investing in real estate: Investing For Retirement? Real Estate is a Great Choice, Here’s Why - 05/22/15 10:11 AM
Incorporating real estate as part of your retirement plan is a great way to diversify your portfolio. Most people think of more traditional investment vehicles such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. For those of us that are self employed or small business owners the stock market can be an option that doesn’t return the profits we would want. With no employer matching contributions and the volatile nature of the stock market some people shy away or at least want to diversify there investment portfolio. There are a lot of reasons that real estate is a great investment option and I’m going … (22 comments)

investing in real estate: How To Go From Whining To Winning In Real Estate - 05/22/15 10:06 AM
When you take a look at successful real estate investors or successful people in general there are always some common factors, one of the most predominate commonalities is their attitude.  Having tenacity and a positive “can do” attitude is a huge driving factor in being successful. Those people who never quite get there generally lack the attitude needed.
People who “win” in life are not the victims and whiners of the world. They don’t make excuses for why they are not succeeding they take the appropriate steps to make sure that they are successful in whatever they do. Those of us who … (0 comments)

investing in real estate: Buying Property With No Money Down, Say What? - 04/03/15 03:39 AM
It can seem impossible to get into real estate investing with banks requiring 20% down payments and a 6 months reserve of cash to cover the mortgage to account for vacancies etc. If you can manage to secure enough cash to purchase a few properties it is certainly limited and makes it near impossible to reach that goal of making real estate investing a full time career. But wait! There are other ways to get in the real estate business, it’s not easy and you have to be creative and really have the desire to want to make it happen. I’ve … (3 comments)

investing in real estate: Consider This! When Investing in Real Estate - 12/18/14 02:22 AM
A good friend has recently approached me and told met that they’ve been toying around with the idea of purchasing another rental property here in southern Oregon. He came up with a great list of questions that any real estate investor should consider when purchasing property. These are the variables that crossed his mind.
1) What should you consider when it comes to supply and demand of renters?
When thinking about where to buy you have to consider the type of renters you will attract. It’s best to drive around the neighborhoods you are willing to buy in. Near the college … (0 comments)

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