investing: Turn the market around by teaching financial literacy. - 05/10/07 03:04 AM
                           Most of the people I deal with on a day to day basis are house rich and cash poor. They have little to nothing in their savings accounts and little hope for retirement. They are taught by their parents to buy a home and do whatever it takes to pay it off and secure their future. People do this with good intentions but fail to realize that all of their money is tied up in their real estate. The only way to access their retirement money is to either sell their property or take on a mortgage and an added monthly expense. … (1 comments)

investing: Do you think your home is your greatest asset? - 03/03/07 03:05 AM
Most people we speak to in the real estate biz think that their home is their most valuable asset. Unless they live in a multi-family that generates positive cash flow they are seriously mistaken. Put quite simply an asset puts money in your pocket. If your house is costing you on a monthly basis how is this viewed as an asset? In my eyes, and in the opinion of many accomplished investors, your home is your greatest liability.
In order to truly become wealthy you need to have your assets generate enough passive income to surpass your monthly expenses. This is accomplished not only … (1 comments)

investing: San Francisco Wealth Expo - 03/02/07 12:56 AM
On March 3rd the Learning Annex is having their annual Wealth Expo in San Fran (expo center). Many of the top real estate players are always in attendance. It is in an intense weekend of seminars geared towards investors of all types but primarily real estate investors. The key note speakers feature Donald Trump and Robert Kyiosaki. Two of my favorites. Anyway I just wanted to see if anyone from Active Rain will be in attendance. Let me know if you are going and who you are going to see. Enjoy. … (0 comments)

investing: Any Activerainers goint to the Learning Annex Wealth Expo? - 02/23/07 01:23 AM
I'm just curious to see if any ActiveRainers are attending the upcoming Wealth Expo in San Francisco in March. I'd like to see what other types of vendors will be attending this year. We travel all over the country to attend this function because they have world renound key note speakers such as Trump and Kyiosaki. The big names usually provide a large turn out at these events and my favorite type of people (smart people) attend this function. Give me a shout if you are going. I'd love to meet you! … (0 comments)

investing: Turn the regular homeowner into an investor and double your business. - 02/23/07 12:17 AM
I specialize in turning the average homeowner into an investor. Homeowners can easily become wealthy but seldom realize the potential they possess. The common goal of homeowners is to pay off their mortgage so they are not in debt come retirement. By doing so all of their money goes to their housing and living expenses and little is left over to save. When they don't have enough money to put in the bank every month and the unexpected arises they are forced to refinance their homes and start their 30 year term over. The average homeowner refinances their home every 3 to … (1 comments)

investing: Investing in Real Estate - 02/21/07 02:20 AM
We are in one of the best markets possible for investors. Sellers are taking lower offers as well as offering concessions to cover closing expenses for buyers. With the recent slump in housing sales new opportunities arise for experienced and inexperienced investors alike. Mortgage rates, although not as low as a few years ago, are still historically the lowest they have been for quite some time. It is an excellent time to build your real estate portfolio. Unnfortunately, because of the recent slowing of the market I have noticed more and more lenders changing their guidelines. Banks are becoming more strict in … (2 comments)

investing: Cash Flow 101 Club - 02/20/07 05:57 AM
I have recently started my own Cash Flow 101 Club. For those of you that are not familiar with investment guru Robert Kyiosaki, Cash Flow 101 is a board game that teaches common investment principles that are applied by every succesful investor in the world. Cash Flow 101 not only teaches you how to manage your finances to become wealthy (something our schools should teach but don't) but it emplores a hands on teaching method that will help you better understand the bigger picture. Although seeing professional speakers and reading books on the subject are helpful, actually doing is a much … (1 comments)


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