restaurant reviews: Not a Quack - 03/31/10 03:55 PM
Black Duck122 east 28 streetNew York, NY
212 204 5240
 The Black Duck was the best rum running ship of its time and the Black Duck restaurant does its best to live up to its name sakes reputation. It comes close.
 We started with the Lump Crab Cakes, which unlike most restaurants really contained lump crab meat. The Calamari, another appetizer was thoroughly cooked, but not yet tough and indication of good things to come.
 It signature dish, Crispy Duck Breast, is crispy at the same time the meat is still medium rare without being fatty, a real trick. The duck … (2 comments)

restaurant reviews: Food, not spelling is important - 02/27/10 09:51 AM
New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe65 Bayard StreetNew York, NY 10013
 212 566 4884
 Luckily their cooking is a lot better than there spelling.
 New Yeah has the run of now ordinary Chinese food, but its specials are really special.
Shanghai is famous for its soup dumplings. These are steamed dumplings the have soup sealed in them, an experience in eating itself.
 Chrysanthemum Fish, $ 16, a chef ‘s special, a filet of fish scored then deep fried, the white flesh blooms and the skin shrinks producing an entry, that looks very much like a flower. Another specialty is a whole pork shoulder, … (5 comments)

restaurant reviews: Guacamole to taste - 02/26/10 12:41 PM
Piramide Mexican Restaurant499 5th Ave Brooklyn, NY718-499-0002
If you in the mood for a Mexican Restaurant, but want more than a workers luncheonette, Piramide is the place.
Bright and clean, there a wide variety of dishes, even fish dishes. You know you are in a special place when you order guacamole and the waiter will prepare it to taste in front of you. (bland or omg hot). The avocados are specially flown in from Mexico for that authentic taste.
Dinner is surprisingly inexpensive practically all the entrees are less than $ 20 and drinks are often on sale. There is a … (4 comments)

restaurant reviews: Noodletown is not the place you want to take a date - 02/13/10 09:15 AM
Noodletown28 BoweryNew York, NY 10013
(212) 349-0923
After midnight and after a show or movie, when most if not all of the food places in Chinatown, NYC have closed down, there is Noodletown on the Corner of Bowery and Bayard Streets
The atmosphere at noodletown is Chinese luncheonette when it was new and it is not new now. There is no maitre d', cooked ducks and pigs hang in the window. Soup is scooped out unceremoniously in front everyone. The waiters are constantly busy and either do not have the time or the English to greet you and certainly not … (0 comments)

restaurant reviews: Not Fancy, but Good - 01/30/10 01:31 PM
Buckley's Tavern2926 Avenue SBrooklyn, NY 11228718 998 4222
 Not Fancy, but Good
 Buckley's Tavern has grown up what started as a local bar with food is now a real restaurant and catering hall. Unlike some expansions Buckley's has had the sense not to change what made them special. Their menu is limited with daily specials, but what they do they do well. There is a large local crowd and the waitress's know most by name and are often invited to sit at the table to gossip.
 You can start off with Onion or Lentil Soup and an individually baked loaf of … (0 comments)

restaurant reviews: Luckily, some things don't change - 01/30/10 01:29 PM
Joe's of Avenue U287 Avenue UBrooklyn, NY718 449 9285
 I was 13 years old when I first went to Joe's of Avenue U. Even after fifty years, Joe's a Focacceria Palermitana has not lost its Sicilian roots. Initially Joes\'s was only open for lunch. When lunch or the mid day meal was the main meal as it was back in Sicily. Gradually even Joe's has adapted but its menu harks back to an even ancient era. A time when tomato was unknown in Italy (pre Columbus) and fish or fish sauce was the main flavoring... You can still get Pasta cchi … (1 comments)

restaurant reviews: Bice New York, is part of a chain of restaurants, but this is not your fathers McDonald's - 12/27/09 12:53 PM
Bice Ristorante4 East 54 StreetsNew York, NY
 212 688 1999
 Bice New York, is part of a chain of restaurants, but this is not your fathers McDonald's
 There are several Bice restaurants around the world we were at the Manhattan branch. The first thing you notice that the décor is lively but dignified, in some ways similar to Kellari. The next thing to notice is that even though this is not an inexpensive restaurant (dinner can easily be $ 100/person) there are children at the table, albeit well dressed and at there best behavior. Indeed three generational tables are not uncommon.

restaurant reviews: Would you like an Aria with that? - 12/04/09 01:17 PM
Tomasso Restaurant
 1464 86th St. (cor. Bay 8th St. )Brooklyn, NY 11228           
ph# 718-236-9883
 Deep in the heart of Italian Brooklyn is Tomasso's restaurant. The food is real Italian, not like the fake Australian Outback steak house across the street. The lasagna had sausage, pork, beef. This is the way it's made in homes in Italy. Olive oil and basil is on the table to have with your crusty ethnic breads and the wine list is perhaps the best in Brooklyn. Special attention is paid to large groups. The prices go down with entrees in the 20's, as easily as a … (1 comments)

restaurant reviews: Don't count the calories or the chloresterol. just enjoy - 11/14/09 10:57 AM
Delmonico's56 Beaver StreetNew York, NY
212 509 1144
Don't count the calories or the chloresterol. just enjoy
I have eaten in some of the best steak houses here and abroad, while Florentine beef is
very good, Delmonico's is still number one.
Yes, historic Delmonico's, originator o Lobster Newberg, Baked Alaska and Chicken ala Keene (king). The service is still first rate and atmosphere hasn't changed since 1837. The only curious thing is that the appetizers and desserts are small while the main courses are enormous
We celebrated a birthday there recently and we were not disappointed. The double porterhouse was buttery … (3 comments)

restaurant reviews: Maybe you can taste the atmosphere - 11/08/09 04:19 AM
Mendy's Kosher Deli
61 east 34 street
New York, NY
212 576 1010
I haven't been to Mendy's on 34 Street in a while. They have redecorated and updated and the results were interesting.
The food is still very good, if anything better. There is now a salad bar and the front counter still makes sandwiches that must be handled with two hands. They still have the best kosher deli especially corned beef in town. It is lean without being dry and crumbly. The only complaint was the kasha knishes had mashed potatoes mixed with the kasha. The … (0 comments)

restaurant reviews: Mimi's Hummus is delightful - 10/13/09 12:24 PM
Mimis Hummus1209 Cortelyou Rd(between Westminster Rd & Argyle Rd)Brooklyn, NY 11218(718) 284-4444  
There is somethimg delightful about Mimis Hummus. Although the food is good and there is enough variety among the middle eastern dishes for a vegetarian or a carnivore, There is something intangible, that shines through. The tangibles ( food)  are good and inexpensive with main courses for under $ 15 and lots of salads and sides that can be upgraded to mains. Some of the combination salads are definitely worth tryiog for example I had a salad plate of roasted beets, white beans and hummus, which could have … (0 comments)

restaurant reviews: Don't eat dinner at a lunch restaurant - 07/22/09 04:35 PM
207 West 36 Street
New York, NY 10018
 (212) 695-5220
 I love Italian food and I love American food. Murano seems to have confused the best of both.
 Murano is quite clearly a business mans fancy lunch, a place were corporate high level gossip can be exchanged while the executives get thoroughly lubricated. Indeed Murano is not open on the weekends.
 Italian food has wonderful distinct courses with its antipasti, pasta and secondi all with different tastes and textures. The antipasti is made to be eaten with bread. The pasta's shape is made to enhance the flavors of the sauce; … (1 comments)

restaurant reviews: In the presence of professionals - 06/25/09 12:28 PM
Padre Figlio310 east 44 streetNY, NY
There is something about Padre Figlio, which just tells you they know what they are doing. It starts with the hostess, who greets you by name even though you have never been there before and have not announced yourself. The Maitre D' proceeds to announce the voluminous specials of the day, including the ingredients and the method of preparation...just so.
We were not interested in just beef, I wanted to see what the chef can do and even this jaded New Yorker was impressed. Some of us started with a wonderful tricolor salad topped with … (0 comments)

restaurant reviews: Poor Porter's Problem - 05/18/09 05:16 PM
Poor Porter's Problem
Porter's Restaurant and Lounge
216 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY
I had checked out Porter's restaurant on the web about a week before making reservations. The website was attractive, the menu tempting, and live music was advertised. When the got to the restaurant there was no live music or DJ and the menu had changed significantly. But we still started our dinner with high hopes at this tablecloth restaurant because it looked good and we actually found free parking very close.
We were greeted courteously and seated. The staff was friendly and had a … (1 comments)

restaurant reviews: Arno - 05/11/09 04:53 PM
Arno Restaurant141 West 38 StreetNew York, NY
 Arno Restaurant like the Arno River is classically Italian. The ambiance of dark wood and large mirrors reminds you of Tuscany. Interestingly enough Tuscany is famous for its beef and there is very little beef on Arno's menu.
 What Arno does have is someone who knows fish and seafood. Its Calamari was freshly done, fried Calamari that sits becomes greasy and rubbery, and the sauce was nicely piccante, just a little heat. Avoid the Mozzarella and Basil it was very plain Jane.
 There are daily specials and we got Bass with a butter, … (0 comments)

restaurant reviews: Eating cheaply on Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY - 3 - 05/11/09 04:50 PM
New Star Restaurant (Dim Sum)1217 Avenue UBrooklyn, NY
 718 998 -0350
 Yes, I am a Dim Sum fanatic, but who can blame me. This Chinese brunch ritual is wonderful and New Star impressed me.
 New Star has expanded and this has given them the ability to present a huge variety of Dim Sum (small plates) at a very reasonable price. Their Shui Mei (meat) and their Har Gow (shrimp) dumplings were excellent. The variety and freshness of their other offerings was amazing. I tried a new item, a mini fried egg with fish mouse inside that seemed to float off the … (0 comments)

restaurant reviews: A bright dim sum - 05/03/09 04:41 PM
On Saturday about 11 a.m. a walk through Chinatown, NYC, I noticed that most of the restaurants were essentially empty except the Dim Sum places. For those who are not native New Yorker's or Californian's, Dim Sum is a weekend brunch where small tasting plates of various Chinese dishes are wheeled through the dining room. Typically you are put at a large table with people you have never met, often there are family group from Grandma to infants. As they stop by your table, you can pick out the dishes you like and a card is stamped indicating your purchase. These … (1 comments)

restaurant reviews: A Spring Night on Cortelyou Road Brooklyn, NY - 04/22/09 02:19 PM
Springtime on Cortelyou Road
Spring has at long last come to Cortelyou Road and Ditmas Park. The first warm weekend day saw couples and family promenading down the stately street of Ditmas Park. The Daffodils were admired and critical comments made as to color combinations on the never ending variety of Victorian homes. A discreet photo of someone's garden, a child admonished about walking on the grass and a smile, when a mention was made of the upcoming Arbor Day Ditmas Park Tree Tour 4/25 ( ).
Little did we know the real spring happening was going to … (0 comments)

restaurant reviews: Fino's Wall Street - a restaurant review - 04/20/09 10:51 AM
Fino's Wall Street is mis-named, it should be Find if you can, Not on Wall Street. Look for this subterranean pricey restaurant off the corner (or maybe that should be under the corner) of Beaver and Pearl.
The décor of Fino's reminds you of a 1940's gangster movie, there is even a private platform where the shoot out can occur. We went on Friday night and discovered that we were the only patrons with a wait staff of about twenty.
Because we were a group of four we were able to sample a fairly wide range of their offerings. Fino's is … (0 comments)

restaurant reviews: A Dirty Bar Cleans Up its Act - 04/20/09 10:45 AM
773 Coney Island Avenue -Bar Lounge
There is an old story that the Police from the 70 precinct used to eat at Georges Diner not only because the food was good and cheap, but also because it was only a few doors down from 773 Bar Lounge and they could easily fill their quota of arrests there. Maybe Seven Seven Three, wasn't that bad but you certainly didn't walk in unless you knew someone or wanted to forget someone.
But with new owners, a spruce up and a limited menu, 773 has become a welcoming working man's/women's place. Drinks and Beers … (0 comments)


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