fairfax: Prince William Buyers want Updated Rooms - 03/09/17 09:19 AM
Prince William Buyers
All buyers want all season homes.  This room is a great example of all season but needs to be ready to sell. We have a picture of an outside deck, a ceiling fan, a fireplace, and an office. This room needs to be uncluttered and painted. This area is actually the dining room. Here is an example of confusing the buyer. 
I have suggested putting back the dining room for indoor eating of outdoor grilling. As this season is warming up, this space is critical. Moving the office desk and chairs in an unused bedroom is better to uncomplicate the … (0 comments)

fairfax: Being Memory Ready for My Clients in Fairfax, VA - 09/19/16 08:50 AM
Recently, my clients changed their minds to wanting to sell their rental. Yes, I was excited to hear that news. That same day, I had calls coming down my pipeline for more business that I wanted to respond to effectively.
My team partner asked me what are we going to do about keeping all our facts and figures straight with our clients' needs? I started thinking about other professionals and my own memory tools. I own alot of colored files and software but I think I wanted a special approach. Having multiple totes and styles of portfolios, I decided to start using … (4 comments)

fairfax: Spreading Beneficial Nematodes in Fairfax, VA - 09/08/16 03:16 AM
This time of year, it is helpful to add beneficial nematodes to your lawn and garden areas.  Recently, at night, my colleague was telling me about the beneficial nematodes being spread in their lawn.  I had heard of this practice but wondered if it was too late in the year?  The quick reply was the war against the Japanese beetle.  My profile pick is with my silver toy poodle, Paco.  These beneficial nematodes being spread in the yard of Fairfax County homeowners can also help kill ticks, fleas, and the pesky Japanese Beetle very quickly.
With thoughts of all the horrible … (3 comments)

fairfax: Enjoying my neighborhood in all 4 seasons of Fairfax Va. - 08/29/16 09:32 AM
Seasons are a big deal in my evaluation of real estate for my clients. A home that shows well and looks so inviting to me at first glance may turn out to be a nightmare in the winter months. Learning how to view my clients' needs in a 4 season approach seems prudent. 
Some areas are hard to imagine unless you have been there. An example, I have a clothes dryer at work to wash patient gowns. I never thought I would use it to dry my patients clothes. Turns out many times that my dryer has come in handy so I … (5 comments)

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