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  Have you created your FriendFeed account yet? If not, it’s very simple as you can see if you check out this post: Creating A FriendFeed Account. In this post, we’re going to walk through setting up some services from FriendFeed's extensive list of services. If you are active on Twitter, you wo...
In yesterday's post we identified a good reason to get started with FriendFeed - to help create and extend your brand online. We will discover many other good reasons and uses for FriendFeed, but first things first. This post is about opening your FriendFeed account. It's extremely simple, even ...
If social networking services are your friends, Friendfeed might just end up becoming your best friend. To understand why that might be, you need to know a bit about what Friendfeed is, and does:   First, at it’s core, Friendfeed is a place online where you can bring together all of your bloggin...
Maybe it’s just my advancing ‘maturity’, but I’m finding this burgeoning world of social networking to be quite taxing. Nevertheless, I’m giving it the old college try, and in fact I’m working on becoming a first class twit. (For those of you who already knew that, I should point out that by ‘twi...

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