social media: "Twitter's of no value to REALTORS®". Really? Try this. - 12/04/09 02:18 AM
It sounds like an odd thing to say, but in a way, Twitter is a lot like real estate itself in two ways:
Many will try; fewer will "succeed" (and will give up prematurely). The relative few are lowering the reputation of both. The fact that most agents and offices do not use twitter as productively as they should does not therefore imply that it is a waste of time! Such logic would lead us to believe that practicing real estate in the first place is of no professional value.
I am willing to bet that the rabble-rousing Twitter malcontents, and … (138 comments)

social media: Design Your Facebook Page Like a Pro - Image Maps Tutorial - 11/19/09 09:49 AM
I was recently wowed by the Facebook page of eXp Realty. I'm not exagerrating when I say, in terms of design and branding coherency, eXp is the best brokerage FB page I've seen thus far. This must have cost extra, I thought. I was convinced that eXp must have paid FB something extra to enable such a page. Totally kosher, in my book. Just not something that was on our radar yet here at DriveBuy.
What was so special about the landing page?
Nearly the entire page was custom: Almost every element in some way represented eXp in a brand-consistent user … (11 comments)

social media: Social Media & Risk: There's The Rub - 10/21/09 08:42 AM
Social Media & Risk: There's The Rub

I'm bored with the "is social media effective" debate. It's an asinine question, really. For any value to be squeezed out of the discussion, we need to get much more specific. But even when we ask and answer questions like the following...

-Effective in what way?
-Which platforms are we talking about?
-How much effort are we putting into it, and what do we expect in return?
-What are the skill sets of those running the social media endeavor? variable remains conspicuously absent from the conversation: … (62 comments)

social media: Explaining Social Media to my 104-year-old Great-Grandmother - 09/21/09 11:01 AM
My great-grandmother is now 104 years old. While her sight is gone and her hearing is barely there, she’s still the gifted conversationalist and thinker she always was. Though she stays informed (and extremely opinionated) with the aid of news radio, she is not entirely current in her knowledge of things technological. Yet, being the caring grandmother she is, her life is enriched by the achievements of her progeny. In response to my birthday card, she wrote (by proxy) a letter of thanks which naturally included questions about my current personal and professional endeavors, my love life and every other area … (11 comments)

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