active rain: Active Rain has Changed (I think?) - 07/28/08 08:56 AM
Some changes I noticed today, or is it just me? Did I miss something or a post explaining the new change?
Either way, I love the comments part where I don't have to type that dreaded password in after each comment. If they only knew how much more time that took for a one finger typist, LOL. Thank you, if this is the newest change.
The other change I noticed is when I post a Blog, the Groups are all condensed into one category, very clean.
Nice changes Active Rain! They are changes, right?
(After the Comment box you will … (100 comments)

active rain: Mark Deering is in the House! Welcome to the Active Rain Family. - 07/28/08 07:35 AM
After begging inviting Mark Deering with Remax Grand Valley (Ottawa County, Michigan) over the past few months, he has finally arrived and joined the Active Rain Family.
I know Mark personally and he is a creative, hard working agent, that was a bit reluctant about the site. Thanks to a recent post by Brian Block about the success stories of Active Rain, I was able to convince Mark of the Power of The Rain.
Mark's personal web site is Moves Made Easy
Please take the time to visit Mark's Active Rain profile and welcome him to the Family.
Welcome aboard Mark, … (28 comments)

active rain: Scared (for a better use of words) Crapless. - 07/26/08 06:48 AM

I joined The Rain on October 04, 2007 and shyly surfed the site for the first 10 days. No comments, no posts, in fact I hardly understood the concept of "Blogging." Blogging, it's not even in the spell check system. How important can it be if it hasn't made the spell check system? (hint, hint Active Rain Team). I thought what the heck, I'll look into it now that I'm here.
My first post was on October 14, 2007. Nervous, yep, after seeing the post that some of the seasoned (OK, old timers) Rainer's were posting.
But, what to write? Would I … (56 comments)

active rain: Anna Wilson is the 100,000th Member on Active Rain - 07/25/08 09:50 AM
Anna Wilson is officially the 100,000th member to our Active Rain Family. Congratulation Anna!
Anna is with W.E Advertise they are dedicated to bringing affordable advertising to people and businesses at a fraction of the cost of traditional avenues.  W.E. offers you fresh advertising with a more personal approach.
Please take the time to welcome Anna to the Active Rain Family, and the ThemThem Group.
I'm honored to have Anna as part of our Group and a member of the AR Family.

active rain: Todays the Day, 100,000 Members in Active Rain, YeeHaa (Its OFFICIAL) - 07/25/08 12:21 AM
Today is the day that Active Rain tops the 100,000 members mark.
A big ThemThem to the Active Rain Team and all the members in helping this network be the best it can be.
I have watched the Members number grow daily and to see it go to the 6 digit number is going to be exciting and rewarding. Because the members are calculated automatically towards the end of the day we will have to watch the new members section, currently it puts membership at 99,952. So within a few hours the 100,000th member should arrive.
Please join me in Congratulating the … (60 comments)

active rain: The winner of the latest Poll on "Who is your favorite Active Rain Blogger?" - 07/10/08 06:55 AM

Mr. Jason Crouch has been crowned the "Favorite Active Rain Blogger" by 36% of the voters.

Followed closely behind by Sir Brad Andersohn netting 27% of the votes.

And Lady Donna Harris with 14% of the votes.
Congratulations to each of you, and all the members who were on the Favorite Bloggers, voting Poll. You are all winners in my eyes!
Thank you to all the members who took the time to vote.
This Poll has been closed and a new poll is open on the right side of this blog page. Please take … (48 comments)

active rain: BLOG! Did I just swear? - 07/10/08 02:01 AM

Hey, you can stick it in your BLOG!
Go ahead and BLOG yourself!
When I suggest to a Real Estate Professional to join Active Rain and start networking and blogging. You would think I said the nastiest word I have in my vocabulary. People almost start to hyperventilate at the word BLOG. What the BLOG did you just say?
It's a scary word, BLOG, but is it? Why do so many fear the word. OK, I agree, the word BLOG has not made the spell check dictionary as of yet (Hint, Hint Active Rain Team) as most swear words don't, but it's not … (46 comments)

active rain: The Polls are closed, a new one opens - 06/25/08 05:22 AM
I recently changed the poll along the side of my blog page.
Here are the results of the previous poll. Thank you to all who voted.
Has Active Rain helped your Real Estate Business?  
42% Yes, Tremendously  
27% Not yet, but I think its going to!  
22% A Little  
09% No, not a bit
Please take the time to vote on the latest Poll, "Who is your favorite Active Rain Blogger?"
It doesn't record who voted, so no one will know.  
Because the Poll has been a bit shy on the right side of this page, if it … (60 comments)

active rain: 11,150,258 Active Rain Points, YES, you read it right! - 06/18/08 05:01 AM
A BIG ThemThem to the top point holders of the Group. These are the top bloggers who have given so much to each and everyone of us throughout The Rain. The learning, laughs and lingering friendships have been fantastic.
The ThemThem Group includes Newbies with 200 points all the way up to the Top Point Holder of Active Rain and everyone in between. The awesome part, here they are all equal and practice the "5P" approach (Positive People Providing Positive Posts).
The combined points for the 50 top point holders of the ThemThem Group members, comes to a whooping 11,150,258 and … (69 comments)

active rain: Congrats to the Realtors® Group, 10,000 plus members yeehaa! - 06/16/08 05:39 AM
Congratulations to Allison Stewart and the Realtors® Group on the membership going over the 10,000 members mark. The Group has over 20,000 posts as of today covering 400 pages.
Allison, it's a great group, thank you for starting it.
A big ThemThem to you for all your hard work in monitoring such a large Group!
Please join me with your congrats to Allison and the Group. If you are not a member of the Group, please check it out.

active rain: Really, what are we all doing here in Active Rain? - 06/07/08 03:39 AM
I have noticed that many cities have only a few members in the Active Rain Network. My particular city has a total of 6 members including myself, 3 of which I have invited to join.
Some times I feel like I'm walking alone in The Rain in my area. I have invited nearly all the area Real Estate Professionals to join this great site with not much luck.
So I ask what are we really doing here in the Rain?
My take, of course we all want to build our business presence, I feel that's #1 on most members list. Admit … (52 comments)

active rain: How to increase the bust line! - 05/30/08 10:23 AM
Bust lines in business is the last thing all of us want to increase. The Bust Line in business equates to bankruptcy, out of business, done, over, nadda, whatever you want to call it, you are busted.
As our bust line gets closer the party is over in this case. Real Estate Professionals in most cases create their own bust line by not taking the B.R.A. approach. BRA? Now you are scratching your head I'm sure.

*B = Being            *R = Real Estate *A = Active          How to increase your Bust Line.
Don't learn how to Blog. … (30 comments)

active rain: $$$ HOW TO $$$ Adding the Free Lead Generating Wish List program to your Blog page on Active Rain. - 05/27/08 06:00 PM
The LEAD GENERATING WISH LIST can now be added for FREE to your Web Site or Blog page on Active Rain. This is not your "Typical" Lead Generator. Your site produces the lead, you are the only one that receives the lead, and there are no fees involved at all.
If you look on the right side of this blog page you will notice the hyperlink that reads "CLICK HERE TO CREATE YOUR DREAM HOME............. FREE Online Wish Lists streamline your Home search. Wish Lists for Existing or New Construction Homes and Condominiums (High Rise Included) and Rental Dwellings."
A potential buyer completes a Wish … (59 comments)

active rain: I'm having an online affair. Honest to Blog, how did she know? - 05/18/08 07:27 AM
After spending a late night into the early morning being the voyeur I've become here on Active Rain, I was asked the dreaded question "Are you having an online relationship?" "Um, no honey", I quickly responded. She didn't buy that answer, darn! Digging deeper into my excuse file, I threw out a strong "Now why would you accuse me of such a thing?" hoping to take her edge away and gain the control of the conversation in my favor. Hhmmm, didn't work either as she discounted my, answer a question with a question tactic and demanded an answer. "Honey, I love you. Have I told you that lately?" … (58 comments)

active rain: Please welcome Diane Griffin to the Active Rain family. - 05/15/08 12:09 PM

I would like to introduce Diane Griffin, our newest Active Rain member.
Diane is a phenomenal Broker with Keller Williams in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I have had the pleasure of doing business with Diane, and her attention to detail and a focus on service is second to none. Diane is driven, but always has the time to stop and chat like a human without the feeling that she is rushing the conversation. Its one of the great traits she possesses.
Please take the time to visit Diane's profile page as well as her web site
Thank you in advance for welcoming Diane to our Active … (25 comments)

active rain: Record for the shortest blog ever is posted on Active Rain! See it here. - 05/06/08 07:30 PM

active rain: Welcome Lenn Harley to the ThemThem Group - 04/16/08 07:19 AM
I would like to offer a warm welcome to Ms. Lenn Harley to the ThemThem Group. Lenn has reached an unbelievable 400,000 points on Active Rain.
I had extended an invitation to Lenn when the Group started, and she was gracious enough to respond back that her main goal was writing about Real Estate Industry content. In turn Lenn has posted many ThemThem's to others that warrant a pat on the back to Industry leaders here on Active Rain.
If you haven't read her posts before (where have you been I ask? Grin) please stop by her home page and check out the … (12 comments)

active rain: Active Rain ranks high on search engines. - 04/11/08 05:22 AM
I'm amazed at the high ranking Active Rain posts receive when doing a search for web sites through a search engine.
Many times the Active Rain members post receive higher rankings then their personal web sites do. 
But what really amazes me is the fact that majority of the Real Estate "Professionals" I invite to join Active Rain, simply do not do so. I'm not sure if they don't understand the value that Active Rain can and will bring to their business or if they are just to lazy to check it out?
Not only is the camaraderie unbelievable, but the networking … (24 comments)

active rain: Special of the Day "Active Rain on Tap" - 04/01/08 01:54 AM

Can you imagine the cool refreshing feeling of today's special "Active Rain"?
The taste of "Active Rain" is not only invigorating, but also rewarding. Once you have a taste of "Active Rain" you will be hooked on the quality product the company produces.
The elite members of the Active Rain Family are the source of marketing that keeps this tap flowing.
Plus bringing the "Active Rain" tap into your work place is welcomed by many companies.
If you haven't tried "Active Rain" do it today and enjoy the tap that is sweeping the world. See what's brewing in the Active Rain community!
Beer Taps

active rain: Bravo to the Active Rain Gang. Here's a "ThemThem"! - 02/10/08 09:25 AM
I would like to thank Matt Heaton, Jonathan Washburn and James Hillyerd and the entire Active Rain Team. The site they have developed and graciously allow all of us to utilize, to better ourselves, our businesses and network with our counterparts across the world is FANTASTIC!
The Teams vision for the need to bring together the Real-estate Professionals in one forum is remarkable.
Thank you!
ThemThem Group