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You've made it here to my blog post, so you're likely familiar with the increasingly powerful role the internet plays in the world of real estate marketing. Listings of homes for sale are available to potential home buyers around the clock where they can identify and select homes while in the pri...
As someone half-way through the process of selling my own home, you will hear little criticism from me over homeowners who wish to see the highest return possible from the sale of their home. We all purchase homes with an unspoken expectation that if we stay in the home long enough, the sale will...
Looking for an escape from the common suburban experience? A community where quiet streets and tree-lined sidewalks welcome evening strolls? Where common green areas spur impromptu afternoon picnics just outside your front door? You will find such an experience in the Asbury Park community of Lou...
Real Estate Marketing and Your Home... How tight is the connection between real estate marketing and success in the timely sale of your home? In my experience, there is no room for separation between the two. As of today, September 23, 2010, there are 10,074 homes actively for sale in the Greater...
How Do Upgrades Affect My Home's Value? So you're giving thought to placing your home For Sale on the market and it's time to size up the competition.  Looks rather simple..."we have hardwood floors, they don't...we back up to the woods and they have neighbors to look at from their deck...we don'...
Don't feel bad if you don't exactly know what I'm asking here. Even for those that are familiar with what blogging is, it is not a question that I'd expect many homeowners to consider when selecting a Realtor to market their home for sale. Even at first thought, many would reveal that they'd rat...
First Impression...Those First Few Critical Moments! So your home is on the market ready for any interested buyer to discover their next place to call home. The marketing & promotion is working its magic and your listing is getting its fair share of attention. You have a showing scheduled for thi...
Searching for a REALTOR in Louisville KY? I'm confident that if you've attended open houses or searched for homes in the Louisville area, you've been introduced to the range of real estate services offered by the professionals at Real Estate Marketplace. With our corporate office located off Bard...
Louisville Home Values...Avoid The 'Second Chance' Sell! "I don't want to give my home away!" By far, this is one of the most common concerns shared by homeowners wishing to place their homes on the market for a sale. I'm here to tell you that, as your Realtor, I don't want to give your home away...
My own home is currently on the market and what a grounding experience this has been so far. Every morning before I sit down at my computer I sweep up dog hair, vacuum the hardwoods (yes, vacuum), clear off what's accumulated on the kitchen counters since yesterday's showing, have my boys make th...

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