louisville real estate: Sellers...Why Your Listing Expired! - 03/14/11 04:58 PM
Why Your Listing Expired...And What You Should Do About It
I suppose it's best to open with a brief disclosure...In no way will this post be all inclusive. I understand that circumstances vary and the points touched on within may not apply 100% to your situation.
So why did your listing expire? Most likely...either you, your real estate agent, or both of you short-sighted the real target. Some ambiguous goal was assigned to your situation and you were set along your way to simply let things happen as they may. You weren't often updated on the status of your listing, nor … (10 comments)

louisville real estate: Moving On From Your Expired Listing - 03/09/11 07:10 AM
Louisville KY Real Estate - Selling Your Home This Next Time Around
So it's the morning after your home is taken off the market and your phone starts ringing off the hook. An hour later, there's a knock at the door. The next day, your mailbox starts to fill up with letters & postcards from local REALTORS®. A typical response to all this new found attention from Louisville real estate agents is "Where were they when my home was on the market?"
It's only natural to concern yourself over what kept your home from selling...what went wrong and why? Regardless how … (4 comments)

louisville real estate: Louisville Kentucky Real Estate - 2010 Market Review - 02/27/11 10:19 AM
Louisville KY Real Estate in 2010 - Following the Trends
It seems as though not much was said about how Louisville's housing market fared through 2010. The little news I did hear wasn't exactly positive and certainly did NOT paint a rosy picture of the year we had. If you listen to what the national news has to say about the housing market, you would have very little reason to remain optimistic about Louisville real estate. Thankful for Louisville homeowners, the national story isn't OUR story at all.
First, let's get the less-than-positive news behind us. Across the Greater Louisville area, … (2 comments)

louisville real estate: Communication...What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You! - 10/01/10 03:23 PM
Imagine...You are faced with making a decision...your family's future may be riding on it...you want to make it in total confidence...and you are without all the supporting facts? There are times in our lives where this is a necessary evil, however the sale of your home should not be one of those times! Considering what may be your family's greatest single investment, a lack of communication here can cost you thousands!
One of the most common grievances heard from homeowners following the home selling process is a lack in communication from their real estate agent. Whether a reminder on ongoing marketing … (3 comments)

louisville real estate: Real Estate Marketing...Enhanced Listings on Realtor.com - 09/30/10 04:35 PM
You've made it here to my blog post, so you're likely familiar with the increasingly powerful role the internet plays in the world of real estate marketing. Listings of homes for sale are available to potential home buyers around the clock where they can identify and select homes while in the privacy of their own living room!

According to the 2009 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Homes Buyers and Sellers, 90% of all home buyers used the internet to search for homes at some point during their home buying process. To capitalize on this activity, my philosophy is to position your listing in … (6 comments)

louisville real estate: List My Home In The Fall!!! What's The Point? - 09/04/10 11:32 AM
List My Home in the Fall! What's the Point?
Well... The Skinny... Listing your home for sale in the Greater Louisville Area during the fall months is just as effective as listing in Spring!
Hard to believe? Not surprising really... it seems to be bred into us that the selling season ends with kids returning to school.
Don't tell that to the nearly three thousand Louisville homeowners who listed between September 1st & November 30th 2009 and successfully sold their homes (on that attempt)! Of these 2,796 homes that sold, 66% of them sold in under 90 days on the … (5 comments)




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