real estate: BLOG! Did I just swear? - 07/10/08 02:01 AM

Hey, you can stick it in your BLOG!
Go ahead and BLOG yourself!
When I suggest to a Real Estate Professional to join Active Rain and start networking and blogging. You would think I said the nastiest word I have in my vocabulary. People almost start to hyperventilate at the word BLOG. What the BLOG did you just say?
It's a scary word, BLOG, but is it? Why do so many fear the word. OK, I agree, the word BLOG has not made the spell check dictionary as of yet (Hint, Hint Active Rain Team) as most swear words don't, but it's not … (46 comments)

real estate: How to increase the bust line! - 05/30/08 10:23 AM
Bust lines in business is the last thing all of us want to increase. The Bust Line in business equates to bankruptcy, out of business, done, over, nadda, whatever you want to call it, you are busted.
As our bust line gets closer the party is over in this case. Real Estate Professionals in most cases create their own bust line by not taking the B.R.A. approach. BRA? Now you are scratching your head I'm sure.

*B = Being            *R = Real Estate *A = Active          How to increase your Bust Line.
Don't learn how to Blog. … (30 comments)

real estate: How Real Estate is similar to playing poker. Know when to hold em, know when to fold em! - 04/28/08 03:59 AM
Being a Real Estate Professional is a lot like playing Texas hold'em.  The game can be fast and furious and reap big returns or leave you busted and out of the game.
"Your Rank" is how the general public views your ethics and services.
"Community Cards" would be all the properties available to a buyer.
"The Dealer" is the "buyer" no matter how we look at it.
 "The Best Hand" is the best offer a seller will accept.
"Player's Action" can be considered the file a Professional will develop during the buying process with the client.
"The Betting" comes down to the offer, counter offers and the … (10 comments)

real estate: Trump University Online Real Estate and Business Courses - 04/23/08 04:57 AM
I had the pleasure of talking to Mr. Paul Quintal, VP of Trump University yesterday in regard to our program. Paul was very energetic about helping Real Estate buyers and Professionals succeed in the Real Estate World.
Trump University was started in 2005. The mission they follow is:  
"Our mission is to teach you success.The best courses and programs + an impressive list of been-there, done-that faculty + an ironclad guarantee = a really powerful resource for business education and professional development."
Stop by the Trump University web site and see the vast amount of resources from home buying to investing that may … (0 comments)

real estate: Active Rain ranks high on search engines. - 04/11/08 05:22 AM
I'm amazed at the high ranking Active Rain posts receive when doing a search for web sites through a search engine.
Many times the Active Rain members post receive higher rankings then their personal web sites do. 
But what really amazes me is the fact that majority of the Real Estate "Professionals" I invite to join Active Rain, simply do not do so. I'm not sure if they don't understand the value that Active Rain can and will bring to their business or if they are just to lazy to check it out?
Not only is the camaraderie unbelievable, but the networking … (24 comments)

real estate: Real Estate Professionals are Dream Makers - 02/28/08 11:30 AM
Dreamaker: to search, provide valuable information, secure and present the Dream Home.
Every Agent is a Dreamaker! Sure, the availability of information for buyers on the Internet seems like all the buyer would need these days.
But in reality each of us can read up on surgeries, vehicle repairs, rocket building, you name it. I know I wouldn't do any surgery on the ones I love by following the Internet, or repair my cars engine, or think that I could be a rocket scientist.
Much of the Internet Real-estate information is vague enough to cover just about any state, county or city. When it … (10 comments)

real estate: Rate an agent or a builder - 01/25/08 03:18 AM
Before searching for a home or condo, start off the search by teaming up with a Professional agent or builder that is compatible with your personality and needs.
The best approach is to conduct interviews with each agent/builder you choose by utilizing the same question form for each interview. During the interview, rate the professional to determine the best choice in the agent/builder that meets your needs and requirements.
Once the interviews are complete, enter your ratings into a agent/builder rating program (See demo).
You will find that the top licensed Professionals will have no problem being interviewed and rated, as long as the interview is conducted consistantly between … (2 comments)

real estate: The Real-Estate Professionals Daily Work Out. - 01/03/08 03:20 AM
Real-estate Professionals get a work out daily, building their broad shoulders. Many of complications, blips and missed closing dates get laid upon their shoulders.
After reading a frustrating post on DeAnna Woody Blog of trying to get her first transaction closed, I couldn't help but put my thoughts in writing.
DeAnna is running into a delayed closing due to many parts of the puzzle not fitting together. Guess who is taking the heat?
In Real-estate the transactions from start to finish is much like a production line. One piece missed or delayed to build a transaction can put the entire process into a tail spin. Some … (7 comments)

real estate: 60,000 Active Rain Members can't be wrong! - 11/30/07 06:19 AM
What is everyones guess when our family will hit the 60,000 members mark?
 I invite as many of my contacts as I can. Does anyone have a good lead line that has worked for you, that everyone can use in the invite box where we personally invite them?
It seems that 95% of my invites don't understand the true value of being involved with such a great group and the importance of blogging.
We all know they are missing the boat, the only ones that don't are them.
It's a speeding boat that all Real-estate professionals should be riding.
So back to the question, whats your guess … (18 comments)

real estate: To be or not to be, a Real Estate agent I ask of thee? - 11/30/07 03:55 AM
(A fun poem for the Real-estate Professional)
To be or not to be a Real-estate agent I ask of thee.
I work a job from 9-5, I wonder how to make it by.
My financial goals are not to high, but still my bank account is dry.
I ponder in my daily life, could a side job as an agent make it right.
Extra income, oh let it be, what do you mean there's extra fees?
You really mean I'm on floor time, my kids in basketball, tip off's at nine.
Now I'm asked to do an open house, last time I did, it was just me and a mouse.
My family … (12 comments)

real estate: King of Real-estate! RU? - 11/28/07 07:19 AM
Just when you thought you were the King of Real-Estate.
Along comes the buyers market making them the King! More so then ever, the seller has become the pawn. The large inventory of homes on the market has tuned the agent into the Knight.
In the not to long pass, agents were shakers and movers. A continuous forward moving group that could get the job done. Now, like the Knight it's two steps forward and one step to the side. Eventually, the agent makes their way across the game board, but not without added moves and some side stepping.
Without adding services for the … (4 comments)

real estate: Is there any good news for the real estate sector out there anywhere? - 11/25/07 07:54 AM
After reading the paper today for the umpteen month in a row, still no positive news for the market.
It's tough enough to get the buying public in a positive mode let alone day after day, month after month they are infiltrated with negative news.
If I would continually tell my children that they are not up to par with the rest of the kids in this world, eventually they will be brain washed into believing me that the facts are true. BTW, the kids are excellent in my eyes (in case they stumble upon my blog.) Grin.
Going back to the buyers, IMHO … (7 comments)

real estate: Changing the way your buyers choose. - 11/24/07 07:57 AM
Are you still leading buyers to chose the place they will call home purely on emotions?
Purchasing a home becomes (in most cases) the largest investment in life. We wouldn't approach our 401k investments solely on emotions, therefore our buyers should approach the largest investment with the same due diligence approach as we would expect from our investment adviser.
Today, the buyer's due diligence approach can be achieved by the Real-estate Professional providing an online buyers rating program. This will narrow down the decision to the best home or condo that would meet the buyer's needs.
If a couple is purchasing a home together, the choice has to … (2 comments)

real estate: Crime Scene turned into Change Scene - 11/23/07 02:59 AM

There has been a crime committed. Who did it?
The crime that occurs daily is allowing the savvy buyer to sidestep the Real-estate professional services. With 80% of the buyer's doing their own homework before ever contacting an agent, it's up to the agent to police the industry.
Innocent until proven guilty. The term we hear in the legal system quite regularly. This term doesn't quite fit the industry. We may think we are innocent in allowing the percentage of buyer's doing the homework to rise each year. In truth we must be pro-active in researching, creating and utilizing any new tools and technology that … (2 comments)

real estate: Why should a buyer choose to live in your state? - 11/21/07 06:04 AM
Have you ever stopped to think about you home state and why someone should or would choose to move there?
I have visited all 50 states in this great land we call the USA. I could think of a positive for each state.
But have you ever really stopped to think about what your sales pitch would be if you were asked to market your state as a property for sale?
I for example live in Michigan, my pitch might be:
State of Michigan for sale.
One could enjoy the serene beauty of the many lake shores and beaches that surround this great state. Add the four … (6 comments)

real estate: Here today, gone to borrow. - 11/17/07 09:28 AM
Having a buyer with a pulse is what we all hope for these days. But, the excuses fly once they have left your office or open house.                                       
"Buyers are liars"is an old saying that always stuck in my memory bank. We see the excitement in their eyes and smile when they are face to face. But then you contact them via phone and the excuses arise such as "We went to get pre-qualified, and I'm unable to obtain financing at this time."
So, you put them on the "contact them in a year list". Problem is, you contact them later only to find out that … (4 comments)

real estate: In the end you will have a Million Dollars worth of Real-estate!!! - 11/16/07 07:20 AM
We have all read the pie in the sky offers on how to create a million dollars in Real-estate. Now I have know the answer to the question and dream that most of us have.
It doesn't take hard work and huge amounts of time. There's a simple equation that you must follow. The much needed real-estate license is a good start. But to hit that million dollar mark of pure equity, netting you a million dollars when you are finished simply follow the rule at the bottom of the page.
Real-estate is a gamble, the risk taker can be rewarded in various … (18 comments)

real estate: Horoscopes for the Real Estate Professional - 11/14/07 07:41 AM
I have a tendency to read my Horoscope in the press every time I open it. Do I believe in them, most time, not!
So why do I gravitate to the "Life" section only to be disappointed the following day as nothing I read came true.
The word is probably Hope. Hope it happens as I was told it would, hope I achieve my financial wealth as promised, hope my health is going to be primo as written, hope my love life continues to flourish as it is posted.
Hope becomes fantasy in these clippings.
My next career I'm coming back as a Real estate Horoscope … (23 comments)

real estate: There's Light at the end of the Real-estate tunnel - 11/14/07 05:32 AM
         There's Light at the end of the tunnel! 
With this economy of lack luster sales and confused buyer's, we can only hope that the light will shine through soon. Real-estate Professionals are being forced to change the way they have done business over the past 100+ years.
The Internet savvy client is jetting around the World Wide Web gathering the information they require to locate the place they will call home.
The Professional who sits by the phone with the hopes that it will ring, bringing business and income is a thing of the past.
Today's Professional has to be equipped to stay ahead of the client. … (6 comments)

real estate: Is "HOME" really house? - 11/14/07 03:36 AM
"Home" is where the heart is.
Is "Home" really a Home or merely a house? As a structure, the property is a house. But add the contents of lovers or husband and wife, kids, pets with the ingredients of family values, love and respect and the house is quickly turned into a "Home." Real-estate is sold as "homes" and has been for as long as I can recall. 
"Home" can be a rental unit, mobile home, 1000 square foot condominium or a 20,000 square foot home. Without the ingredients above it still remains a house.
With the current economy straining relationships nationwide, there have become … (8 comments)