real estate: The First Offer - 11/06/08 06:08 AM
David Slavin, ABR, SRES
     First offers in today's real estate market are golden.  Don't let it get away if you can help it.  The old saying, "A bird in hand is better than two in the bush" fits today's market.  If you want to wait for the highest offer and your house sits on the market month after month and you keep making payments... what did you gain?  It is better today to try and work with the first offer than wait for another.  Many times it is better in the long run to make a deal and move on to … (6 comments)

real estate: The First Letter To Send in 2009! - 11/06/08 05:30 AM
By David N. Slavin, ABR, SRES
     Do you want 2009 to start off good for you?  Of course you do!  Who wouldn't?  It is important to let your past clients and SOI know that you are still open for business no matter what they see in the news about the real estate market.
     I always send a letter in January thanking everyone for helping me to have a highly successful year in 2008 thanks to them sending me their referrals.  I continue with, I'm looking forward to helping them and/or their referrals in 2009, etc.  I also send … (9 comments)

real estate: What Do You Do? - 10/05/08 02:07 AM
By David Slavin, ABR, SRES
     This is always a tough one for many agents.  In today's real estate market we must make sure customer service is a top priority and part of this is gift giving.  I'm not necessarily talking about holiday gifts to clients and past clients.  I'm talking about gift giving when clients don't expect it.  That's when it makes the biggest impression on them and you will remain on the top of their mind.  When they think real estate they think of you.  But now for the big question...
What do you give them and … (24 comments)

real estate: Is the Sky Falling? - 09/22/08 09:54 AM
     With all of the government bailouts going on, some may be wondering if the sky is falling.  As far as I can see, the only thing that is falling is the money out of our pockets so the government can keep the market from crashing.  Some people are saying that the government is trying to slowly let us know how bad things really are and we are just seeing the beginning of the bailouts.  What I don't understand is where is all of this bailout money going to come from? 
     All of us in the real … (23 comments)

real estate: Does Coaching Work? - 09/03/08 03:42 AM
     I have been thinking of taking my business to the next level and I don't know if coaching is the way to go.  I know that any system or program must be followed and coaching provides the accountability that's needed to stay on track.  You can have the best plan in the world but it is worthless if you don't follow it.  This is true for anything including weight loss, real estate, etc.
If you have or are involved with or are being coached... DOES IT WORK?
David Slavin, ABR, SRES

real estate: Do You Know Why? - 08/19/08 04:43 AM
By David Slavin, ABR, SRES
     Do you know why popcorn pops?  Here's why.  Popcorn is actually a kind of corn called flint corn and it contains a minor amount ot starch.  Each kernel contains a layer called the endosperm and it resists the build up of steam pressure when heated.  When the temperature reach around 400 degrees Fahrenheit the kernel expands up to 30 times its original size and the endosperm violently explodes and you have a single piece of poppedcorn or popcorn. 
     Popcorn is not the widely familiar sweet corn we like to eat in … (3 comments)

real estate: A Must Do For Sellers! - 08/18/08 09:17 AM
By David Slavin, ABR, SRES                                   
     There are so many things a seller must do to get a house sold and there are so many things a real estate agent must do to get a house sold.  Why would a seller go through the cleaning, landscaping, power washing, staging, etc., etc., etc. and when an offer comes in... you want full price?
     In this market, it is imperitive that a seller is willing to negotiate.  I know some sellers can't afford to negotiate much then those people probably shouldn't be selling unless they are behind on … (1 comments)

real estate: What is Your Major Purpose? - 08/14/08 02:43 AM
By:  David N. Slavin, ABR, SRES                                        
     Today's thought for the day from the Napoleon Hill Foundation was very insightful and made me think, "What is your major purpose?"
     We can just get by in life without a Definite Major Purpose, but we can't get ahead in life without one.  Where do you want to be?  Do you just want to get by or do you want to get ahead and be successful?  I don't want to just sell houses to people... … (4 comments)

real estate: What Kind of Seller Are You? - 08/11/08 07:39 AM
By:  David N. Slavin, ABR, SRES
      When thinking about selling your house, you'll need to ask yourself what kind of seller are you?  Are you a wishful thinker?  A realist?  Or are you a member of the anxious and desperate?
     I always tell my clients in the Katy real estate market that there are three prices to every house.  1. The price the seller WISHES to sell the house for...  2. The price the buyer WISHES they could by the house for... 3. Then there's reality or the price the house actually sells for.

real estate: Katy - The Next Medical Center - 08/07/08 10:00 AM
By: David N. Slavin, ABR, SRES
     Katy, Texas is on track to become the next major medical center of the west Houston area.  Right now there are two hospitals currently built and treating patients.  At Fry Rd. just off of I10 you will find the Chritsus St. Catherine Hospital and at I10 just west of the Grand Parkway (HWY 99) you can be treated at Memorial Hermann Hospital.  Soon there will be St. Lukes Hospital at the Grand Parkway and Kingsland (south of I10).  Then Methodist Hospital and Texas Children's Hospital already have the land purchased to build next door to each … (0 comments)

real estate: Is the Commission Negotiable? - 08/05/08 06:38 AM
By:  David N. Slavin, ABR,SRES
     In recent years, discounting real estate agents have come into the picture.  This has made people question if the commissions on selling a house are negotiable.  The answer is yes.  The next question should be, "At what cost?"  This means that if you ask someone to work for less, will they be able to provide you with the same kind and quality of service that you would be receiving at the original commission?  Many times the answer to this is a resounding NO. 
     You'll be able to find numerous agents that … (14 comments)

real estate: SRES Designation - 07/19/08 09:07 AM
     I just completed all of the requirements and now I am proud to say I have the SRES designation.  For those of you who don't know about this designation, then I invite you to visit !  This is the future of our industry and it is important to learn how to better serve this growing segment of our real estate business. 
     I would like to encourage the Active-Adult community to use agents with this designation.  You will be glad you did. 
David Slavin, ABR, SRES

real estate: Freemasons and Real Estate - 03/08/08 01:38 AM
     Are there any Masons out there that have found a problem balancing the learning of the degrees with family and work.  I'm contemplating petitioning a Lodge and from the books that I've been reading say that it can take some time to complete.  My main concern is the amount of time away from the family but I have a huge desire to become the best person I can be.  This, I know will take a balance in life along with juggling the schedule. 
     If you are a Mason, please give me some advice on how to handle everything … (1 comments)

real estate: The Houston Real Estate Market - 01/31/08 07:15 AM
     According to the statistics, the Houston market isn't how the national media keep talking about.  When the media talks about the crashing of the housing market, they aren't talking about the Houston real estate market.  Are there foreclosures in the Houston area?  Yes there are!  According to a study, Houston has averaged 1000 foreclosures a month for the past year and its looking steady at that number.  This may sound like a high number and it is except that we are talking about a market that has more than 2 million homes.  So 12,000 foreclosures a year isn't bad … (4 comments)

real estate: Warning! Real Estate Education Scam! - 12/19/07 01:17 AM
                                                         WARNING! WARNING! WARNING!
     Don't fall for the Rich Dad Education Scam!  The way they scam people is they invite you to a free 2 hour seminar.  Okay, nothing is free!  Expect to get a sales pitch to attend their 3 day "training" course to learn the "How To" since the books teach theory and strategy but not real world practical advice from the "Experts" in real estate investing.
     You pay $495to attend the 3 day "training" and you get a work book and cd set by Robert Kiyosaki called "You Can Choose To Be Rich".  On his website this … (159 comments)

real estate: It's Hunting Season! - 12/13/07 04:05 AM
     House Hunting season is on!  There are so many opportunities for buyers and investors that its like Christmas!  No... Wait... It is Christmas!  Look at all of the bargains just waiting to be had.  Forget going to the department store and buying junk that nobody wants.  Go to your Realtor and buy the dream house you've always wanted or investment property to fix up and lease.  Which is going to make you happier?  Junk from the store or cashflow from your investment real estate that you just bought on sale!
     I know what I'm going to do... I'm looking … (1 comments)

real estate: The Perfect Storm! - 12/12/07 06:04 AM
     The perfect storm is here!  It's time to take advantage of it before it's gone for another decade or two.  The storm I'm talking about is real estate investing.  If you were one of those people back in the late 80's that thought the real estate world was coming to an end and then in hind sight you were kicking yourself for not buying at that time.  I have great news news for you.  The time is right once again!  Stop kicking yourself for what you should have done and DO IT NOW! 
     There are so many ways to make money in real estate from … (3 comments)

real estate: Is it Time to Panic? - 09/19/07 12:44 AM
     Now is NOT the time to panic.  It is, however, the time to look for opportunities in the market for our clients, investors and ourselves.  With the fed lowering by 50 basis points, the markets now have something to look forward to.  Think back several years ago during the late 80's and early 90's when the real estate market had a correction.  What did you tell yourself then?  You might be like me if you told yourself that the next time there is a correction, you're not going to miss the next opportunity.
     Ladies and Gentlemen, the opportunity … (4 comments)

real estate: Put Your Money Where You Mouth Is! - 09/12/07 03:41 PM
     With the real estate market so slow in many markets across the country, the time to put your money where your mouth is has arrived.  The market is ripe for picking up some houses at deep discounts and lease them.  People have to live somewhere so why not in one of your properties.  Let the tenant pay the mortgage and you get to make passive income.  When the market turns around (it always does) then you'll be positioned to make even more money. 
     Many sales jobs have people that talk the talk but don't walk the walk.  How … (4 comments)

real estate: Put Your Money Where You Mouth Is! - 09/12/07 03:40 PM
     With the real estate market so slow in many markets across the country, the time to put your money where your mouth is has arrived.  The market is ripe for picking up some houses at deep discounts and lease them.  People have to live somewhere so why not in one of your properties.  Let the tenant pay the mortgage and you get to make passive income.  When the market turns around (it always does) then you'll be positioned to make even more money. 
     Many sales jobs have people that talk the talk but don't walk the walk.  How … (7 comments)

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