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Recently, my clients changed their minds to wanting to sell their rental. Yes, I was excited to hear that news. That same day, I had calls coming down my pipeline for more business that I wanted to respond to effectively.My team partner asked me what are we going to do about keeping all our facts...
Active Rain membership has meant the world to me as a new agent in Fairfax, VA. AR has helped me feel whole. I am educated and not risk averse but AR has made me feel that members have my back. When? When I write an offer committing someone else's money to a home or building for possibly 30 years...
This time of year, it is helpful to add beneficial nematodes to your lawn and garden areas.  Recently, at night, my colleague was telling me about the beneficial nematodes being spread in their lawn.  I had heard of this practice but wondered if it was too late in the year?  The quick reply was t...
My recent holiday weekend was planned to be a really relaxing, pre-organizing weekend. After working with patients, Saturday morning, I was just positive that the weekend was to be fabulous. I texted my broker that I was going out of town. Ahh...just breathing the air when a lead came in to me. S...
Golden girl houses are something I am very interested in for investors and for my future self. I believe we have alot of Fairfax, VA, residents who want to feel better about their future living quarters. If we allowed room rentals all the way to Tenants In Common investors to plan these wonderful...

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