home inspection: Spring Home Maintenance & Improvements - 03/24/15 01:52 AM
Dallas Home Inspections Blog, Spring Home Maintenance & Improvements
Maintaining Your Home Series
Spring is in the air! After a long winter, I think we are all ready for some sunshine. Spring is when we get excited about being outdoors and enjoying our yards. Our Spring Home Maintenance Tips will help get you going!
Along with some outdoor spring maintenance tips, we want to share some new home improvement standards. Every year, there are numerous updates to the Texas building standards. Some of these are outdoors, and some inside. A Professional Home Inspection can help you create a “to-do” list to make your … (0 comments)

home inspection: Benefits Of Choosing Selman Home Inspections - 03/04/15 01:14 AM
Benefits Of Choosing Selman Home Inspections
Reasons More North Texas Agents Refer Us Than Other Inspectors
Besides delivery of world class home inspection services, there are many benefits that home buyers and sellers get with every inspection we perform. Trusted by thousands of agents and their clients, our process of delivering outstanding customer service and reliable inspection reports makes us a leader in our field. We invite you to watch this 1 minute video about the benefits your clients will receive when you refer Selman Home Inspections.

Trusting us for your home inspection provides amazing benefits you wont get … (0 comments)

home inspection: The Limitations of a Home Inspection - 08/25/14 06:05 AM
The Limitations of a Home Inspection
The Home Inspection Defined
A general home inspection is a visual inspection for system and major accessible component defects and safety issues. The inspection is not technically exhaustive. A "general home inspection" and a "home inspection" are the same thing.
A home inspection is designed to reflect, as accurately as possible, the visible condition of the home at the time of the inspection. Conditions at a home for sale can change radically in only a day or two, so a home inspection is not meant to guarantee what condition a home will … (2 comments)

home inspection: Termite Control & Prevention In Your Home - 06/16/14 01:11 AM
Termite Control & Prevention In Your Home
Wood-destroying insects and other organisms can cause serious problems in the wooden structural components of a house, and may go undetected for a long period of time.  
New Construction  
All chemical soil treatments, bait systems, and chemical wood treatment must be approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and applied in accordance with the EPA label's instructions. In some cases, it is not feasible for a builder to arrange for soil treatment. In this regard, the International Residential Code (IRC) by the International Code Council allows a builder to utilize pressure-treated wood as … (5 comments)

home inspection: The Importance of Down Time - 05/06/14 12:56 AM
The Importance of Down Time
If you are driven to succeed in business and love what you do for a living, you may find it difficult to stop and take some down time. I know I do. It has been my mantra that if I am not performing a home inspection, I am working on the business. And, because I love what we do, I find it difficult to "turn it off" and have some down time. Time to do something other than work in my chosen profession.   Although somehow painful at first, I am finding that taking even a … (1 comments)

home inspection: Your House Is Talking To You! - 08/14/12 01:33 AM
  Your House Is Talking To You! As homeowners, we really should be listening to what our house is telling us. Yes, your home may be talking to you! Not in words but in quiet, whispering signs and evidence. Listed below are a few of the thousand of possible things your home may be trying to tell you:   Cracks in Walls   If your house interior or exterior walls have cracks, it may be time to pay closer attention to the moisture content of the soil around the foundation. It is important to repair the cracks in both interior and … (4 comments)

home inspection: What's For Lunch? - 06/14/12 12:32 AM
What's For Lunch?
Real Estate Agents and Home Inspectors along with others have one simple thing in common, "What's for lunch?". As road warriors traveling from house to house each day, we normally want to eat on the road between appointments. 
Over the past few months I have come to realize that eating right on the road is not always more expensive than fast food. Eating right is not always faster than fast food. And, I feel better and perform my job better without fast food.
Now I am a fan of Whataburger and I love Chick-Filet. I think their food … (36 comments)

home inspection: What a home inspection is, and is not - 04/11/12 02:02 AM
What A Home Inspection Is, And Is Not
In the home buying process, a professional Realtor will always recommend that you have the home inspected. Many agents refer their clients to outstanding, honest home inspectors who perform unbiased inspections. Other agents refer inspectors who provide "soft" reports that insure the property sale goes through no matter what the truth is about the property condition. Selman Home Inspection is trusted by buyers, sellers and their agents to provide "Accurate Inspection Reports You Can Trust".

What Is A Home Inspection
A home inspection is a complete, thorough, documented, unbiased test drive of a home you intend … (2 comments)

home inspection: Monthly, Spring, Fall, Annual Home Maintenance Checklist - 04/04/12 12:38 AM

home inspection: Home Maintenance Tip - Chimneys, Rain Gutters, Grading - 03/28/12 01:46 AM
Home Maintenance Tip - Chimneys, Rain Gutters, Grading

home inspection: Home Maintenance Tip - Attic Installed Heating & Cooling Equipment - 02/22/12 04:35 AM
Home Maintenance Tip - Attic Installed Heating & Cooling Equipment
These days, it is very common for heating and cooling equipment to be installed in the attic space. Installing HVAC systems in the attic has advantages such as leaving more storage space in the living area closets.  
There are several important maintenance items to keep in mind if your heating and cooling system is installed in your attic and, if your home is on the market and will be inspected: There should be a 24 inch wide (minimum) solid passage walkway to the HVAC equipment. There should be at least … (1 comments)

home inspection: Home Maintenance Tip - Window Glass (Home Safety) - 02/15/12 09:06 AM
Home Maintenance Tip - Window Glass (Home Safety)
Safety glass and window placement are sometimes overlooked by home builders (yes, even new homes), architects, DIY replacements and replacement window companies. There are important safety guidelines to consider concerning the windows in a house.
Did you know that there are window locations in most homes that require safety glass? There are. Safety glass is etched with a safety glass approval stamp in one of the corners of the glass pane. Safety glass or tempered window glass is important for your families safety. When safety glass or tempered window glass is broken, it … (1 comments)

home inspection: Home Inspection Maintenance Tip - Dishwasher Anti-Siphon Device - 01/31/12 04:51 AM
Home Inspection Maintenance Tip - Dishwasher Anti-Siphon Device

In the course of performing home inspections, I often find dishwasher drain lines which are improperly installed. Improperly installed drain lines from a dishwasher may allow water from the sink or food waste disposal to be siphoned into your dishwasher. Not good!
If your dishwasher drain line enters the sink cabinet near the bottom and curves upward to connect directly to the food waste disposer or drain T, you may be in danger to contaminates and even food poisoning. This condition can easily allow dirty sink water and other contaminates to … (0 comments)

home inspection: Buying A Home "As Is". That's What You Are Doing Without A Home Inspection - 03/08/11 04:16 AM
Buying A Home "As Is". That's What You Are Doing Without A Home Inspection
Are you buying or considering buying a home? If so, you probably hired a Realtor. If so, you did the right thing. Have you found the ideal home and think you may want to buy it? If so, your Realtor, the sellers agent, broker and lender are very happy. But, if you buy a house without a home inspection, you are buying the house "As Is"! Now why would anyone do that?
Yes. I am a Professional Home Inspector. And yes, it is how I make a … (1 comments)

home inspection: Home Inspectors Should Not Be Involved In Negotiations - 07/12/10 07:28 AM
Home Inspectors Should Not Be Involved In Negotiations
Personally, I have all I can do to do my job as a certified, licensed Professional Home Inspector in North Texas without getting involved with real estate deal negotiations. But, I have earned a lot of new business in the last six months because of inspectors who get themselves involved in the buying and selling negotiation process. More often than not, they are at odds with the Realtors. And, are also often the inspectors who scare the buyer or seller to death with poor communication skills.
Nowhere in the Texas Standards of Practice … (8 comments)

home inspection: Misconceptions About Home Inspectors - 03/29/10 10:58 AM
Misconceptions About Home Inspectors
Home Inspectors are worth our fee. Realtors charge 6% or more of the property sale price as their commission. 6% of $150,000 is $9,000. That is a significant amount to add to a buyers mortgage. The Home Inspection fee should be between $275 and $550 depending on the square footage and the number of additional inspected items needed such as wood destroying insect reports or septic system inspections. In addition, a home inspection is a real estate agents best defense against complaints or litigation. (Read about how to limit Agent liability) Professional Home Inspectors limit the liability … (1 comments)

home inspection: Home Inspector Similarities To Realtors - 03/29/10 10:41 AM
Home Inspector Similarities To Realtors
In many ways, home inspectors and real estate agents are similar. Like real estate agents, home inspectors are professionals and are deserving of respect for our expertise. And, in every profession, there are those who are professional and good at what they do just like there are those who are not so professional or good at what they do. Those who are good and demonstrate professionalism last in the business they choose while others do not.
Like real estate agents, Home Inspectors are businessmen and professionals. Professional Home Inspectors operate a real business day in and … (3 comments)

home inspection: Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters - 03/16/10 05:02 AM
Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters
Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCIs) are special types of electrical outlets and circuit breakers designed to detect and respond to potentially dangerous electrical arcs in home branch wiring. Professional Home Inspectors look for these in homes today.
How do Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters work?
AFCIs function by monitoring the electrical waveform and promptly opening (interrupting) the circuit they serve if they detect changes in the wave pattern that are characteristic of a dangerous arc. They also must be capable of distinguishing safe, normal arcs, such as those created when a switch is turned on or a plug … (1 comments)

home inspection: Realtor Top Criticisms of Home Inspection Companies - Part 1 - 03/12/10 07:20 AM
Realtor Top Criticisms of Home Inspection Companies - Part 1
As a North Texas Home Inspection Company, I am always working to improve how my company performs home inspections and building relationships with Realtors and clients through education about home inspections. And, I believe that eliminating (or at least minimizing) the top criticisms Realtors and clients have of home inspectors is good for my industry, the real estate industry, good marketing and valuable for educating Realtors about the nature of home inspections. In this multi-part blog post, I will be listing the top criticisms many home inspectors hear from Realtors and … (3 comments)

home inspection: Can I Get Listing Agents Opinions About A "Walk Through" Home Inspection For Sellers Please - 02/11/10 07:17 AM
Like most home inspection companies, Selman Home Inspection offers the traditional buyers home inspections. And, as an InterNACHI certified home inspector, I also offer "Move In Certified" Seller Home Inspections which are the same as a traditional home inspection but are geared to provide marketing advantages for sellers and their listing agents. 
I often here that the biggest reason sellers don't want to do a Seller Home inspection is the cost. They simply don't want to spend $275 to better market their home and remove the surprises. (I don't know why)
So, today I had an idea (not yet sure how … (4 comments)

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