property: March Tartaglia Realty office update - 03/06/12 07:09 AM
Things have been a bit hectic around Tartaglia Realty in the last week or so. We closed three sides, I got elected to be the new President of the Downtown Association of San Luis Obispo and we held our first Art After Dark exhibit. Basically, we've had papers flying around, happy clients coming in the office among the metamorphosis of  a real estate office to a new feel of a real estate office/ art gallery (pretty cool actually.) So needless to say things have been busy. Below I have a video up that shows the brief selection of photographs and original artworks of local artists, … (4 comments)

property: Is buying a home in 2012 your New Year Resolution? - 01/02/12 07:50 AM
Hey Guys, in the next 2.5 minutes you can hear my top 5 tips for helping you achieve your goals/ resolutions of buying a home in 2012. In short here they are in a list but the video goes into a bit more detail.
Get financially fit  Get pre-approved for a loan  Meet up with a REALTOR®  Save money for your down payment  Start looking for properties (Get after it)   
Happy New Year folks!

property: Why do people move to SLO? - 11/16/11 08:30 AM
Often times, I talk to visitors in SLO and they have the impression that my hometown has an aura around it. Thus, I have to wonder what is it about San Luis Obispo that attracts retirees, investors, second home buyers and families to move here. Furthermore, why are first-time home buyers willing to pay a high price to buy their first home in SLO when they could save money and live just 20 minutes North or South at half the cost? To some, this may seem like a straightforward answer and they can come up with a million different reasons this … (0 comments)

property: Finding San Luis Obispo Homes Online - 11/04/11 08:46 AM
Many of you are tech savvy and do a lot of shopping online. As I see it, the future of Real Estate will involve an e-commerce approach to buying homes. Product will be on display on websites and all clients will have to do is click schedule, meet the agent, view the property in person and then sign contracts and negotiate via face to face interaction. We are pretty much there already but there are some minor barriers involved in the process.Nonetheless, we have the capability for you to search on from the comfort of your Snuggie, on your couch … (0 comments)

property: What I took away from Calif. Assoc. Realtor®s YPN Evolve - 10/28/11 05:27 PM
The Evolution of Social Media:
What did I learn from the CAR YPN Evolve Conference? Wow, what a question! I will have to start by saying that there was so much content that I am still digesting it all and that this will have to be a multiple post review. Yea, there was that much information!

To start it off I will take it from the top with Nicole “Nic Nic” Nicolay’s presentation on Social Media entitled WHAT’S NEW IN SOCIAL MEDIA AND BEYOND. Keep in mind this is my interpretation of her presentation and these are the notes that … (0 comments)

property: San Luis Obispo real estate update - 10/25/11 04:04 PM
Hey guys, Dominic Tartaglia here with Your first time home buyer specialist. Tonight i just wanted to check in with you and give you an update on what's going on with our company this week. I am taking advantage of a unique opportunity to shoot on down to the Young Professionals Network conference in Long Beach as well as reminding you to keep an eye on the website and blog. You might find some new little additions like the Realtor® badge that is new to the website that lets you know for sure that I am a bonified Realtor®. 
Also, … (0 comments)

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