowers resistance and makes it easier for someone to purchase. Why does it work? Because a lot of salespeople think that if they do...
Why Do We Say Yes to Another Person?  Bob Boog Ever wonder what causes one person to say "yes" to another person's request? Or why is it that a request stated one way will be rejected, while one that asks for the same favor in a slightly different manner gets approved? As a salesperson, the study...
Inspiration for You from the Kentucky Derby by Bob Boog               People often find inspiration from sporting events, and this weekend there were several such events to choose from.             The Anaheim Ducks defeated the Detroit Red Wings in triple overtime. In the sporting world, hockey'...
I received this email, and wanted to share it with you. It's pretty long, so here are just 6 of his tips. If you like it, I might post the rest! Here goes: Dear Bob,               I am a millionaire and own a company that I created that is currently worth at least $7 million. I earn an income of ...

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