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I had two bills in the past month that were stamped with "Where's George". It was quite interesting when I visited the web site, entered the serial number and date to find out how far these bills had traveled.I added my home town to the Wheres George website and sent them off to their next destin...
Dreamaker: to search, provide valuable information, secure and present the Dream Home.Every Agent is a Dreamaker! Sure, the availability of information for buyers on the Internet seems like all the buyer would need these days.But in reality each of us can read up on surgeries, vehicle repairs, ro...
I can still remember when I was young and loved playing with my trucks. I would spend endless hours with neighborhood friends, building fake cities in the sand box. Hearing Mom call out my name when lunch was ready. Of course the lunch whistle hadn't blown on my construction site, but with enough...
 Before a buyer makes the decision to go house hunting they should do their "home work" first.Utilizing a Personal Budget Calculator will help determine current expenses. These are the numbers that your mortgage lender will be looking for when you make the initial application for your mortgage. K...
I just received a poem through my e-mail about Michigan winters. The author is unknown, but did a fantastic job. The poem pretty much holds true for this winter. Enjoy.  It's winter here in MichiganAnd the gentle breezes blowSixty miles an hourAt seventeen below. Oh, how I love MichiganWhen the s...
Our son recently started working with a commercial building company. He was working in our home building company where he was never off the ground more then 15 feet. Now he moved into steel erection. where he is walking around on 6" beams that would have me frozen in place. Of course as parents w...
Peterson Mill in Saugatuck has been beautifully maintained. When you visit Saugatuck, take the time to ride by and snap some photo's of this historical site.Peterson Mill was a grist Mill back in its day. Today ducks and geese make the pond near the mill home.History is rich in the Saugatuck area...
Lately Saugatuck Michigan has been experiencing winter wonderland. We have a break in the weather for a day or so, with more snow on the way Sunday.Here are some photos the Ted Swoboda of Swoboda Images recently took.Walkway over looking Lake Michigan.           Steps to the beach on Lake Michiga...
How would you like to remove the biggest obstacle in selling, bidding and building new homes and condominiums? One of the most frustrating parts for the agent and builders, is bidding a new home for a client that is getting multiple quotes.Unlike commercial construction where the spec sheets are ...
When I first joined the Active Rain Family it was a bit confusing and overwhelming for me on what to do. I found that I surfed the blogs pages, reading and commenting before I got the courage up to try my first post. That was on October 16, 2007 and it was basically all text. Since then I back tr...

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